Most-Likely To Never Happen

Just some this I dream of having happen to me but wouldn't fit in an fan-fic.


5. Flat Tires (Justin Bieber)

I'm just watching my favorite Youtuber of two 'AmazingPhil'. The other is 'danisnotonfire' if you were wondering. You were watching his new video "Toilet Tag" when you here a noise coming from outside your house like right infront of it, but you knew for sure it wasn't a crash. You go outside to check it out and see a black minivan with really tinted windows your at first scared of it, you get even scareder when the door opens. But you just see a friendly and atractive looking teenage boy around your age. When you truly see his face you notice its none other than Justin Bieber. Inside you are imagineing your marrige together being the belieber you are of course. So you just stand there in awe wonder what is happening. Then he speaks to you causeing you to come out of your thoughts, "Hey do have any spare tires or somethings?" "No sorry but there is a car repare shope like a mile away ." You reply. "would you like to shop me where that is if you couldn't tell I'm not from around here." He said to you. "Oh right I could tell I'm just not the brightest i shouls say. ' You say as you snikker at yourself. "But I don't have a car my dads at work and he has the car." "Then we'll just have to walk together if thats cool." "Then come on" You say as you motion for him to come with you. You get to the car repares shop seeing your bestfriend Rodrick there at his spot. "Hey Rod I need help you comin!" You yell when you see him, he just laughs at your loudness and gets up. "Whatcha need Lex?" Rod asks. "We need a tire about this big." You say holding up your hands in the measurement of the cars tire. "Okay I'll see what I can get." He says.

He comes back out with a tire perfect for what you need. "I'll give you this tire for free if you tell me why I need it." He bribes you. I need cause my friend here got a flat tire outside my house Rod, or does (friends nickname he hates) need a funner reason?" You ask. "STOP CALLING ME THAT I WAS SIX! And now I do need a better reason." "Ok ok calm yo tits. And the wheel exploded into a-zillion pieces to where you are color blind." "Ok take the tire your lucky i pay for you.". He says laughing at me "AND THATS WHY I LOVE YOUUUU" I scream at Rod. I check my phone for the time seeing its 2 p.m. "Shit, Justin its 2 we should go we've been here for two hours lets go."

You both walk back only you are rolloing the tire along the way. "So is Rod like your boyfriend?" Justin asks. "What? No we're just besties" I reply giving the weirdest smile ever. "Why do you wanna know?" I ask when we are infront of my house. "Because of this" He say before planting his soft lips on mine. Shocked at first but kiss back. "Whoah" You say after the kiss in complete shock.



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