Most-Likely To Never Happen

Just some this I dream of having happen to me but wouldn't fit in an fan-fic.


8. A Few Prefernces

How He Gets You to Forgive Him

Harry: When you wake up you feel his lips on yours, and then he begs you to forgive him.

Louis: Harry calls you to tell you to go down to the beach, where you see a picnic and Louis and when he sees you he says "Please forgive me babe I love you." He says caringly.

Liam: He sits you down on the couch grabbing both your hands and making sure you're listening to him with his caring eyes and says "Love I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt you, please forgive my?" He asks, and you forgive him then hug.

Zayn: Your at the park swinging on the swings when he stops you and asks "Babe I'm sorry please forgive me?" He asks.

Niall: You wake up to hearing tapping on your widows to see it is pebble being thrown you look out the window to see Niall with his guitar struming the the tunes of your favorite song then singing aswell.



When He's Drunk

Harry: He's a sexual drunk. He just can't take his hands off you, then he wispers sexy things but is ruind by him being drunk and how his words come out.

Louis: He becomes a silly drunk. He also can't stop laughing.

Liam: *He doesn't drink.*

Zayn: He becomes angry out of no where when he becomes drunk yelling at you the worst things ever. Like, "I hate you get out of my life you slut!" or "You only want me for my fame and fotune thats what everyone wants!"

Niall: He will become a tired drunk. At least into and hour of him being drunk he will snooze out.

*If you know where I got most of these from I LOVE YOUU*



The Thing He Buys You

Harry: He buys you a necklace witgh his name on it and he has one with your name on his.

Louis: He buys you a onsie that describles your personality best.(Think about what you are like to picture it :))

Liam: Since he knows how much you both love 'Toy Story' he get you a ring that is ingraved "To infinity and beyond!"

Zayn: He buys you a necklace that has a picture of you two together inside.

Niall: He get you a black card for Nandos since you both love that place.

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