This is about cutting and well that's all there is to say. Please read all the way through.xoxo



1. Blade


I hold the blade,

In my hand,

To free the pain,

Nobody can understand,

Every one is beautiful,

Everyone but me,

I'm not pretty,

I'm a thief to the ugly,

I'm in pain,

I'm dying inside,

I bottle it in,

Blink the tears back into my eyes,

I hold this blade,

In my hand,

Look at the cuts,

On my wrists and hands,

I look in the mirror,

And what do I see,

None other than my reflection,

staring at me,

It gives me a scowl,

Tells me good morning,

It lets out a low growl,

"Hello again",

"Don't you look so pitiful",

It mocks my pain,

I let out a sigh,

As it tells me the same,

"You are worthless",

"You should die",

"Nobody loves you",

"Go on do it",

It lets out a low hiss,

I hold this blade,

In my hand,

Make another cut,

To add on to the rest,

I let a tear slip,

Though I try my best,

I deserve to be punished,

I carve,

And I swerve,

I slice ,

And I curve,

The pain consumes,

My every move,

I drop the knife ,

And look at my work ,


It says ,

With each letter comes a squirt,

I drop to the floor,

In my own blood,

I hold this blade,

In my hand,

Never to,

awaken again,

A simple blade and a few harsh words can do a lot. I have been bullied too. It's not fun and its hard to get out if depression so if you ever need someone to vent to or some advice talk to me please

Bye my little angels
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