Four Years Later... (Sequel to 'Behind the Truth')

*Sequel to 'Behind the Truth'*

It's been 4 years. 4 years since I moved to New York. 4 years since I left my friends. It was difficult, but I planned to cope without them.

Ever wondered you could turn back the time and wished you were young again?


Carter Hanson hasn't seen her old friends in four years. She changed, they changed, everything changed.

Sometimes, Carter can't seem to take a break. Not even when she reunites with her old friends. And yes, her old friends are the world-famous boyband, One Direction.

Follow her journey to see how complicated her life is even when her friends are on her side. Secrets are meant to be hidden, but eventually will be revealed.

"Sometimes I have the luck that every girl wants, but not the life..."


35. Silent.

Carter's POV:


Niall arms snaked around my waist, holding me tightly as our lips met, moving in sync. I didn't know what I was doing, but I liked it. I lifted my arms up and wrapped it around his neck as my legs were up in the air. 

After 3 minutes of kissing, I pulled away from Niall and stepped back, looking at him with shocked eyes. "What.. did we.."

He slightly nodded. He didn't say anything. so he simply smiled. He stepped closer to me and I didn't move back. He leaned down and pecked my lips. I didn't stop him. He seemed more passionate with me. "I like you, Carter." He whispered, stroking my cheek.

"I kind of figured that.." I said quietly. Though I didn't want the moment to stop, I had to put an end to it so the others wouldn't think anything is wrong. "..w-we can't, Niall."

"Why not?" He shook his head.

"We can't do this, because you have a girlfriend, remember?" I looked into his ocean blue eyes and I was immediately hypnotized. I got out of his grip and looked down, clearing my throat. "You have a girlfriend.." I repeated softly. 

I heard him sigh. "You're right.. But this doesn't change my feelings for you."

I closed my eyes, hoping this was all a dream. I opened them and realized it wasn't. "I don't know what to say.."

Before Niall could say anything, his phone rung. Thank goodness. He picked it up in annoyance and put the phone to his ear. "Hello?" He grumbled. I couldn't help but giggle a little bit, grabbing his attention. He looked at me and cheekily smiled at me. "Yeah. I'm with, no.... wait.... I-I couldn't find you.....y-yeah, we're walking to the hotel.... mhm... okay....yeah?.....I got it..... mhm... okay..... OKAY......yeah, alright....bye." He sighed, hanging up. "Liam." He rolled his eyes, shoving his phone in his pocket. 

He took out his hand, "Come on." He said, moving his head towards the direction he was taking me in. "Let's go."


I took his hand as we continued to walk along the path back to the hotel. It was dark, but we made it back on time. Luckily, there were no fans waiting outside the front entrance, so we went through there instead of the back. 

During the walk, Niall and I agreed to let the 'incident' between us for a while, until we both figured things out. Of course, Niall said that his feelings wouldn't change for me nor Jasmine. He was confused. So was I.




Once we walked into our hotel room, we immediately saw everyone's eyes on us. "Oh my goodness, you had me worried sick, babe." Jasmine instantly locked her arms around his shoulder, hugging him tightly.

Niall hugged back, "Sorry, Princess." He pulled away. "I found Carter talking to some fans, so we found ourselves walking home together. It's no big deal, right?"

Jasmine hesitated with her answer, so she simply nodded. "Mhm.."

Niall smiled as he rubbed her arms. "Great. So if you don't mind, I'll be taking a shower. See you lads in a few." He walked away from the group, leaving me and Jasmine almost alone together, a few feet away from the gang, who was staring at us intensely.

"I-uh, have to go... change." I said awkwardly, pointing towards my room. Jasmine just stared at me as I slowly walked backwards to mine and Harry's room until I reached the door and closed it quickly, sighing in relief.

Seconds later, I heard the door burst open. "Oh, gosh." I held my chest. "You know, you could knock."

"Yeah, I don't need that since I'm one of the guy who pays for this suite." Louis sassed defensively. "I need to talk to you." 

"Can it wait? Because I have to change." I sighed.

"No, Eleanor and I think this is important." He grabbed my wrist, holding it tightly. Louis dragged me out of the room and into his and Eleanor's room, where I already saw her waiting for us by the door, locking it securely.

I turned towards them, "Okay, so I feel like I'm held hostage. Do you want to tell me what's up that couldn't wait?"

"Carter, we want to help." Eleanor started talking. "We want to know what's been going on with you lately."

"There's nothing wrong." I shrugged innocently.

"Cut the bull, Carter. We know you and we know that this isn't the 'happy-go-Carter' we thought it would be." Louis cursed, making Eleanor slap him on the arm.

"I'm sorry, but I didn't sign up to be interviewed." I said with a pinch of an attitude.

"Carter, you talked to me yesterday about what has been going on with you. Why can't you be opened about it today? Is it because Eleanor's here? Or you just like to leave us guessing?" Louis took a step towards me.

I glared at him, "You know what? I thought I could trust you, Louis. But frankly, I can't. You can't just keep coming up to me every day, trying to barge in on my business. When I want to talk to you, I will. I don't appreciate you always coming up to me claiming that you want to help me. Well, guess what? This isn't helping. I feel like I'm at therapy with all this. I'm not crazy, okay? J-Just...stop." I snapped.

They looked a bit surprised at my outburst, but I was glad I stood up for myself. It was silent for a moment, and after what seemed like hours, I stormed out of their room and rushed back inside my room. I ran towards the bathroom, locking it shut. Everything inside me wanted to burst out. It was like I couldn't deal with the stress and pain anymore. So, I cracked. My entire body fell to the ground and sobbed.


Niall kissed me, said he likes me, and wasn't going to stop.

Harry kissed me, told me that he wants there to be an 'us', and wasn't going to stop.

The problem is; they both have girlfriends whom they don't want to break up with, leaving me with mixed emotions about them.


Everything around me was confusing.


Maybe Louis and Eleanor were right, who am I? 


And what am I doing with my life?

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