Four Years Later... (Sequel to 'Behind the Truth')

*Sequel to 'Behind the Truth'*

It's been 4 years. 4 years since I moved to New York. 4 years since I left my friends. It was difficult, but I planned to cope without them.

Ever wondered you could turn back the time and wished you were young again?


Carter Hanson hasn't seen her old friends in four years. She changed, they changed, everything changed.

Sometimes, Carter can't seem to take a break. Not even when she reunites with her old friends. And yes, her old friends are the world-famous boyband, One Direction.

Follow her journey to see how complicated her life is even when her friends are on her side. Secrets are meant to be hidden, but eventually will be revealed.

"Sometimes I have the luck that every girl wants, but not the life..."


25. LA.

Carter's POV:


LA had to be the most beautiful cities that I've ever experienced. I actually couldn't believe I was spending 2 months here. As the gang and I rushed through the airport and into the waiting limo outside, I barely got the time to see the full view of LA.

Luckily, the car ride to the airport was slow, so I got to look out the window to see everything go by. The sun, the palm trees, the fancy sights were just like I had imagined.

Since the front of the hotel was jammed with screaming teenage fans, the car had to go through the back. Even though I felt kind of bad, I knew how the boys felt with their fans. They loved them with their life, but sometimes, they needed their space.

I sat on the couch with the girls as the boys went to grab the key to our room. Apparently, we were all sharing one huge suite with separate bedrooms. Hopefully, I'll get to have my own.

"Okay, we're ready." Liam announced, grabbing Louise's hand. We all stood up as the bellhop pushed the luggage cart towards the elevator, taking us to the 20th floor.

The elevator door opened when we got to the 20th floor. The bellhop guided us towards our room and slipped the key card in. When he opened it, I gasped at the view. It was nothing like I had expected at all. A medium-sized kitchen by the corner, the living room right in the middle surrounded by a flat screen TV, and a long balcony right behind the TV, where we can see the entire view of the LA lights. The rooms were in a small hallway just near the kitchen, when I explored around the suite. I swear, this is nothing like I had ever seen from back home.

"I hope this is to your liking. I guess I'll leave you all alone now. I'll be at your service whenever you need." The bellhop smiled as he finished lugging our suitcases out the cart.

I went to the balcony, overlooking the sight of LA. It wasn't entirely dark yet, so it wasn't really that much to see. "Enjoying it so far?" Zayn suddenly came in, standing right next to me.

"Yeah! This is amazing! How do you get use to this?" I grinned.

He just shrugged, "I guess we just are. I mean, we should know ourselves, we've been famous for almost 6 years."

"Must be nice, huh?" I said quietly, feeling the wind coming to a breeze.

"I guess. But fame comes with flaws. So think before you do."

I nodded, "I'll keep that in mind." I stood up straight as I walked back inside, followed by Zayn. "So, where am I sleeping?"

"I'm going to be with Eleanor." Louis stated.

"I'm going to be with Louise." Liam shrugged, hugging her from behind.

"I'll be with Jasmine." Niall smiled, hugging her by the waist.

"I guess I'm alone." Zayn said from behind me.

"Me too." Harry raised his hand.

My lips curved, awkwardly moving my heel. "So how many rooms are there?"

Louis went to count, then came back a second later. "Five." You have got to be kidding me.

"So lads, who's taking Carter?" Liam questioned. "Or... Zayn and Harry can share while Carter gets her own." Yes, please.

"Uhhh..." Zayn and Harry mumbled awkwardly.

Harry sighed, "I guess I'll take her." Just my luck. Again?

I looked at Zayn, in which he just shrugged for. Thanks a lot, Zayn. I turned back to everyone, "Okay. I guess that will work." I grabbed my things, following Harry to our room.




It was already 5:30 when I had finished taking a shower. I was dressed in a simple white dress with matching flip flops. I walked out of my room to see everyone sitting down in the living room, watching TV or using their phones. This is what they do after dinner when they can actually go out and hang?


"Guys! What are you doing sitting down like that? Can't we go out and have fun while we can?" I clapped my hands, trying to grab their attention.

Liam put down his phone. "We're really tired, Carter. Maybe tomorrow after rehearsals."

I sulked, stomping towards the kitchen to see Louis looking through the fridge. "Hey." I greeted, leaning back against the counter.

He stood up, "Why so glum?"

"No one's being fun right now. They should be sight seeing at this time of day."

"Don't worry, we'll sight see and hang out whenever we can. Stop being so worried, we have 2 months of fun." He shook my shoulder to keep me from pouting. I loosened up a little and trudged to my room, shutting the door behind me.


Since there was nothing to do, I decided to call Bella to tell her how I was doing. I had to make stuff up since she didn't know I was with the gang. I had to tell her a lot of lies about the program and stuff. Even though I felt extremely bad, it was supposed to be kept a secret from everyone.

"Alright Bells. It's getting late out there. I'll talk to you soon." I yawned. "Alright.. okay... byee." I hung up, just in time to see Harry coming in. He walked over his bed right beside mine, flipping through pages and pages of a magazine.

"Hey Carter. Heading to bed already?" He asked.

I sighed, sitting up. "Nah. Just a little bored, that's all."

"Aw, why? I thought you would love LA." He replied, looking up at me.

"Well nobody's doing anything right now. So what can I do?" I shrugged. Before Harry answered, someone knocked on the door. "Come in." I turned towards the door.

Louis came in, "Hey Haz, there's someone who wants to see you."

Harry and I exchanged glances, wondering who in the world would visit this late. As Harry and I got out our room, I immediately flinched when I saw a pair of arms almost attack Harry right in front of me.




Oh. It was Taylor.


Taylor Swift.


Well this just got interesting.

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