Four Years Later... (Sequel to 'Behind the Truth')

*Sequel to 'Behind the Truth'*

It's been 4 years. 4 years since I moved to New York. 4 years since I left my friends. It was difficult, but I planned to cope without them.

Ever wondered you could turn back the time and wished you were young again?


Carter Hanson hasn't seen her old friends in four years. She changed, they changed, everything changed.

Sometimes, Carter can't seem to take a break. Not even when she reunites with her old friends. And yes, her old friends are the world-famous boyband, One Direction.

Follow her journey to see how complicated her life is even when her friends are on her side. Secrets are meant to be hidden, but eventually will be revealed.

"Sometimes I have the luck that every girl wants, but not the life..."


13. Car Conversations.

Carter's POV:


"I'll take her home." His voice rung in my ears repeatedly. I've never thought that I would be seeing him at this moment. His white v-neck showed half of the birds wings from his chest. I've known from the past years that he's been getting obsessed with tattoos. Which was a big turn on for me. He looked emotionless as we watched him come closer into the group. I wanted to back away. I wanted to be invisible. But no, I was here and he was standing right in front of me looking all handsome again. 

"That really won't be necessary-" Louis tried to deny, but Harry cut him off.

"Really, it's fine. Plus, I'll get to talk to her for a while since you guys didn't mind telling me that you were seeing her again." He showed a bit of an attitude among the group as I gulped in nervousness. He glanced at me and gave me a small smile. He took my hand, "Come on."

When he pulled me towards his car, I turned to my friends who had guilt written all over their face. I couldn't blame them for trying. Everyone gave me a small wave when Harry opened the car door for me and took off.

His eyes were on the road the entire time, but still kept asking me a bunch of questions. "How are you, Carter?"

"I'm fine. Good." I queried. "Um, you?" I played with my fingers on my lap nervously when the car bumped a little.

"I've been okay. It's good to see you again after 4 years."

"Yeah, it's a bit unexpected." I mentioned quietly. "So how long are you and the boys staying for?"

"One more week." He told me quickly. "It's sad to leave so soon when I just found you."

"Well, you and your busy lives, huh?" I tried to lighten up the topic with a little chuckle. "Lucky for you, you have your friends and family and girlfriend.." I trailed off on the word, 'girlfriend'. "Back with Taylor, huh?"

"Yeah. We settled our differences, you know."

I smiled weakly, "That's nice... um, you know.. I would love to meet her..someday. I've been a big fan of hers for a while..." Are we home yet?!  "Turn here." I told him.

"Yeah, we're having our date tomorrow night.. Maybe you can meet her for a while before we head off... It would be nice, right?" He grinned, turning towards a corner. His car stopped and he turned off the engine in front of my building. I looked forward, biting my lip.

"It was good seeing you again, Carter. Maybe we could hang out sometime?" I felt his eyes on me, almost burning my skin with insecurity.

I let out a small smile and a nod. "That sounds like fun.." I held onto the door handle of his car. "Well, I'll see you soon, huh?" I stepped out of the car, giving him one last wave before he turned on his engine. Once I turned around, I let out an exasperated sigh and strolled up to my apartment.


This was not going to be my week.

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