Four Years Later... (Sequel to 'Behind the Truth')

*Sequel to 'Behind the Truth'*

It's been 4 years. 4 years since I moved to New York. 4 years since I left my friends. It was difficult, but I planned to cope without them.

Ever wondered you could turn back the time and wished you were young again?


Carter Hanson hasn't seen her old friends in four years. She changed, they changed, everything changed.

Sometimes, Carter can't seem to take a break. Not even when she reunites with her old friends. And yes, her old friends are the world-famous boyband, One Direction.

Follow her journey to see how complicated her life is even when her friends are on her side. Secrets are meant to be hidden, but eventually will be revealed.

"Sometimes I have the luck that every girl wants, but not the life..."


40. Calls.

Carter's POV:


The next morning, I woke up in a large master bedroom alone. I was confused at first, until I remembered what happened last night. I sat up and sighed, reaching over to the bedside table to check anything on my phone. I had 40 missed calls and 30 new messages. I decided to check my new messages. There were new messages from Liam, Eleanor, Louise, Louis, and... Niall and Harry.


From Li Li:


Carter, please let us know where you are. We're extremely worried about you.



From Lou:


Please come home. Niall told me everything. Please don't be mad at him for telling me. He was desperate to see you. 



From Eleanor:


Whatever happened, please come home. I miss my best friend.



From Louise:


Carter, we all want you back. We think you're with Zayn. We tried calling him, but he didn't answer too. Please come home. At least let us know you're safe somewhere.



I took a deep breath before I looked at Niall and Harry's.


From Niall:


I'm really sorry for what happened Carter. I feel that this is all my fault. Please come home. I miss you... a lot. <|3



From Haz:


I'm sorry for whatever happened. I drove you away. I feel terrible. I miss you. Please... come home. I love you.


He loves me? What about Taylor? I bit my lip and hesitantly touched the keypad on my phone. I typed a message in to reply to Harry, but second thoughts took over my head, making me back space everything I typed in. 

I jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom. I messed around with my bedhead, trying to find another hairstyle to try on. But for now, I left it down, combing it thoroughly. After brushing my teeth, I went towards my shopping bags from the clothes I bought yesterday and tried on something to wear for the day.

Ten minutes later, I found myself lost in Zayn's mansion, so I just winged it and looked around the house while I was at it. I found Zayn coming inside with a small puppy in his hands. "Oh my gosh. Who is this!?" I squealed when he handed me a small brown Pomeranian. 

"This is Hatchi. Mine and Perrie's dog." Zayn introduced me, playing with Hatchi's paws as I held onto his tiny body. "He's cute, right?"

"Extremely." I held Hatchi in front of my face as he started to lick me. I giggled as I put him down on the ground and let him run around the house. "Is Perrie coming?"

"Yep. She texted me that she'd be here in about a few minutes." He told me. "Speaking of texts, the lads called and texted me all night."

I looked down as I fidgeted with my fingers. "Yeah, me too." I said quietly. "You can answer if you want. It's no big deal. Just say that I need space right now."

He simply nodded as a car came to the driveway. I looked out the door to see Perrie coming out of the car, running into Zayn's arms. He spun her around, making her giggle. "Perrie." He exclaimed happily.

"Zayn!" She repeated in the same tone. I watched them by the doorway as they looked at each other lovingly. 

"Perrie, are you finished? Get your stuff here." A female voice said. Was that...Jesy, Jade, and Leigh-Anne?

"Sorry." She apologized shyly when she jumped off of Zayn's arms. When Perrie noticed me standing by the doorway, she ignored the girls and ran up to me. She tackled me with a tight hug, "Carter! How are you?"

I pulled away, laughing slightly. "I'm okay."

"Zayn told me everything. Don't worry. I won't tell anyone." She promised, pulling me into a hug again. "I completely understand."

"Thank you. Let me help you with your bags." I offered, following her back to the limo.




A few hours later, I found myself standing on the balcony as I watched the waves crash onto the shore underneath me. I literally loved the view. The ocean was blue, the sky was beautiful, and Zayn's house lives right by the beach. I absolutely loved it.


Just then, I heard a knock. I turned around and smiled at Perrie, who was standing by the doorway. I gestured her to come next to me to watch the waves, which she gladly accepted. "What's been going on, Carter? You seem lonely."

I shrugged, "Nothing. I'm just glad I could finally have some space and hang out with you and everyone else."

"That's good. You should really meet the girls. They're really sweet once you get to know them." She told me. Her elbows rested against the railing as she watched the view closely. "I know these past few days are something you didn't expect. I'm sorry for that."

I dropped my head and stared at the ground, "Don't worry about it. This is the entire reason why I want to stay away from the problem going on now."

"Are you ever going to call them?" She asked randomly. I stared at her, making her continue. "...You know, so they don't call the police on you or something."

I slightly chuckled, "Whenever I'm ready."

Turns out, I spoke to soon. My phone started to vibrate in my pocket, making me flinch. Perrie stared at my every move, watching me as I took out my phone and looked at the caller ID. "Are you ready now?"

I bit my lip as I hesitantly touched the green button on my phone. I slowly put it towards my ear as Perrie came closer to me and listened to the conversation. "H-Hello?"

"Carter! You answered!" Louis exclaimed into the phone.

"I did." I said flatly. "What do you want?" I asked, not wanting to sound a bit rude. 

"What do I want? I want to know where you are, Carter! You've worried everyone yesterday. We thought you got kidnapped or... you know..-"

"I think I got the picture." I cut him off. "Louis, I'm fine. Just tell everyone I'm fine so they don't have to worry. I'm in good hands right now." I grinned at Perrie.

"C-Can I at least know where you are?" He asked pleadingly.

"Not right now, Lou. I just need some space. Just tell everyone that. Please respect that. I'm with Zayn and Perrie, alright? Don't be mad at them for not telling you. I just made them promise not to tell you guys where we are. You can always call them, but don't pressure them into telling you where we are. Please respect that." I begged.

I heard him sigh, "Fine."

"Thank you." I sighed of relief. "I promise you that we're all fine. We'll send texts, emails, and pictures if you want to let you know we're fine. But for now, this is all we're going to give you so far."

"When will you be back?" Louis asked. I could tell he was depressed. I always knew when Louis was depressed and I hated it.

"Soon," was all I said before I hung up. I buried my face into my hands when I felt Perrie's hand on my back, rubbing it soothingly. I heard her say something, but I eventually spaced out in my own thoughts.

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