Four Years Later... (Sequel to 'Behind the Truth')

*Sequel to 'Behind the Truth'*

It's been 4 years. 4 years since I moved to New York. 4 years since I left my friends. It was difficult, but I planned to cope without them.

Ever wondered you could turn back the time and wished you were young again?


Carter Hanson hasn't seen her old friends in four years. She changed, they changed, everything changed.

Sometimes, Carter can't seem to take a break. Not even when she reunites with her old friends. And yes, her old friends are the world-famous boyband, One Direction.

Follow her journey to see how complicated her life is even when her friends are on her side. Secrets are meant to be hidden, but eventually will be revealed.

"Sometimes I have the luck that every girl wants, but not the life..."


29. A Day with Harry Styles.

Carter's POV:


It seems as if I've been spending a day with each of the boys. Today, Harry wanted to hang out with me. I reluctantly accepted when I got the offer. It was random and strange, but I figured to do what I can. I was dressed in a black tank top with a cardigan, dark skinny jeans, and brown boots. 

Everyone else went to hang out together without us when I finished getting dressed. Harry was waiting in the living room, using his phone. When he noticed my presence, he stood up, leading me out the hotel room.

"So, is this another surprise?" I insinuated. "I already told Louis that I was kind of getting tired of surprises."

"Aw, come on, Carter. Our surprises aren't that bad." He defended, grinning sheepishly as we went onto the elevator.

"'not that bad'? Not that bad? Harry, I think I still have powdered paint on the back of my neck because some people think of it as a good surprise." I said, exiting the elevator towards the lobby.

He followed me, "But in my defense; you did seem to have a good time."

I slipped on my sunglasses, hoping to be unseen from the fans waiting outside the hotel. "Yeah, yeah." I mumbled.

"Oh, we're not exactly going by car. We'll be walking there." He told me, stopping me from walking.

"Oh, okay. Are we getting breakfast then?"

"Yeah. Let's do that first." He said.




Eating breakfast with Harry was quite calming. I actually needed some quiet, peaceful time with someone since my days in LA started off a bit too loud and extreme. I'm not complaining. I love what had happened, but sometimes a girl needs her peace.

After eating breakfast, Harry and I just walked aimlessly around LA. I saw many sights that I thought were worth taking pictures for. We had many pictures of ourselves, many laughs, and many chats with each other.

Harry suddenly got tired from walking, so we hailed a cab. I lost track of where we were going, but we ended up stopping in Hollywood. 

I got out of the cab as Harry paid the driver with a picture with him. So technically, no charge for us. I looked at him, and he looked back at me weirdly. "What?"

I shook my head, scoffing. "So you pay him by taking a picture with him?"

He shrugged and smiled, "That's kind of what I like for being famous."

I rolled my eyes and continued to walk aimlessly around Hollywood. I saw the Walk of Fame, seeing many celebrity names on the stars, taking a picture of each one I adored. As for Harry, he was seen by many fans, so he took the liberty of taking pictures with them instead of all the fancy sights around us. 

We took a small stop at Madame Tussauds. Me being the curious one, I went to check out One Direction. When I saw them, I asked Harry to take a picture of me with the wax figures of them. It was creepy sitting next to my best friends who don't even move, but it was fun to make fun of them with it. I sat beside Louis, watching his face carefully. Still creepy.




"Okay, I think we should call it a day." I breathed out, finding a bench to sit on. The last place we stopped at was the beach, where I saw people swimming in the ocean, sunbathing, or playing beach volleyball. There wasn't much people at the beach, considering that the sun was setting. I decided to walk around the sand with Harry, enjoying the sunset by the beach. 

We decided to talk as we walk to save time. "How'd you like your day?" Harry asked.

I kicked the sand. "It was really fun. Thanks."

"You don't have to thank me. You deserved it." He mused, also kicking the sand in front of him. I held my boots in my hands as I watched the water come to shore, hitting our bare feet. The water was cold, but it washed the remaining sand right off my feet. 

Harry stopped and looked at me, I watched him as the sunlight reflected on his face. "Can I ask you something?"

I closed my eyes, biting my lip. Then, I nodded, opening my eyes again. "Yeah."

"What happened?" He asked quietly.

"What?" I replied, confused.

"Us. Me. You. Us." He implied slowly. I kind of understood what he meant, but I didn't really think he would mention that since he has a girlfriend. "I've been getting this feeling lately..." He started. "And, I think I finally know what it means."

His eyes met mine, and an awkward silence took over when I couldn't find the right words to reply to him. After a minute, I asked, "What do you mea...-"


I was cut off as Harry suddenly bent his head down and pressed his lips against mine.

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