Stole My Heart (One Direction Fan Fiction)

This is the story my best friends, Abigail and Sydney, originally created on Wattpad, but I decided to take it a step further and make it a Movellas story. Our Wattpad's are
Mine: EJaneA22 Abbey: OnlyMe13 Sydney: fireflytail Joined: TheThreeLoserAmigas

Here's what it's about: Three small town best friends never expected they'd ever meet their idols from One Direction, let alone steal their hearts... But it's not what they expected it to be either. The wrong boys are falling for the wrong girls, when they get stranded in the girls small town of Hillsdale, after their bus broke down. Follow Ariana, Sydney, and Albany as they go on a roller coaster ride with Liam, Louis, and Niall of One Direction.

Also note: Going to apologize ahead of time, this is probably going to be one of the most cliché fan fictions you'll ever read and you will get MAJOR feels. Hope you enjoy our original story and please vote and comment!


2. Saviors

Albany's P.O.V

The heat was terrible. I had on a spaghetti strap tank with jean cutoff shorts, but I was still dying. I was venturing ten miles out of town with my best friends, Ariana Evans and Sydney Tomson , to go swimming in the lake. The black asphalt was hot under even my cheap, Walmart-bought flip flops.

"God, this heat!" I groaned.

"You're telling me!" Ariana complained, wiping the sweat off her forehead.

"Oh quit your complaining! There's only five more miles!" Sydney said exasperatedly.

"Only five miles," Ariana grumbled.

We continued to walk in the God-forbidden heat. Suddenly Sydney stopped in her tracks.

"Wait," she said grabbing mine and Ariana's arms.

"You didn't forget something did you?" Ariana asked irritably.

"Cause we'd love to go back and get it," I said sarcastically.

"No look! Who is that?"

Sydney was pointing to six figures walking our way. We all squinted against the sun when Ariana's eyes widened.

"No! That-That can't be-"

Then I saw what she meant...

"Is that really-?"

We all looked at each other in excitement and total surprise...


Louis' P.O.V.

"People!" I shouted. "People!"

The boys looked at me with a 'weirdo, are you okay?' face. I pointed to the three figures -no angels- up on the hill. They followed my gaze and smiles erupted on their faces. I started to run up the incline towards our saviors.

"Hey! Hey you!" I screamed, the boys following me.

We reached the top of the hill, panting wildly. Harry ran up to the three teenage girls (about seventeen?) and wrapped them in a hug as they looked at all of us incredulously.


Ariana's P.O.V.

One Direction sat there panting madly. We were all dumbfounded and blushing.

Harry Styles ran up to us and squeezed us in a hug. We looked at each other. My heart was pounding out of it's chest.

"Thank God!" Harry moaned. "Thank God for these angels!"

Harry dropped us and fell to his knees. We all looked at him with wide eyes. We'd just been hugged by 1/5 of One Direction.

"I agree," a big burly man said, wiping his face with a very expensive-looking suit jacket that he'd stripped off. (Do we really have to describe Paul?)

"I thank God that you girls were here-"

"We're glad that we were too," Sydney muttered in a high-pitched tone.

"What are your names?"

I could have died. I would recognize that voice anywhere. Liam Payne smiled at us, waiting for our reply. But I couldn't open my mouth.

"Seeing by the looks on your faces, you already know who we are," Louis added coolly.

I could see out of the corner of my eye that Sydney had just went to heaven when Louis spoke.

"I'm Sydney," Sydney said nervously. "This is Albany, and this is-"

"Ariana," I said, my voice cracking a little. My face got even hotter when Liam smiled at us.

"So how far is it from here to the next town?" the spy man asked urgently.

"Erm... About 10 miles," Albany said clearing her throat, peeling her eyes from Niall.

"No! Not more walking!" Louis shouted falling dramatically to his knees and pounding the asphalt.

I heard Sydney laugh a little bit.

"W-We can show you the way. If you want," Albany said nervously.

"Please do ma' love," Niall said walking up and spinning us around and putting his arms around me and Albany, who blushed wildly. "I can't stand any more of this heat!"

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