Madi was just a normal 15 year old girl. She lived a great life and had amazing friends. Just when she thought nothing could get any better, somebody very special came into her life. And that somebody went by the name of Justin Bieber


2. Im in your house

~after school~
"Mom i'm home!" I yelled as i ran upstairs. I did my homework and decided to go for a walk. It was nice out, just a little cold. I grabbed my sweatshirt, phone, and purse and ran out the door.
I walked through the park and saw people walking dogs, kids running around, happy couples holding hands. Everything looked so peaceful. I wasn't watching where i was going and i bumped into someone, causing me to fall. "Im so sorry," i said. "Don't be sorry," a kind voice said. It was sweet. I looked up to a boy who looked around my age leaning down to help me up. "Thanks," i said brushing myself off. "No problem," he had a huge grin on his face. I couldn't see what he looked like because she was wearing sun glasses and had his hood up. "Sorry again," i said as i walked away.

*Justin's POV*

She was beautiful and kind. I watched her slowly walk away. I looked down to see that she dropped her wallet. "Hey you dropped your-" i started, but realized she was already gone. I had to return it to her. I opened it hoping to find an i.d. But all I foung was a small piece of paper that read, "Alex's new adress." Well maybe if i go there i can find out where she lived. I got in my car and drove to Alex's house. Whoever Alex was.

*Madi's POV*
i reached in my purse to grap my wallet, but it wasn't there. "Shit," i mumbled to myself. I was already at my house. I was too tired to go back to the park and i only had a few dollars and so gift cards in it. "Oh well." I went to the kitchen to grab a drink when my phone rang.
*phone convo* (m=madi a=alex)
M- hey Al
A- OMG! Some cutie showed up at my door
M- wow thats great!!
A- yeah but he was looking for you so i gave him your adress hes on his way over
M- for me?
A- yep got to go bye!
*end of phone convo*
Just then the door bell rang. I went and opened the door and saw the guy from the park. "Hey you dropped your wallet at the park," he said with a cheeky smile. "Thanks, uhm do you want to come in. "Sure," he smirked.

*Justin's POV*

"So i never caught your name," i said following her up the steps to her room. "Madi," she replied fast. Thats a pretty name for a pretty girl. We walked into her room and i see my picture plastered all over her walls, making me smirk even more. "Do you have a problem with Justin," she snapped, "because you can leave." Wow, she must really like me. "No were pretty close friends," i said. "Oh really, why don't you call him." "Why don't you?" I gave her my number and she called. Just then my phone rang. She stared at me. "Are you gonna answer it." I walked out of the room and answered "hey this is justin." A scream came from the room and the phone. "And guess what," i said quietly, so she couldnt hear me. "What?" "Im in your house," i said walking back into her room. She just stood there with her moith wide open.

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