Natalie, the world-famous model, thought her life was perfect. But her fantasy comes crashing to a halt when she finds out that Justin, her long-time boyfriend, has been cheating on her. She tries to figure out what to do, but soon, one member of a well-known boy band catches her eye... Then, when Justin makes a surprising announcement, what will happen? As she focuses on her love for her boyfriend, she constantly finds her mind slipping back to the blue-eyed beauty.

Who knew that Natalie would become a white liar too?

[Cover made by me!]


7. Chapter 7

"How are you?" I ask the raven-haired boyfriend stealer politely.

"I'm great! How are you?"

"Just fine," I say through my teeth. I can't believe she's acting like this, like she didn't just kiss my boyfriend in public last nightSure, there were only a few celebrities and trustworthy waiters in the room, but my point still stands. 

"Oh, that's good..." Her voice trails off when she sees my two best friends. "Have we met before? I'm sorry, I don't remember your names." 

"That's Christina," I point to my blonde friend, "and that's Geneva." I point to my red-headed friend. "I don't think you have met them before."

I'm actually surprised that I haven't tackled her to the ground or at least throttled her yet. I am acting so calm, even though she has really pissed me off. I really don't seem like the kind of person to hold a grudge or get mad very easily, but I'm allowed to this time because she was getting a bit too close for comfort with my boyfriend. 

"Oh, well it's nice to meet you two, but I have to go eat. Maybe I'll see you around sometime, Natalie? Call me." She smiles then turns and walks away.

"It wasn't nice to meet you," Chris mutters, as if Selena were still standing in front of us. 

"Nat, I'm really proud of you. You didn't murder her right here on the spot; you didn't even lay a finger on her! I would have kicked her butt if I were in your position," Gen praises. I have come to learn over the past few years of our friendship that Geneva can be a bit violent and crude.

"I was actually planning how I'm going to kill her," I joke, but I don't laugh because this isn't a laughing matter. 

"I could tell by the way you looked at her like you wanted to discombobulate her body," Christina informs me, taking a small spoonful of oatmeal into her mouth.

"But did you see how she came over to me and acted so sweet and innocent? I swear, she did that just to spite me. And then she asks if I want to hang out sometime!" I scoff.

"You need to get revenge."

"No, I would never do that, Gen." Or would I...?


When I walk into mine and Justin's house, the feeling I get is not that of happiness. I set my bag down on the small table by the door and go to find Justin. I see him sitting on the couch, watching a cartoon of who-knows-what.

"Hey," I say whilst plopping down next to him. 

"Hey," he repeats blandly, not looking over at me.

"What did you do last night?" I prod, trying to act as if I don't know what happened, to see if he'll fess up.

"Scooter had me working late at the studio, and when I got back, you weren't here." He frowns, deep in thought.

"I-I, I was at Christina and Geneva's apartment." Why do I have to stutter? It makes it seem like I'm hiding something. 


"What did you have to do at the studio?" Is he going to tell me the truth? That's what a good boyfriend would do. Or is he just going to keep lying?

"We were just going over stuff for the next album," he says, without a single hesitation. He's such a good liar, if I didn't know the truth, I'd believe him. 

"Sounds fun." I start giggling uncontrollably.

"What's so funny?" he asks. I wish he would put his arms around me and give me a hug, show at least some sort of affection.

"I don't know. I just love you," I laugh. Sometimes, when I'm uncomfortable, I laugh to make it less awkward. But that actually makes it more awkward...

"I love you too, baby." 

His voice cracks during that last word though; "baby." That word that used to put butterflies in my stomach, but now only puts the image of him leaning towards Selena to kiss her... I'm not his only baby.


Please don't get the idea that I hate Selena! I have absolutely NOTHING against her, she's just a character in this fanfic; I don't know her true character, I just chose her to be rude and mean here (oops). I think she is beautiful and talented and lovely, and I do not believe she would ever do anything like this (:
On another note, please favorite, like, comment, and fan! Ily all <3
(I put "comment" in italics because I get the feeling that no one likes this and if you all comment, it makes me want to update the story quicker and more often! Please comment, whether it be CC [constrictive criticism] or just asking me to update, it lets me know that there are actually people [a person?] reading!)

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