Natalie, the world-famous model, thought her life was perfect. But her fantasy comes crashing to a halt when she finds out that Justin, her long-time boyfriend, has been cheating on her. She tries to figure out what to do, but soon, one member of a well-known boy band catches her eye... Then, when Justin makes a surprising announcement, what will happen? As she focuses on her love for her boyfriend, she constantly finds her mind slipping back to the blue-eyed beauty.

Who knew that Natalie would become a white liar too?

[Cover made by me!]


4. Chapter 4

I park my car once I get to the restaurant, and see Gen and Chris's cars already parked. When I get inside, the girls are standing at the reservation podium, waiting for me. 

"You look nice," Chris compliments my outfit. I have on a light pink strapless dress, light pink heels, and a light pink purse. My hair is pulled back into a messy, yet stylish bun. 

"Thanks! You both look great," I tell them. Christina has on a deep pink, almost red dress, a matching purse, and matching heels. Her blonde hair is curled, hanging loosely around her face. Geneva is wearing a white button-up blouse, dark (fancy) jeans, and coral-colored heels, with a navy blue purse. Her red hair is pulled into a bun, like mine, but a bit more classy. Gen is a tomboy and doesn't like to wear dresses often (strange because she's a model) which is why she isn't wearing one now. 

"Are you ladies going to reserve a table?" the man at the podium asks impatiently. You'd think for the amount of money you pay to go to restaurant like this, they'd at least have slightly pleasant attendants at your service. Well, I guess not; I'm just weird, aren't I?

"Yes, we were just being girls," I tell him. "We have reservations for two in the back, under Justin?" 

"But there are three of you," he points out. 

"We changed our minds, and decided to bring Geneva along," Christina pipes in.

"Which one of you is Justin?" I swear, this guy is purposefully trying to tick is off. 

"None of us. It turns out, he couldn't make it, so he let us take the reservations instead," Gen replies. She's obviously getting annoyed with him as well.

"Well, it actually turns out he could make it," the man says, looking down at his reservation and seating chart.

"He did?" I ask, confused.

"He just came in a few minutes ago, I believe." The man looks up from his chart and shrugs.

"Um, thanks anyways," I stutter. I'm about to walk out the door, too stunned to think clearly because my boyfriend lied about his alibi to me, when I feel a hand grab my shoulder, forcefully turning me around.

"We can't just walk away like that!" Gen hisses. "We have to go scope it out."

"Scope what out?" I ask lamely.

She scoffs at me. "You're kidding, right? You just found out that your boyfriend, who was supposedly at the studio working on something with his manager, is actually at the restaurant that he made reservations for you and him. Except you're not with him, which could only mean one thing."

"What is that one thing?" Chris waits with anticipation, excitement clear in her bright eyes. She looks like a little child about to be handed a bowl of ice cream.

"He's with someone." Gasp! No way. There's no possible way. I'm so stupid, I didn't even know that. Wow, I really need to work on this detective stuff. 

"I already knew that, Geneva." I pointedly use her full name, just to let her know I'm not in the mood for jokes; I'm still shocked that he wouldn't tell me where he was going. "He's probably with Scooter, discussing...whatever they discuss."

"We still need to find out why he lied to his girlfriend." She crosses her arms over her chest, staring me down. That's one of the things that I love, yet hate about Geneva: she's stubborn as a mule. Once she has her mind made up, she won't budge. You can rarely get your way in an argument with her.

"Oh, alright." See what I mean? I always have to give in to her. "You're such a snoop though," I scold.

"There's one in every bunch." She grins. Gosh, I hate her so much that I love her.

"I just need to check the back room quickly," I tell the attendant.

"I'm sorry, but we don't allow personnel without reservations to enter our dining area," he replies. What? 

"But it's really important," I plead.

"Her happiness depends on it," Christina adds.

"And my happiness depends on getting a paycheck each month, and I won't get that if I don't do my job. You eat or you leave."

I sigh. What am I supposed to do now? 

"Rupert? What are you telling these young ladies?" A woman who looks to be in her fifties walk up to him. 

"They aren't allowed to enter the dining area unless they want to eat," he repeats to her.

"Nonsense! They are allowed back there." She smiles at us. 

"O-oh," he stutters. "My apologies."

"Go ahead, girls," the woman tells us warmly, winking. 

We rush quickly from the scene; I'm sure we all wanted to get away from the attendant. He was obnoxious. 

"We're lucky that that lady came along, or we would've never been able to get back here," Christina counters. We turn right, going down the hall to the back. 

"We would've found a way." Geneva smirks. Yeah, we definitely would've found a way, with Gen's brain. I can only imagine what she's thinking...

We finally make it to the room in the back, with a door marked 'CELEBRITIES ONLY'. 

"This is it, girls." I type in the code (all celebrities are granted with the knowledge of the code to get in), and the light above the door flashes green, signaling to pull the handle. We walk through the entrance and look around the area. The room is dimly lit, multiple tables filled with people, aka celebs. My eyes scan the occupants, looking for Scooter or Justin. My sharp gaze lands upon a two person table in the very back of the large expanse. His caramel brown hair gives him right away. It's no surprise that he's here, but what shocks me even more is the person sitting with him. Dark brown hair falling in waves over her shoulders; red, skin-tight dress. 

It can't be. As her head falls back in laughter, I catch a glimpse of her face: ruby red lips; bright, dazzling smile... It is her. The last person I'd expect to see here with my boyfriend.


If you'd like the link to the girls outfits, just comment and I'll reply with the link. (: 
I know the chapters have been REALLY short, but I just can't seem to write long chapters! -.- I don't even know why I can't! On this chapter, it was probably because I wanted a cliff hanger... Yeah, a pathetic cliff hanger. Oh well! xD


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