Natalie, the world-famous model, thought her life was perfect. But her fantasy comes crashing to a halt when she finds out that Justin, her long-time boyfriend, has been cheating on her. She tries to figure out what to do, but soon, one member of a well-known boy band catches her eye... Then, when Justin makes a surprising announcement, what will happen? As she focuses on her love for her boyfriend, she constantly finds her mind slipping back to the blue-eyed beauty.

Who knew that Natalie would become a white liar too?

[Cover made by me!]


14. Chapter 14

I pull my hair back then let it fall around my shoulders, sighing in frustration. I continue this cycle, putting my hair into different styles, before deciding on pulling my bangs back with a little barrette. Then I change into a top and jean shorts; casual, but not bummy, as my mother would say.

My phone bings and lights up, and I look at the screen to see who is texting me.

To: Natalie 

[Hey, babe. Wanna come to the studio today to hear some recordings? Want your help with some stuff -J]

I snort, throwing the phone back on my bed. I've already made plans with Louis, so no thank you.

I grab a hobo bag, my new favorite purse, stuffing miscellanious items into it, and skip downstairs. My mood is bright and cheery because why wouldn't it be when I get to spend time with Louis? There's something about him that's just . . . special. 

I decide since it's not hot and muggy outside, I'll wait for Louis on my front steps. I send a quick text to both Christina and Geneva, asking them how they're enjoying New York, and one to my mother to see how the new church building is doing. With nothing else to do, I pull up Klondike, which I barely ever play. While I'm stumped on how to put a king down, I hear the low rumble of a car driving up my driveway. 

I grab my bag, excitedly standing up to see Louis. By the time I do, he's already in front of me. 

"Hey, Louis!"

"Hey, Natalie!" he mimics my girly tone. 

Ignoring him, I pull him in for a hug. 

"Glad you could make it," he laughs, pulling back and pointing to the car, indicating for me to get in. 

"Of course I would," I reply, walking around to the passenger's side. But Louis beats me to it, opening the door like a gentleman. The annoying voice in the back of my head says, Justin never opened a car door for you, but I push away all thoughts of him and focus on the present and, obviously, Louis. 

- -

"That'll be ten dollars," the man at the indoor desk of Castle Golf says. I notice that his eyes linger on me longer than they should. 

"Here you go." Louis hands him a ten dollar bill out of his wallet. 

"Grab your clubs and balls and you can start." The man, who looks to be in his early thirties, points to the row of neatly organized putters and a basket of multi-colored golf balls. His stare still roams up and down my body, and I squirm in discomfort. Sure, I might be a model and might be used to people staring at me (it's part of my job), but when someone outside of work that I don't even know continues to stare at me, I get uncomfortable. 

Louis seems to notice and wraps his arm around me protectively, giving the guy a nasty look. "Thanks," he says through his teeth, but I'm positive he doesn't actually mean it. 

Once we're out of earshot, Louis scowls. "I can't believe that guy just checked you out, especially when I was standing right there."

"What does you standing right there have to do with anything?" I question. 

"You don't think we look like a couple?"

"Do we?"

"I don't know, why don't we go ask someone," he suggests, and I giggle. 

There isn't anyone around, thankfully, and we begin our game without cameras or people in our faces like we're both used to. 

We talk easily back and forth, discussing our lives and family as we golf. I tell him what it's like to have an older brother (who I haven't seen in years), and he reciprocates by telling me what it was like to grow up with four younger sisters. 

"They would always jump on me," he groans about the past like I can change it. "It was as if I was some sort of pack-mule."

"Oh, there there," I mock, patting his head gently before swinging my club, whacking the ball perfectly across the grass. 

"And you have no idea how many times I had to pretend to be Prince Charming. Every single day, they would dress me up and make me go to afternoon tea. I don't even understand the point of playing house, either. What's so fun about pretending to cook with plastic bread and broccoli? Let me tell you, plastic watermelon isn't as juicy as the real stuff." He makes a face, which only makes me laugh harder. 

"Louis!" I sputter. "You're not supposed to eat it, silly."

"See, that's my point! Why pretend to eat plastic rubbish when you can actually eat food right in the kitchen?"

"Because little kids aren't allowed to cook in a real kitchen. It's also mind over matter."

"Okay, you win, Miss Smarty Pants."

I stick my tongue out at him, letting my childish side take over. 

He dishes it right back, bugging his eyes out at the same time.

"It's your turn," I remind him. I step out of the way of his club, watching him line up carefully as he swings. Unfortunately, his skills in mini-golf are much more limited than mine, and it barely makes it three feet. 

"Aw, come on!" he cries. "That deserves a redo."

"Nope," I chide, skipping over to my pink ball that's practically a foot from the hole. I line up, remembering where to put my hands from many years ago when my father taught me how to play, and lightly tap the ball. It easily rolls into the whole. "Woohoo!" I throw my arms up into the air. 

"You're a rude winner," Louis complains, barely even paying attention when he swings his club roughly. The ball goes flying up into the air, completely out of sight. 

I hear a thud a few seconds later; the ball must have hit a tree somewhere in the mini-golf course. 

"Oops?" It sounds more like a question than an answer. 

"Now you can't play anymore." I click my tongue and move onto the next hole, number eighteen. 

"Wow, I can't believe we went through this course so fast." 

Louis smiles and nods. "I know. Like the saying goes, 'time flies when you're having fun.'"

I'm about to reply but am interrupted by a loud squeal. "Ohmygosh, that's Louis Tomlinson!" The voice definitely belongs to a teenage girl. "And that's Natalie Breyan, isn't it?" The voice asks again. 

"Oh, no," I whisper dramatically. 

Two girls come out from behind a giant bush, one with a huge grin that looks almost painful and one with a shy smile. 

"Hi," the first girl says, waving awkwardly. 

"H-Hi," the other one stutters. 

"Can you both sign this for me please?" the girl with blonde, curly hair questions, holding out a scorecard and a pencil. 

"Sure," I answer, taking the scoreboard and signing it. I hand it to Louis, and the girl with sleek black hair holds out her phone. 

"C-Can you sign my phone case?" 

"Alright." I take the phone out of her shaking hands, signing the green case with a sharpie I found in my bag. I give it to Louis when I'm done and smile at the girl. 

"Hi, what's your name?"

"Annie," she tells me quietly, tucking a dark strand of hair behind her ear. She seems very shy and timid and looks like she's a few years younger than the blonde. 

I begin a small conversation with her while the blonde girl, who's name is Alyssa, practically faints from the close proximity of Louis.

"Annie, come on! Let's go," Alyssa says in an elevated tone when they're finished talking grabbing her little sister's arm and pulling her away, but I receive a small wave from Annie before they're completely behind the bush. 

"So, how was Alyssa?" I question. 

"She would not stop talking about how big my muscles are. And she only asked me for Harry's number about fifty-one times."

"Annie was sweet. She told me that Alyssa is bossy and mean to her all the time like that. She was very shy though."

"How old was she?"

"I think about twelve."

"She looked nice," he comments.

I nod and take a good look at the course in front of me-- I have to get my ball through a castle-- and swing.

We rush over to the other side, looking for where my ball rolled. 

"I don't see it," I say, confused. 

"You got a hole in one!" Louis shouts in my ear, making me jump. 

"What? I did?" I run to the hole and see a bright pink ball. "I did!" 

"You deserve celebratory ice cream for that."

"Yay," I cheer like a little kid. 

"C'mon, let's go, love," Louis says. 


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