Natalie, the world-famous model, thought her life was perfect. But her fantasy comes crashing to a halt when she finds out that Justin, her long-time boyfriend, has been cheating on her. She tries to figure out what to do, but soon, one member of a well-known boy band catches her eye... Then, when Justin makes a surprising announcement, what will happen? As she focuses on her love for her boyfriend, she constantly finds her mind slipping back to the blue-eyed beauty.

Who knew that Natalie would become a white liar too?

[Cover made by me!]


13. Chapter 13

The next few days pass by in a blur; my mother leaves, and things basically go back to normal. Justin continues to sneak around, leaving me to wallow in self pity. I got a few calls from the girls, but we haven't been able to spend time together because they both went to New York. I haven't had any shoots lately, and it's honestly getting too boring without them, no matter how much work they are. I had gotten a request to take a break for two weeks from modeling, but I need to see if Alex, my manager, has anything I can do.


I pick up my phone, dialing the number I have etched deeply into my brain.


"Hello, this is Alex Goodman. How may I help you? And, may I ask, who is calling?"


"Hey, it's me," I chirp.


"Oh, Natalia, is that you?" Alex's mood brightens immediately at the sound of my voice.


"Yes, Alexa," I joke, adding an a to his name like he did to mine.


"What do you need?"


"Oh, you automatically assume that when I call you, it's only because I need something? I'm hurt."




"Whatever. Do you think you could get me a shoot soon? I'm bored."


"Ever the whiny little kid, aren't we?" Alex tsks.


Ignoring his sarcastic insults, I continue. "Do you think you could get me one, in all seriousness?"


"I'll try. Let me call around and see, because it's just that easy," he scoffs.


"It is that easy!"


"No, it really isn't. But you do have a list of magazines lined up, waiting for you, or me, to give them the call that you can do a shoot with them. I'll call the first few on the list and see if they need you anytime soon. Sound good?"


"Yes. Thank you so much, Alex!"


"That's what I'm here for. I'll let you know if I get any responses, okay?"


"Okay, bye."


I hang up and sigh. What am I supposed to do now? What did I even do before I became a model? Nothing.


Well, maybe I'll talk to Louis. He hasn't texted me or tried to communicate with me at all; maybe he's busy.


To: Louis

[Hey, Louis. This is Natalie. Wanna hang out sometime? I miss you]


I turn on the T.V. while I wait for Louis to text back, flipping through the shows until I come across old reruns of That Girl, one of my favorite shows of all time.


To: Natalie

[I'm so glad you texted me! I miss you too. Maybe we can hang out tomorrow because the lads and I have off xx]


I smile at the text. Even though I have barely spent time with this boy, I feel a strange connection to him; something I've never felt with Justin, or any other boy in my life.


To: Louis

[You can make plans for us to do something; you're the man!]


To: Natalie

[What would you like to do? I always let the lady pick]


To: Louis

[Surprise me]




Wow! I haven't updated in FOREVER! I'm so terribly sorry. I just got caught up with school and crap, and I haven't honestly felt like updating. Sorry that I kept you waiting! From now on, I'm going to be updating most likely only once a week. Maybe more if I feel like it.


But don't forget to like, comment, favorite, and fan!


(I know it was a short chapter; I just felt like cutting it off there)

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