Natalie, the world-famous model, thought her life was perfect. But her fantasy comes crashing to a halt when she finds out that Justin, her long-time boyfriend, has been cheating on her. She tries to figure out what to do, but soon, one member of a well-known boy band catches her eye... Then, when Justin makes a surprising announcement, what will happen? As she focuses on her love for her boyfriend, she constantly finds her mind slipping back to the blue-eyed beauty.

Who knew that Natalie would become a white liar too?

[Cover made by me!]


10. Chapter 10

"So, what you're saying is that you think I need to work on my modeling poses?" Louis questions, placing his hand over his heart dramatically.

"That's exactly what I'm saying. You may be one-fifth of the biggest boy band in the world, but that doesn't mean you automatically have... photo shoot-esque." I physically cringe.

"I think I make a perfectly fine model, mind you," he huffs. 

"But you can't be just 'fine'. You have to be the best! Lucky for you, I have had plenty of years of experience in this department, which means your modeling lessons start-," I look at my watch, "now!"

"What would you like me to do?"

"Go stand over there." I point at the lone chair situated by the side of the runway. 

He obediently stomps over to it, sits down, and crosses his arms and legs as if to say, "Go ahead."

"The first step to modeling is to be sure of yourself. If you aren't confident, you won't be successful, and people will laugh at you."

"Question: why will people laugh at me?"

"Because you'll probably trip over your feet," I laugh. "That used to happen to me sometimes. I would get so nervous, I would end up on the floor! Luckily, the photographers realized I had too much talent to throw away."


"Okay, next step is to...look sexy."

"Look sexy," Louis ponders. "I think I can do that."

"Good, because that's really important. If you don't look sexy, you don't get asked to do a photo shoot ever again."


"Ever. And that's basically it."

"I'm cured of my modeling inability! How can I ever repay you?"

"Do exactly what I told you for your next shoot."

"I won't let you down."

"You had better not."

"Thank you for taking me out," I tell Louis as we pull up in front f my house. "I had a wonderful time."

"Yeah, I did too." He smiles and I can't help but notice the little feeling I get in my stomach. "Maybe we can start hanging out more often?"

"That might be a possibility."

"I hope it is."

Neither of us really knows what to do now, so I lean over and kiss his cheek gently. 

"Goodbye, Louis." I climb out of the car, walk up the front steps, and wave to him before tumbling inside the door. 

"Who was that?" Justin's voice startles me. 


"Yes, who. I've never seen that car."

My heart starts beating; what if he saw me kiss Louis's cheek?

"It was Christina. We went out for lunch today," I lie. 

"She doesn't drive that car, does she?"

"She borrowed it from her mom because hers is getting fixed." I'm surprised at how steady my voice is. 

"Oh, okay. Did you have a nice time?"

I let out a breath, glad that he didn't suspect anything about the car. 

"It was great. Where have you been?" I ask, even though I already know the answer and know he's not going to tell the truth. 

"I was busy at the studio. You won't believe how much Scooter's making me do!" 

"When am I going to hear some songs? I'm excited for this new album!" 

"I promise, you'll be the first one to hear any song that's been decided on. Not even my mom gets to hear it before you do."

"I feel so special!" I joke. 

But do I? He isn't even working on new songs; he's spending all his time with Selena. I should probably tell him that I know he's lying, but I can't. 

"Wanna watch something tonight?"

"I'd love to," Justin tells me, grabbing my hand and pulling me to the living room couch. 

Justin and I flip through the channels and finally decide on Criminal Minds; one of our favorite shows. 

"I love you," Justin whispers. 

"Love you too." 

But my mind is elsewhere as we watch the show, thinking about what would happen if Louis were in Justin's place right now...

Sorry for such a late update! I just really suck at writing. This was sort of a filler chapter (like most of the other chapters). 

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[PS- I didn't check for any grammatical errors, so if there are any, it's because I was too lazy to go back and edit. Oops]

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