Dark Past

Chelsea Morris. Harry Styles. Two totally different people. But hey, opposites attract right? That's exactly what happens. After Hailey tutors Harry, in Math, they begin to fall head over heels for each other. Harry was fired from One Direction, because of some of the stupid shit he did while he was drunk. Hailey tries to turn him around to be a good young man, but Harry tries to turn her upside down to get her to be the slutty bad girl he wants to have.


4. Staying at Harry's

Maria's POV

"Harry, this is Maria. Maria, Harry." Chelsea seemed annoyed fors ome weird reason but I shrugged it off. I reached out my hand for him to shake but he just sat there, with this stupid smirk on his face. If I could, I would go over and slap it off. "Hey beautiful." I sneered. "Hey" I replied snottily. "Oooh, fiesty. I like fiesty." That sent chills down my spine. I clung closer to Chelsea. I so didn't belong here and I wish I would've said no to coming. I'm such an idiot sometimes.

"Let's get started." I said and reached for a textbook ut of Chelsea's schoolbag. My long brown hair fell in front of my hair. I pulled out Organic Chemisrty from her bag. I looked up to see Harry smirking at me. Chelsea was sitting on her phone. "Chelsea?" She sat up staright and stopped looking at her phone. "Ugh" She groaned. "I'm gonna go. Maria, you can tutor him right?" She stood up and went for her purse on the couch. I shot up and ran to her. "Don't leave me here!" I protested begging her not to leave me alone with him. "You're smarter, so it's better for you to teach him." I turned and looked at him with that supid smirk plastered on his lips. "He's a good kisser." She whispered in my ear. I pulled a face of disgust. "Don't plan on it." I said to her annoyed. I shut the door and walked back to the living room. "So," I looked around. "Harry?" I poked my head around the corner of the kichen when I heard yelling. "Harry?" I asked again. "Don't call me again! You ruined me!" He ended the call and slammed his phone on the counter when he and he saw me looking. "Maria, I..." I shook my head. "It's fine." I walked out the door to the living room. I sat down with my legs crossed and placed the textbook on my legs.

"Can we stop?" He groand and rubbed his temples. "Fine" I giggled. He smiled brightly. It was something I've never seen him do, I like it. I laughed. "What?" He pouted. "I've never seen you smile before." He smiled again. "That only happens when I'm with someone that I really like." He smirked again going back to himself. "Can you be any cheesier?" I asked. He shrugged. "We'll find out sooner or later." I rolled my eyes again. "I hope not." He chuckled. "Come here." He patted the spot next to him. I crawled over like an army troop. He chuckled at me. I placed myself on the floor. "Ok, check." He rolled his eyes. He put his arms around my waist and sat me on his lap. "Um, what the heck are you doing?" I asked while laughing. "I wanted to hold you." He said in a baby tone. "I'll let you do that, but not on the floor." He laughed and picked me up. "How about the couch?" I rolled my eyes and smirked. "Fine" He sat down and spread his legs open and put me in between. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close. He grabbed a blanket and laid in on us. I squirmed and tossed until I got comfortable. "Want to watch a movie?" He asked. "Pitch Perfect!" I yelled. He chuckled and bought it off of On Demand. "I like this." I said. "I know this movie is hilarious." He said with  smile. I looked up at him and he gave me a confused look. "What?" I shook my head. "Not thhe movie." He smiled. "Me too." I smiled and kissed his shirt. He chuckled. "What was that?" I shrugged. "I don't know. A tummy kiss." He chuckled and leaned down and kissed my lips. "What was that?" I asked with a giggle. He shrugged. "A lip kiss." I rolled my eyes and settled down again. "I could get used to that." I said and felt his arms wrap around me. "Me too"

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