Dark Past

Chelsea Morris. Harry Styles. Two totally different people. But hey, opposites attract right? That's exactly what happens. After Hailey tutors Harry, in Math, they begin to fall head over heels for each other. Harry was fired from One Direction, because of some of the stupid shit he did while he was drunk. Hailey tries to turn him around to be a good young man, but Harry tries to turn her upside down to get her to be the slutty bad girl he wants to have.


1. Sophmore

Hailey POV

I would do anything to get out of school today. First day of sophmore year. When I left freshman year, my boyfriend Alex had dumped me!. "Chels! Get up!" my mum called opening the door, and throwing a teddy bear at me. I hated mornings, but I complied knowing there was no way of getting out of this day. "Are you excited? My baby girl finally a sophmore!" I turned my head into my pillow, and sighed "No mum. Not really." 

I phone buzzed and I saw it was my best friend Maria. Wear or Tear? It read. I looked at her outfit, I smiled at her great fashion sense Wear! I replied. I finally got up out of bed, and put the duvet back on the corner it has fallen off of. I made my bed and put all 15 of my decrative pillows against the head board. I walked into my bathroom and pulled out my makeup and began to wash my face before going ti my closet to get and outfit. I wanted something comfortable, but something nice. You know, new teacher, new friends, new boys! I pulled out a pink dress, with some leopard lace on the end. It ended right above my knee, so I put on some brown flats. I returned back to my bathroom and put on some light brown liner, into a cat wing on my eyes, and some black mascara. I walked down  the steps as my mother awaited to see my outfit. I did a full 360 spin, "Bella!" she chanted as she gave me a bear hug. "Thanks mum." I said as I walked into the kitchen to get a granola bar, and headed for the door. 

I met up with Maria who was so excited about this new boy at school, who aparantly saw me on Facebook, and thought I was hot. "His name is Harry." she said with a smile coming from ear to ear "Harry? Sounds like a math genious name." I said with and attitude "Well. He not," she paused as the grabbed my shoulders making them square with hers "if he ask's you out, you will say yes." she said trying to sound scary. My hands made contact with her perfect hair, messing it up. "Hey!" she yelled as we walked into school together. This was it. My first day of sophmore year, and already we were greeted by seniors screaming "SENIOR YEAR, BITCHES!" I just laughed, as Maria tried to stay calm, as Harry walked over to us. "Look at you little sophmores." he said with a smirk. I looked at Maria with confused eyes, then back at Harry. Niether of us spoke to him "See you in the cafeteria at lunch." As he began to walk away, I grabbed his arm, "Your a senior?!" I asked, nervously "And your a hot sophmore, that's how high school works."

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