Dark Past

Chelsea Morris. Harry Styles. Two totally different people. But hey, opposites attract right? That's exactly what happens. After Hailey tutors Harry, in Math, they begin to fall head over heels for each other. Harry was fired from One Direction, because of some of the stupid shit he did while he was drunk. Hailey tries to turn him around to be a good young man, but Harry tries to turn her upside down to get her to be the slutty bad girl he wants to have.


5. Regret

Maria's POV

I opened my eyes and scanned the rom. Where am I? "Shit!" I screamed. Harry shot up causing me to fall on the floor. "Maria!" He yelled and picked me up. "Shit, shit, shit" I ran around picking up my belongings. "School!" He rolled his eyes and plopped back on the couch. "Stay with me." He pleaded and got comfortable. I smacked his arm. "Harry! We have to go to school!" He groaned and got up. "Fine" He got up and stumbled into his room. I rolled my eyes and tugged on my converse. He came back with a smirk and fresh clothes. "Ready?" He asks and wraps his arm around my waist. I push it away and walk to his black car. "Wow, this is big." I say making him laugh. He gets in and slams his door as I follow his actions.

The ride was silent, a good silent. He pulls up and I scramble out. "In a hurry I see?" He says with a chuckle. I roll my eyes and walk over to him. "Can I hold your hand?" He pulls a puppy dog face. I roll my eyes and nod. He smiles like a five year old and intertwines our hands. "You should let me kiss you too." I roll my eyes and continue through the doors. I hear faint whispers that I blocked out. I guess I'm considered just one of those girls that he has for three days then ditches.

"So, what happened with you last night?" Chelsea asked flirty as she nudged my shoulder. I rolled my eyes and gave her a glare. "I also you two holding hands." I giggled and nodded. "He kissed me last night. Not like badly though. I saw a side of Harry that I've never seen before....and I like it." She smiled. "Awwww." I rolled my eyes and walked into the caff. I scanned the room for him. I finally found his lock of girls and, someone else....kissing him. "C-Chelsea." I said. She came to my side and sighed. "Maria, babe." She pulled me into a hug. I didn't let my tears fall. I ran off into the bathroom after telling Chelsea I'll be fine.

Chelsea's POV

I filled with rage and anger. I stomped to his side. He chuckled and then looked up at me with his arm around some little blonde haired tramp who was barely wearing a top. "What the fuck is wrong with you?" I spat. He looked confused then smirked. "What? Did you want some too?" I rolled my eyes and laughed. "Yeah, alright. What is it with you? First you want me then you go for my best friend and after what happened last night, you diss her ad go for this slut." I pointed my finger at her and realization hit his face. "Maria?" I nodded with a 'duh' expression on my face. "Who else? Oh right, one of your other tramps that you fuck then throw them with the others." He gritted his teeth at me and his face turned red. "Oh and for you, I would leave before he uses you and then ruins your life, like he does to everyone." I stressed everyone and stared at him. He unclenched his fists and unwrapped his arm around the girl's shoulders. "Leave" He ordered both of us. I chuckled and left followed by the girl close to tears. I turned and looked at you. "Sorry about that." She smiled and hugged me. "It's fine. Knowing him you'd expect  to see a slut right?" I giggled and nodded. "Don't let him get to you. You could get anyone very easily. Go find him ok?" She smiled and held out her hand. "I'm Veronica." I smiled and shook her outstretched hand. "Chelsea." She giggled and waved bye.

Maria's POV

I locked the door to the stall and sat on the toilet. "I'm so thankful that this bathroom has lids on the toilets. I silently cried, n intending on going to my other lessons after lunch. I heard the door open and froze. I heard a sigh and shrunk back. "Maria?" Wait, Harry? What des he want? He doesn't seem to care about me anyway. "I know you're in hear. Chelsea told me." I got annoyed at her for that. I wanted to be away from him, why tell him where I am. "What do you want?" I spat at him. I heard a knock on the stall door. "Please let me in." I shook my head and then realizing that he couldn't see me. "No" I said rudely. "Please..." I sighed and opened the stall door. "Where you crying?" I shook my head and sat back. That was a lie. I as crying...over him. What is wrong with me? I've kissed him once and am I already falling for him? No, I can't be. I won't. He sighed and stepped closer to me. I took a step back and fell on the toilet He chuckled and reached to help me but I smacked his hands. "Don't you dare touch me Styles." He smirked. "I love you calling me that." I rolled my eyes and took a seat. "What do you want?" He looked at me and smiled. "I'm sorry." I chuckled. "For what? Making me actually like you for once, or what I witnessed out there." He shook his head. "All of I. Wait, you like me?" He looked surprised but then happy. I shook my head. "I did, until that happened. Why do you have to be such a jerk? You get the girl then you have to find someone else just because they'll agree to having sex with you. Does that sound fair? No, it sounds like Harry Styles." He cringed at my words and then I realized how harsh that was. "I'm sorry" He shook his head. "No, you're right. It's not fair and it is delusional. I shouldn't be doing this. I don't deserve you even if you do forgive me. You don't need someone like me." I felt a tear slip down my cheek. "Harry, that's not true. What I said was harsh and you do deserve me. You're a great guy, you just need to stop being such a player." He looked at me and smiled. He came closer and I didn't try to back away. I looked up at his beaming face. I giggled and he leaned down. "May I?" I giggled and shot u and kissed him. He kissed back until the door opened. I tried to pull away but he kept kissing me. I didn't care until we heard a gasp. "It's her. That little tramp." He baked away and turned around annoyed. "What?" He said with anger in his voice. It's her......Jordan Terrel. That nasty little bitch. "Oh hey Maria! Enjoying your play time with MY boyfriend." I rolled my eyes and heard Harry laugh with annoyance. "Ok, cause I'm your boyfriend. That's weird because last time  checked, you were the one who told me that you weren't interested...not that I wanted to be around you. You need glasses to look at your makeup covered face." He scoffed. I shoved my hand over my mouth to stop my laughs. She sneered and drug her 'friends' out of the bathroom. Harry turned back around with a smirk. "Smooth." I lengthened the o for emphasis. He smiled and half laughed. "I just wanted her to leave." I raised my eyebrow. He came closer and pushed me against the wall and kissed me hard until the bell rang. "Can we stay?" He asked I rolled my eyes and pushed him off. "No" He pouted and I kissed him again. "Later?" He asked desperately. I giggled and nodded. He pulled me into a hug. I held on tight. "At least we are in the same lesson...and we sit next to each other." I laughed and remembered that. We walked to the next lesson hand in hand.

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