Dark Past

Chelsea Morris. Harry Styles. Two totally different people. But hey, opposites attract right? That's exactly what happens. After Hailey tutors Harry, in Math, they begin to fall head over heels for each other. Harry was fired from One Direction, because of some of the stupid shit he did while he was drunk. Hailey tries to turn him around to be a good young man, but Harry tries to turn her upside down to get her to be the slutty bad girl he wants to have.


3. New Tutor

Maria's POV

I was sitting on my head, scrolling down my feed on instagram when my door swung open making me jump off of the bed and land face down on the floor. "What the hell?!" I screamed as I turned and got up and saw Chelsea panting and leaning on her knees. "What?" I was annoyed that she had done that after knowing how easily scared I got. "I-I mean I'm sorry." She was catching her breath back to normal. "So what's wrong?" She sat down on the bed and I followed next to her. She looked at her fingers, starting to play with them making them fight. "I'm now Harry's tutor." I gasped. I felt pretty bad for her at that point. "Well, I mean doesn't he like you?" She sighed and gave me sad eyes. "No, actually he doesn't. He likes someone else." I smiled. "Who?" I was very nosey and always wanted to get into other people's business. "Well, I don't think you want to know." My smile faded and curiosity. "Who?" "Maria," I cut her off quite rudely. "Who!" She sighed. "You, Maria, he likes you. A lot." She whispered the last part.

Chelsea's POV

I was quite upset that Harry like Maria. I actually kind of liked him and to know that he didn't like me hurt. Maria gasped and covered her mouth. "W-What?" She seemed shocked, and not in a good way. I knew this was going to be her reaction. "Maria, it's not bad." She gave me a look. "What do you mean? Of course it's bad! I don't want a senior bad boy liking me! Do you know what he's done to girls?!" I sighed and immediately felt bad for her that she had to deal with this. "I'm sorry." She sighed and tucked a strand of her long brown hair that fell out of her messy bun on the top of her head. She gave me puppy dog eyes with her huge brown eyes and pouted her pink, plump lips. I stared at myself in the mirror behind her on her wall and pushed around my medium blonde hair and fluttered my green eyes. "You're so pretty." I said thinking aloud. She giggled and gave me a stare realizing I'm serious. "I'm not that much. You're prettier." I giggled in disbelief and she smiled. "Well, I mean you have like the population of boys in our school in love with you."

Maria's POV

Chelsea wasn't wrong, all of the boys always slipped me numbers and asked me out but I rejected after receiving threats from other girls. Chelsea was always going after the guys though. She was quite the traditional slut: Flashing guys little peeks, pulling them into the bathroom and 'having fun', wearing skimpy clothes and pounds of makeup. I didn't know why I was her friend. I really wasn't her friend, just her little prop to carry around and pretend to get all the stress and attention when people only looked and cared about me. My real best friend was Hailey, who moved out of our school. I missed her so much and was left with Chelsea instead. "Well, can you come with me tonight to Harry's? I have to tutor him and he asked to have you come." She threw me off my train of thought. I gulped back the lump in my throat and nodded. My mouth ran dry and I felt dizzy. "S-Sure" She smiled and made herself comfy. "We have to be there at 5." It was 4:30 so I just prepared myself for possibly the worst night of my life.

We pulled into Harry's driveway and my mouth gapped open. "It's huge." Chelsea chuckled and put the car in park. "I wouldn't expect any less from a millionare." I gave her a curious look. "Since when?" "Ever heard of One Direction?" I nodded my head anting to hear the ret. "He used to be in that band before getting kicked out for attacking a guy who called him a man-whore." My eyes bulged out of my head and she just laughed.

"Well, well, well, I see you showed up." I rolled my eyes and hid behind Chelsea. "Come in." He stepped to the side letting us in. I clung to Chelsea afraid of him pulling some move on me.

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