Dark Past

Chelsea Morris. Harry Styles. Two totally different people. But hey, opposites attract right? That's exactly what happens. After Hailey tutors Harry, in Math, they begin to fall head over heels for each other. Harry was fired from One Direction, because of some of the stupid shit he did while he was drunk. Hailey tries to turn him around to be a good young man, but Harry tries to turn her upside down to get her to be the slutty bad girl he wants to have.


2. He likes you

Harry POV

I couldn't wait to get my dream slut or her little friend in my bed tonight. First period I had math, I thought about ditching until I overheard her talking to her friend saying that she was in senior math. I saw her freeze as I pulled up a chair next to her. "Harry?" she whispered, as I just smirked and pulled out my phone. "Yes, and I never got your name beautiful." she just looked at the board I grabbed her phone out of her backpack, and put my number in it. I secretly back as the bell rang. I said "I'll text you, sexy." she gave me a worried look, and just walked on greeting Maria.

Maria POV

Chelsea ran over to me "Did you give Harry my number?" she asked screaming, "No. Why, wait! Harry has your number?!" I asked shocked "I don't know, he said he would text me." I could tell she was nervous, so her and I just walked around the school. By now it was study hall, and next free period. So we just walked around for a bit, before going into the bathroom, that was filled with freshman, drowned in makeup. "eh-hem" the little called, "Freshmans only, bitch Back out." she said making sure her friends heard. I walked up to her, and made her backup from intimidation. "Do you have anything to say now?" "Uhh," "I thought not. Well I have something to say, Clean and Clear is a good brand of makeup remover."

By now we just sat there and talked, because she had been on vacation to Italy. "Hows your mum?" I asked while eating an apple. "She's good. Her ad my dad split p, over summer." she said with a long face. We were interrupted by a senior boy who had appeared to be him my class, Mr. Hoy's class. He read the papers, "Chelsea Morris" he said looking up. Chelsea raised her hand, "Me. Is everything OK?" "Yeah, just come with me." She got up and followed the boy.

Chelsea POV

I followed him into Mr. Hoy's class, to see Harry sitting in the back with his head down. When I walked in, his head shot up. Mr. Hoy stood up, "Harry." he whistled at him, like he was a dig and motioned him to come over. Harry was about 6 inches taller than, me s I looked up. "I need a tutor, beautiful." he said with that smirk that had always seemed to be on his face. "And, how do I come in with that?" Mr. Hoy stood up, "Your going to be his new tutor, Chelsea." My heart sank, and Harry seemed to be happy that, I didn't like that idea.


"Finals are in 2 weeks." Mr. Hoy said before walking away. Harry turned to me gave me a devilish smirk "I want a good grade. I do. But I wanna have some fun with you, too." I rolled my eyes and walked away and out of the classroom hearing his footsteps pacing quickly behind me. "Hey, so do you want to go back to my place to study?" I stopped abruptly and turned to face him. He smashed into me, knocking me onto my butt and then chuckled. "Well, are you gonna help me or just stare at my boobs, pervert?" He laughed again but this time with lust behind it. I helped myself up instead of being helped by him, the 'gentleman'. "I'd actually stay here." I turned around, walking to the door. He grabbed my arm and turned me around to face him again before I could take another step. "I don't think you should disobey me sweetheart." I shivered and nodded. He scared me, a lot. He just had that thing about him that made me want to run and hide, afraid he could hurt me if I didn't do what he wanted. "O-Ok" He smiled and pulled me through the glass doors. "Good, I thought you'd say that."

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