2. Perfection's Child

It's been thirteen years since Harry and Maisey have welcomed their first daughter to the world: Hazel Lillianne Styles. Her life starts out rough when Maisey experiences complications in labor, but takes a turn for the best when a big-time modeling agent sees her photo on Twitter.
Suddenly, she becomes the "It-Girl" for the younger generation-- at only thirteen years old. Harry firmly pushes away the spotlight on her beautiful daughter, but Maisey encourages it. Will it cause tensions in their marriage?
Society is rocked by the sudden upbringing of this unique child and all they want is to see Hazel continue on to become something big (like her father). Can she handle the spotlight? Or will life become suddenly ordinary for this little girl and her family...? For Perfection's Child.
***Sequel to Close to Nothing***
(Ages 13+ recommended) [A One Direction Fanfiction]


5. What is wrong with me?

A knock sounded at the window, making me bury my face further into my jacket. 

"Hazel," the muffled voice from outside said softly. "Hazel, open up."

I tucked my knees to my chest, crying into them. Embarrassment surged through me as I recognized the source of the voice-- Tommy. He couldn't see me like this-- vulnerable and weak. He knocked again, this time harder.

"Hazel, please," he pressed a palm to the window. "I'm going to eat your burger if you don't open up."

My stomach growled with hunger, pinching my insides. Ugh, I can just eat when I get home. I jerked my shoulders away from the window, crawling into the passenger seat and balling myself up. I heard his footsteps move around the car, knocking on the window next to me. 

"I won't leave," he threatened, putting his palm to the window with a 'thud'. "H-h-h-h-h-Hazellllllllllllllll." He repeated, rather annoyingly.

I curled up tighter, pressing the heel of my hand to my cheeks, absorbing the moisture of my tears. Suddenly, the lock on the door clicked to 'unlocked'. I jumped, hurling myself into the back seat as Tommy swung open the door. 

"Hazel, why are you so upset?" he sat in the passenger seat as I tucked my knees to my chest in the back seat. "This is what you wanted, isn't it?"

I sniffled, turning my cheek away from him. I was afraid of how my voice would sound through the tears. Instead, I shook my head, lips parted for an upcoming sob.

"Don't cry," he cood. I felt pressure on the seat next to me, and before I knew it, he was sitting merely a few inches from me. "Hazel, don't cry."

Shutting my eyes, I took a deep breath. His fingertips grazed my face, wiping a stray tear. His gentleness was attractive to me, yet frightened me. He could be dangerous in his own ways. 

I could hear Aunt El come into the car, humming like she usually would. Tommy whispered something to her, making her whisper back a simple, "Okay,"  

With that, she left the car, again leaving Tommy and I alone. Oh, joy.

"Hazel, really," I felt him come closer. "What's so wrong with it?"

"You aren't completely and utterly embarrassed?" I said harshly, revealing my eyes through my fingers, palms still pressed to my cheeks.

Tommy smiled, shaking his head, "How could I be?"

"It's humiliating!" I sobbed. "Having everyone constantly thinking that I'm in a relationship with my cousin!"

"I-I kinda thought you'd like it," he said quietly, pressing his lips together. I let me gaze fall to my knees, feeling horrible for what I had said.

"I didn't mean it in that way," 

"I know," he gave me a genuine smile. "I don't think it's too bad."

"I figured people would think that we're strange," I wrapped my arms around my knees. "Being cousins, and all."

"Nah," he shrugged. "We're not blood."

I thought back to the conversation Mum and I had about this. She was right. I laughed a little, wiping my tears.

"It Couple," he referred to what Ellen had said, letting out a chuckle. "We're the It Couple."

"Tommy..." I started, rolling my eyes. 

"What?" he shrugged, raising his hands. "We could be."

"Not now,"

"I'll wait,"

"I don't know how long it'll take,"

"I'm patient," he smirked, leaning in for a hug. "Just don't be embarrassed by it, okay? The people like it!"

I wrapped my arms around his neck, nestling my face into his shoulder. He smelled like Hollister and deodorant; good enough that I wanted to keep holding him. Some of my tears soaked the shoulder of his shirt, making me hope he didn't notice. 

"No promises," I replied, pulling away slowly. "I'm sorry."

"No matter what, promise we'll always be together?" his ice-blue eyes met mine. 

"Forever," I nodded, smiling. Aunt Eleanor climbed into the car, revving the engine.

"Wasn't that a nice meal?" she genuinely tried to change the subject.

"Delicious," Tommy grinned, going along with it. 

For the first time, I really felt close to him.




"Hazel, come in here for a moment," Daddy called me from downstairs. I jogged downstairs, making my way to the kitchen. Mum and him were seated at the table, facing each other. They had thoughtful expressions smeared on their faces, making me worry a tad.

"We have something to ask you," Mum patted the place next to her for me to sit down. 

"Covergirl offered for you to participate in their next fashion show," Dad muttered grimly, pressing his lips together. Mum laid a hand on his, smiling slightly.

"Really?" I stood from my seat, bursting out a little too enthusiastically. 

"Mmm," Mum turned to me, eyes concerned. "I want you to think a lot about this, though."

"Of course, but what's the big deal?" I shrugged.

"Hazel, you'll be the youngest girl in the show!" Dad practically yelled. "This is just... too much."


"People are going to try and manipulate you," his green eyes reddened with oncoming tears. "I don't want them to hurt you."

I left my seat, wrapping my arms around Dad. Part of me wanted to take them up on their offer, but the other half wanted only to please Dad.

"Tell them I said no," I pulled away, giving a fake smile.

"Are you sure?" Dad sniffed a little. 

"Positive," I nodded, glancing at Mum, who knit her brow. She seemed to appreciate my new-found fame, and only wanted to encourage it. Whilst Dad on the other hand, was much more concerned. Inside, I really wanted to at least try it, but the daughter in me only wanted to please Dad.

"Okay, baby," he folded me in a hug, kissing my cheek. "You better get to bed... It's late."

"G'night, Mum," I hugged her. "G'night Dad."

When I got to my room, I slumped against the door, pressing the heels of my hands to my cheeks. Unwanted tears gushed out of my eyes, running down my face. How could I explain to him that I wanted to do these sort of things? I encouraged myself to get up and out on my pajamas.When I stripped my clothes, I glanced at myself in the mirror; what I saw in the reflection frightened me: a stressed out girl with reddened eyes and a frail figure. Tongues of eyeliner streamed down the outside of my cheeks, staining them greyish-black. I didn't look... me.

Then again, who was I to be?

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