2. Perfection's Child

It's been thirteen years since Harry and Maisey have welcomed their first daughter to the world: Hazel Lillianne Styles. Her life starts out rough when Maisey experiences complications in labor, but takes a turn for the best when a big-time modeling agent sees her photo on Twitter.
Suddenly, she becomes the "It-Girl" for the younger generation-- at only thirteen years old. Harry firmly pushes away the spotlight on her beautiful daughter, but Maisey encourages it. Will it cause tensions in their marriage?
Society is rocked by the sudden upbringing of this unique child and all they want is to see Hazel continue on to become something big (like her father). Can she handle the spotlight? Or will life become suddenly ordinary for this little girl and her family...? For Perfection's Child.
***Sequel to Close to Nothing***
(Ages 13+ recommended) [A One Direction Fanfiction]


7. What am I doing?

I dreamt that I had been alone with Tommy in a smooth meadow. He was wearing his typical stripes and red skinny jeans; hair gelled the same way. His pointed nose skimmed mine as we laughed about everything under the warming sunlight of London. I closed my eyes and bit my lip as he kissed behind my ears, dimples peeking through my cheeks as his breath tickled my skin. It felt like we were the only people in the world. His gentle fingers brushed my hip, his lips teasing mine. 

"Wake up," he said softly, blue eyes locking on mine. The smile lines around them framed their icey colour perfectly. "Please."

"No, Tommy," I laughed nonchalantly, pulling his face to mine. Our lips crashed together, his tongue tracing my lower lip seductively. "This is for real."

"Hazel," he repeated, trying to sound serious. "Hazel, wake up." But his voice started to transform. His raspy, cool voice was replaced by a deeper one, slow-speaking and concerned. I squinted my eyes at him, pulling away.

"I thought you wanted..." I felt tears brimming my eyes. "Me."

"Hazel," he repeated. His face grew stone-straight. "Hazel, wake up."

"Tommy, NO!" I yelled, running away from him, the meadow grass stinging my legs. I ran until my legs could bear my weight no longer. The funny thing was, he didn't chase after me. I glanced behind me, seeing only empty meadow, green grasses swaying steadily. I closed my eyes momentarily, breathing heavily. 

"HAZEL, LOOK OUT!" A voice suddenly screamed. I turned my head, facing forward. All I could see was the grill of a car bearing down on me and my eyes shot open.




Blurred, white lights floated around my vision. How long had I been sleeping? I propped myself up with an elbow, groaning as my head felt heavier and throbbed erratically. My fingers pinched at the bridge of my nose, easing the pain a little, but not by much.

"She's awake," someone said. Why was everyone in my room?

I then realized, I wasn't in my room. The walls were all white, in exception to the pale-blue drapes that blew like feathers from the open window. There were beeping machines all around me, making me uncomfortable. 

"Hazel, honey, how do you feel?" the voice belonged to Mum. 

"Huh?" was all I could manage. Warm hands grasped my shoulders, forcing me back onto the bed. "What're you--"

"You need to rest," an unfamiliar voice soothed me, pressing the pillow around my head. "Go back to sleep, Hazel."

"No," I tried to sit up again, only to be pushed back down again, a sharp pain coursing through my back and head. My vision wavered into clarity; I could see a needle connected to wires stuck into my arm, a bandage keeping it in place. My left leg was wrapped in a cast; slung and elevated at the end of the bed. My body was stiff and sore, muscles aching and burning. 

Next to the bed stood Mum, her forehead creased with worry and a portly nurse with silver hair and a peachy face. She had a cheery smile about her as she tended to my leg. On the opposite of Mum sat Dad, thumbs pressed to his lips, elbows resting on his knees. His eyes were shut, tears running down his dimpled cheeks. Why was he crying?

I noticed Uncle Zayn, Niall, Louis,  Liam, and Aunt Perrie, Eleanor, Dani, and Chelsea leaning against the wall in front of me. They all stared at  me with concern. Why?

Someone was missing... Who, though? I thought deep and hard-- probably too hard, because my head began to ache again-- and then frowned when I realized it was Tommy. He was the only one who was missing. Of all people. It was him.

I tried to control my disappointed expression, but Aunt El clearly caught it.

"He's too upset to be in here," she pursed her lips, looking down at her hand entwined with Uncle Louis'. She couldn't help but smile a little, lifting her eyes to Louis, who winked. 

All I could do was blink in acknowledgement, as the pain in my head was too severe to do anything physically involving. 

"M-Mum," I murmured, lifting a hand towards her. "What happened?" The voice that escaped my parched lips was nothing of what I expected: weak, croaky, and in pain. Mum approached my bed, taking a seat beside my head. 

"You were hit," she said softly, a stray tear rolling down her cheek. "By a car."

"Don't be ridiculous," I chuckled, pain surging through my head. "Ow."

"Er, I'm serious," she glanced at Dad. "You were hit while riding your bike. Dad and I found a note in your room saying you were meeting Marg at Dutch's. Next thing we know, Marg is calling us, sobbing into the phone explaining that you got hit by an SUV."

There was almost a tinge of disappointment in her voice; like she was angry with me for getting hit. I scowled, laying back into the pillows. My eyes drifted to my casted leg, causing my throat to tighten. I realized there was a brace beneath my chin, wrapping around my neck. I winced when I tried to itch my neck beneath it. 

"How did it happen?" I closed my eyes, as if not wanting an answer.

"Marg said you were merely a few feet away when it happened. She said you shut your eyes while riding the bike, and the car just kept going," her usual cheerful face was hard and solemn.

"But..." I began, scratching my temple. "...how am I to do the fashion show?"

"Honey, we decided that you couldn't anyways," she said softly, placing a reassuring hand on my forehead. "You said you were okay with it."

My throat ached terribly. I suddenly remembered why I wanted to leave the house-- to get away. No one could understand how much I wanted this. 

"Could I have some time alone, please?" I pursed my lips, closing my eyes. Everyone  nodded, murmuring different things as they stood to leave. I let out a heaving breath as soon as the room was empty. I felt a tear roll down my cheek as the throbbing in my throat increased. I couldn't sob, because my neck was too stiffly braced. The door creaked open slowly, making me jump a little. I craned my neck as much as I could with the restraint to see who was visiting when I had just asked for privacy. 


His face was red and splotchy, eyes moist with past tears. He walked through the doorframe, leaning against the wall uncomfortably. All I could do was stare blankly into his eyes. He seemed different; almost empty instead of full of personality and soul.

"How you holdin' up?" he said quietly, lips drawn into a twisted pucker. 

"Hurting," I managed, the brace on my neck buffering my words. 

He sniffed, nodding as he wiped a tear, "Why'd you do it?"

I narrowed my eyes at him, frowning, "Not my fault."

"Why did you leave the house?" he was almost sobbing as his red eyes traced my bruised and braced body. I didn't answer, a single tear rolling down my cheek. "Hazel, you scared me to death."

He approached me quickly, laying a hand on my arm. My skin tingled as his gently fingers brushed my skin. A strange groan escaped my mouth I struggled to say something. It was much easier talking to Mum than Tommy. He didn't look straight into my eyes like he usually would, instead, they skirted around me in a crazed way. I simply closed my eyes and let the tears fall, swallowing the throbbing lump of sobs in my throat-- painfully, but willingly. I heard him heave a quivering breath as pressure on the bed increased on a spot next to me. I squinted my eyes, trying to catch a glimpse of what he was doing. All I could see was the blurred outline of his face as his mouth lowered onto my face, lips touching my brow. 

My face burned with shock; I was almost positive that I turned a deep shade of crimson. He chuckled through his tears, rubbing circles on my cheek with his thumb as he cupped my chin.

"I-I guess I could honestly say..." he shook his head, licking his lips. "...that I love you."

I managed a small smile, a dimple folding in my left cheek. I struggled to speak, but I could tell he could understand my two words that I blurted:

"Kiss me,"

His lips immediately crashed into mine, fitting perfectly against me. I ignored the pressure of his body looming over mine; I was too shocked to care. I sighed as his tongue traced my lower lip, hot breath clouding over my cheek and neck. Something in me worried that someone was going to walk in and see us, but the hopeless romantic in me pushed away the thought. I twisted some of his tshirt in my hand, feeling the soft fabric and smelling the scent of him that I missed so badly. It felt like I was in some crazy dream-- reality. 




Tommy stayed the night at the hospital with me. Dad tried to get him to leave, but there was no stopping him. He sat beside my bed, in a rather uncomfortable looking chair with a single blanket and small pillow. It took me awhile to fall asleep, because I continuously got caught up in watching him stir in his slumber, sighing as he shifted his weight around the small chair. His knees were tucked tightly to his chest, arms wrapped around them; holding the blanket tight against him. I rolled onto my side, smiling slightly at his contorted face that looked so uncomfortable.

"Tommy," I whispered. "You awake?"

He stirred a little, twitching his lips as if trying to buffer a smile. He then laughed, opening his bright eyes that were worn in a tiresome manner.

"Yeah," he groaned. 

"You know you could join me in here," I patted the space on the bed next to me. I really only took up about half of it, anyways. 

"Thought you'd never ask," he smirked, climbing into bed with me. I didn't want to be like 'sleeping with a guy' sort of thing, where people would think you were dirty-minded and underaged, so I gave him plenty of space. He seemed to have other ideas, as he placed his fingertips on the point of my hip, tracing a shape. I felt his lips on the spot on my back that the hospital gown exposed, making me stifle a giggle.

"Stop it," I mused, squirming around. My casted leg was now unslung, so I was free to move it, though the firm and blocky cast was a pain. I thought about kicking him with it, but decided not to. 

"Why?" his warm breath sent shivers down my spine. "Stop what? This?" He tickled my back, making me squeal.

"Tommy!" I hissed. "They're going to get suspicious! Behave or I'll make you sleep on the chair again!"

"Yes, mother," he chuckled, turning his back to me. I watched his sides rise and fall with each uneven breath, until they became even and I was sure he had fallen asleep. I bit my lip, thoughts buzzing around me. What was I doing? Isn't this boy that I'm madly in love with supposed to be my 'cousin'? Isn't this relationship forbidden? What am I doing?

What am I doing...

(A/N: What do you guys think should happen next? Comment, let me know what you want to see next!)

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