2. Perfection's Child

It's been thirteen years since Harry and Maisey have welcomed their first daughter to the world: Hazel Lillianne Styles. Her life starts out rough when Maisey experiences complications in labor, but takes a turn for the best when a big-time modeling agent sees her photo on Twitter.
Suddenly, she becomes the "It-Girl" for the younger generation-- at only thirteen years old. Harry firmly pushes away the spotlight on her beautiful daughter, but Maisey encourages it. Will it cause tensions in their marriage?
Society is rocked by the sudden upbringing of this unique child and all they want is to see Hazel continue on to become something big (like her father). Can she handle the spotlight? Or will life become suddenly ordinary for this little girl and her family...? For Perfection's Child.
***Sequel to Close to Nothing***
(Ages 13+ recommended) [A One Direction Fanfiction]


9. The Offer

"Thank goodness you're okay," Marg threw her arms around my neck and nearly squeezed my lungs out. 

"Jeez, Marg," I chuckled. "I won't be in a few seconds."

"Sorry," she pulled away, frowning. "My mum wouldn't let me come see you until you were released. I am just so happy to see that you're home!"

"It's alright," I pulled her in for another hug.

Marg was one of those effortlessly pretty girls, with her shoulder-length golden blonde hair that had a natural curl at the ends of it, steep cheekbones, enormous blue eyes, and a perfect body. I envied her greatly, but she always insisted I was prettier than her. I frequently denied it, because my nose was a bit longer than her short and petite one-- but it was rather weird to compare noses.

She wore a pair of tattered, bleached shorts and a burgundy knit sweater. I always questioned why she never wore tight clothing, as she had the perfect body. She hated going swimming because she was so insecure. For someone who lived in London her whole life, she had the perfect tan. 

I sipped from my mug of tea, wrapping my hands around the warm glass, "You wouldn't believe what happened." I sighed.

"Tell me all about it," she squealed, squirming in her chair.

"We kissed," I said simply, staring into my cup. I felt a blush coming onto my cheeks as I saw Marg's mouth gape open in shock.

"You mean, like, lips and all?" she breathed, puckering her lips slightly.

"Mhmm," I murmured.

"Was it your first?" she asked excitedly.

"Yes," I grinned. "Best first kiss ever." I exclaimed, throwing my hands in the air after cautiously placing my tea on the nightstand.

"Describe it to me," she sighed dreamily. 

"Marg!?" I stared at her. 

"Sor-ry!" she huffed. "I need to know what to do when I have mine..."

"You just don't even think when it happens," I sighed, thinking of how it felt to have his lips pressed to mine. "It just sort of happens, and you go on from there."

"Ooh!" she bit her lip excitedly. "So, are you guys like a thing now?"

"Absolutely not!" I folded my arms. Marg gaped at me, knitting her brow skeptically. "Okay, maybe." I admitted with a light laugh.

"Is he here?" she asked.

"Mm, I think so," I replied. "Uncle Lou has been here an awful lot. Dad's taken the whole injury rough."

"So he's seriously not letting you do this modeling thing?" she frowned.

I shook my head, "Nope."

"Gosh," she twisted her mouth. "You'd be so good at it, you know."

"Eh, I don't know,"

"You would!" she insisted. "Maybe you could convince Tommy to do it, too."

"Unlikely," I snorted.

"He could be a Hanes underwear model," she smirked, making eyes.

"Marg!?" I coughed. "You've got the most horrible mind ever. That's why I love you."

We both burst into laughter, almost spilling our tea. A knock sounded at the door. Oh, great.

"Are you girls okay in there?" Mum's voice asked.

"Yes, Mum," I called back, wiping tears of laughter from my eyes. 

"Dinner's ready,"

"Okay, we'll be right down," I replied. "Marg, I'm gonna need some assistance getting down the stairs." I mused.

"Of course, Miss Cripple," she curtsied in a silly and awkward way, linking her arm in mine. "Take it slow..."

"I can walk, you know!" 

"Fine, fine," she surrendered. "Hurry, though, I'm hungry!"

As we made our way down the stairs-- slowly but surely-- my eyes found Tommy's. He carried a platter of meat outside to the sunroom, winking at me as he walked. 

"Don't act like that didn't just happen," Marg said giddily. 

"What?" I lied, forcing down an oncoming laugh.

"You..." she poked my ribs mockingly. "What do you say we eat by the lake?"

"Sounds good,"

I've lived in this house my whole life. Its huge lot out back was filled with grassy fields, a small horse stable, a pool, and a lake (well, pond) tucked between a row of Oaks. Marg and I used to play out there when we were small, so Dad built a hut where we would play dolls and such. Now it's just a place where we go to get away from things and do homework.

I piled my plate with food, then followed Marg out to our little hut. I was hoping that Tommy wouldn't notice; it'd just make things awkward. 

"We should go for a ride later," I suggested as we sat down.

"Definitely," Marg nodded, spooning some peas into her mouth. "I call Forte!" 

Forte was one of our horses-- a tall, lean sorrel with a kind heart and honest mind. She was the newest of the two, but Marg had already grown a connection to her. The other, Bacardi, was a red-chestnut colour with a thin stripe down his forehead. He's considered my personal horse, as I've competed on him several times before. 

"Let's go bareback," I offered.


After eating, we ventured off to the stable, only tying the leadropes as reins. I gripped Bacardi's mane, pulling myself on. 

"Race ya!" I shouted, spurring Bacardi into a gallop, taking off into the field. 

"Not fair!" Marg called, galloping after me. "I demand a rematch!" I could barely hear her voice over the wind whipping through my hair, stinging my cheeks and eyes. I didn't stopped until I reached a lone tree in the center of the field, laying back onto Bacardi's rump.

"Feels good to ride again," I sighed as Marg pulled up next to me on Forte. 

"You could say that again," 

"I would, but I'm too tired," I laughed. "Let's get off."

"Right," Marg giggled. "Girl talk time!"

We let the horses loose and sat beneath the shade of the Oak, leaning against the rough bark. 

"Do you think he'll ask you out?" Marg asked, throwing a pebble into the tall grass.

"Dunno," I shrugged. "I'm afraid it'd be awkward."


"We're like family... It'd be like dating a brother," I said. "It's just weird."

"But even the press says you're the 'It' couple!"

"Don't even bring that up," I rolled my eyes. "The press isn't always right."

"Whatever..." she frowned. "But you'd still be an adorable couple."

My phone suddenly buzzed, making my heart jump-- thinking it was Tommy. It was Mum. The text message read:

From: Mum <3

Get back to the house quickly. We've got news.

Marg and I hopped back on the horses and galloped back home. Dad was pacing outside the sunroom, Mum was holding hands with Aunt El, and Tommy was nowhere to be seen. Uncle Lou was trying to calm Dad, but his green eyes were full of stress. He had a fixed frown on his usual dimpled cheek. 

"What is it?" I dismounted, alone with Marg.

"It's Abercrombie, now," Dad's distraught voice broke the short silence. "Now they want you."

"Really?! I--," I stopped my excitement when I realized Dad's sorrow. "Er, I..."

"We're going to let you decide," Mum stepped in. "This time it's your call."

"You're joking, right?" I almost laughed. "I get to decide?"

"Think hard on this, Hazel," she warned.

"I want to do it!" I said with a grin. "Dad, don't worry about me! I promise everything will be alright!" I took his hand in mine. He wrapped me in a bone-crushing hug.

"I knew this would happen someday," he muttered.

"It's a good thing," I replied softly. "I'm being noticed."

"Not on the right terms," 

"Beauty," I pulled away. "That's how I'm getting noticed. You should be proud, Dad; Mum. You both created me, after all! I'm the result of you two... As awkward as it sounds. Why can't you be proud of me?"

"It's hard to be proud of a practice that can be so brutal," Dad said lowly. "Modeling does horrible things to people."

"Dad, I promise..." I caught his tear-filled green eyes. "I promise I will be different from the rest."

He said nothing in return. Instead, his adam's apple bobbed in his throat. He sniffed, turned on his step, and disappeared inside.

"Give him time," Aunt El mumbled. 

"I'll email them back," Mum said, almost happily.

"So it all begins here," Marg whispered, squeezing my hand. "You're finally getting into it!"

"I just want to find Tommy," I muttered, walking away. For once, I wanted to see what he had to say. His words echoed in my mind: "And at that moment, I swear we were infinite." I wanted to hear his voice, the way it sounded in the hospital room. I wanted that first kiss again. So many wants... Even more needs.


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