2. Perfection's Child

It's been thirteen years since Harry and Maisey have welcomed their first daughter to the world: Hazel Lillianne Styles. Her life starts out rough when Maisey experiences complications in labor, but takes a turn for the best when a big-time modeling agent sees her photo on Twitter.
Suddenly, she becomes the "It-Girl" for the younger generation-- at only thirteen years old. Harry firmly pushes away the spotlight on her beautiful daughter, but Maisey encourages it. Will it cause tensions in their marriage?
Society is rocked by the sudden upbringing of this unique child and all they want is to see Hazel continue on to become something big (like her father). Can she handle the spotlight? Or will life become suddenly ordinary for this little girl and her family...? For Perfection's Child.
***Sequel to Close to Nothing***
(Ages 13+ recommended) [A One Direction Fanfiction]


4. It Girl

"Hazel," a cool voice shook me from my slumber. "Hazel, there's something you should see." Tommy. Immediately, I jolted upright, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. I'd taken an hour nap, and Tommy just had to be here when I look my worst... 

He held out his iPhone, pointing at a post on Twitter. 

@COVERGIRL: Hazel Styles-- teenage It Girl: new Covergirl rep? Yes or no?

Above it was a photo of me from the interview, snapped while I was in mid-word. I didn't look half bad, though. I had a silly grin on my face, eyes wide with expression. I took the phone from Tommy's hand, scrolling down the view some of the comments.

@nialler's_princess13: YES YES YES YES YES YES YES.

@potatobabeee445: What a babe! <3

@lilistyles998: Yes! Replace T.Swifty! >:D

@clairence2394: Too young...

My heart began to race. First of all.. why was Tommy showing this to me? 

"You're the 'It' girl, Hazel," Tommy joked, nudging my shoulder. I glanced at him, shrugging.

"It's all happened so fast," I folded my legs underneath me and sat on my bed. "It's just too much."

Tommy took a seat next to me, bright blue eyes staring straight into mine. He was rather close, which I didn't really mind.

"If anyone can do it, it's you," he half-smiled cutely, looking down at his hands in his lap. My heart picked up, not knowing what to do next. "Kiss him, you idiot," said the teenager in me. "Just say thank you," said my conscience.

"Th-thanks, Tommy," I suddenly reached my arm around him, pulling him in for an awkward hug. Smooth.

The sudden feeling of his chest against mine sent a rush of energy throughout my body. Stupid teenage hormones, I figured. Or... was it something more? Was it really the hormones talking? Or something greater than that... Was I just being a typical girl... or was I being a romantic? 

I pulled away slowly, turning away for a moment; I felt my face grow red. 

"Hey, Hazel?" 

"Yeah?" I turned, unexpectedly.

"You will be the It Girl, Hazel," he grinned. "Even if doesn't work out... you will be, still. T-to me."

My heart fluttered when he gave me a small, cute smile; turned, and left. Tommy hadn't ever said something that sweet to me... like, ever. So many thoughts jumbled up inside my head. I needed to talk to Mum.

I slowly cracked open the door, making sure Tommy wasn't out there. Why he was at our house on a Sunday, I don't know. Though, I could hear the clink of beer glasses from the kitchen, so it was probably Uncle Lou and Dad.

"Mum?" I peered into her bedroom door, spotting her painting her nails on the bed. 

"Yes, love?" 

"C-could we talk for a moment?" 

"Of course," she patted beside her on the bed, scooting over a little. "What's troubling ya?" 

"Tommy," I admitted.

"Oh, the teenage years," she sighed, putting an arm around my shoulders. "Crazy, huh?"

"Very," I nodded. "He's just been acting kind of... sweet lately."

"Tommy's always been sweet, Haz," 

"Not to me," I frowned. "Not like this, at least."

"Like what?"

"He said that I was... an 'It' Girl to him," I blushed.

"Ooh, la la," Mum smirked, giggling. "Your Dad was a lot like that. He still is."

"Mum, we're talking about me, here," I snapped her out of it.

"Right, sorry," she cleared her throat. "Maybe he just likes you? Period."

"But, he's my cousin," I raised an eyebrow.

"Non-blood related cousin," Mum pointed out, winking. "So what? You lot would make a good couple, anyways!"


"What? Aunt El tells me the same," 

"But still, M-- what, she does?"

"Mmm," Mum kissed my forehead. "Love will find a way for you, Hazel. And Tommy might just be it."

"So are you saying I should give him a chance?"

"We all know you both like eachother, darling," she laughed.

"How do you know he likes me?" I countered, frowning a little.

"He makes it quite obvious, the way he flirts,"

"Oh," I  pursed my lips and thought for a moment. He did seem to flirt a lot, but I never thought of it as that way. Did Tommy Tomlinson like me?




"How did the interview go, Haz?" Uncle Niall nudged me with his elbow, spooning some mash into his mouth. 

"Good," I said simply, spearing a carrot on my salad dish. "It was only my first one, so nothing spectacular."

"From what I've heard, it was pretty outrageous," he chuckled. "Teen Covergirl face, plus you saw Haylor head-to-head!? I'd pay to see that."

"Right?" I widened my eyes sarcastically. "She just needs to stop trying to get to Dad."

"Oh, she was much worse back when she was twenty three," he laughed, nodding his head toward Dad. He'd told me previously on how she wrote like five songs about Dad as soon as they broke up, and spread rumours about how "bad of a kisser" he was and such. I just generally had a lot of hate for her. "What are you thinking on the whole Covergirl deal?"

"I think it'd be nice," I shrugged. "But Dad really isn't up for it."

"Why not?" 

"I guess he just doesn't want me in the media," I swallowed some lettuce. "Typical Dad."

"It could be good for you, you know," he nudged me. "To make a name for yourself, yeah? What's wrong with a little fame."

"You should know,"

"I don't,"

"He's afraid of the haters, basically," I explained. "Afraid that they're going to ruin me."

"Ah, you're a strong girl," he kissed my cheek. "No one can get to you, as long as you have us."

"What happens when you're gone?" I smirked, poking his belly.

"Well..." he made a funny glance over at Tommy. 

"Uncle Niall!" I scoffed, slapping his arm. "No."

"Just a thought," he surrendered, raising his palms. "See you later, love. Chelsea and I are going to a dinner party."

"Love you!" I called to him, receiving a blown kiss from his hand. 

Talks with Uncle Ni were always so engaging. He was supportive at all times, just like Mum. But his main flaw was that he almost always would bring up my fancy for Tommy... 

After I cleaned my dishes, someone squeezed my arm from behind.

"Ready to go to shopping?" Aunt El propped her purse on her index finger, making duck lips. 

"Of course!" I said giddily. "Let me go get my purse."

I ran upstairs to my room, grabbing my coach bag and my phone. I momentarily clicked the power button to see if I had any notifications. I gasped when my whole screen was filled with Tweets, scrolling several times to get to the end. They ranged from "Be the Covergirl rep, Hazel!" to "Why don't we see you out in public, Haz? D;", plus one from Tommy that read: "Turn down the music in your room, woman!(; " I rolled my eyes, turning down the music on my radio simultaneously. I appreciated the feeling of being wanted by the fans, but also grew uncomfortable. It felt odd to have people asking me questions-- people I'd never seen or heard from in my lifetime. Silently, I feared that I'd say something wrong on accident and cause some huge revolt by the directioners. 

As I exited my room, I was stopped by Tommy. He propped his hand against the wall behind me, leaning to the side casually.

"Hey, It Girl," he teased,smirking. 

"Not now, Tommy," I said dully. I needed to get away from all of the attention. 

"I'm coming shopping with you guys, anyway," he shrugged, frowning. "You can't avoid me."

"I'm not..." I took a deep breath. "...avoiding you." I struggled to keep my calm, but my heart raced like a rabbit's.

"We'll see," he says, letting his arm fall to his side and turning to walk away. 

The whole car ride was silent and awkward. Aunt El occasionally glanced at me through the car mirror, smiling reassuringly. I could tell that she was doing her best to make me comfortable, especially around her son. Tommy messed around on his phone whilst I blew bubbles with my gum nonchalantly. As we pulled into the mall parking lot, Aunt El cursed under her breath. I craned my neck to see what she was doing it for, because she hardly ever cursed. My eyes locked on a swarm of paparazzi buzzing aimlessly, eager eyes searching the parking lot through their camera lenses. 

We made a sudden U-turn, screeching off as soon as one of the pap's noticed us. I couldn't help but laugh as Aunt El creased her forehead in a mad rage to leave. Tommy was laughing, as well, that is, until we hear the sirens of a police car behind us.

"Shit," this time Aunt El didn't try to muffle her cursing  We pulled over, sitting restlessly as the officer approached us. He obviously didn't recognize us as he scribbled down a ticket and handed it to Aunt El after asking for license and registration and explaining that she was speeding-- the usual. I nervously tapped my fingers on the arms of my seat as the swarm of paps approached us in a mad rage. The officer turned, eyes wide under his dark aviators.

"You can go," he said hurriedly. Maybe he did recognize us...

"I'm sorry we didn't get to go shopping," Aunt El said in a sing-song voice, laughing lightly. "Maybe another time."

"Sounds good," I replied, looking down at my phone with a funny smile. I felt Tommy's eyes lingering on me, but decided to ignore them until he turned around. 

My phone buzzed: a text from Dad.


From: Daddy<3

I heard Aunt El got pulled over? Are you alright?

To: Daddy<3

Yes just tryin to get away from the paps, that's all.


We pulled over at a McDonalds, getting out to grab a bite to eat. We said 'Hi' to a couple of fans that eagerly waved at us, asking for autographs. Tommy and I wandered off to get a table while Aunt El ordered. 

"Look," Tommy pointed at a television. "Ellen's on!"

When we were little we used to watch Ellen, who was now well in her fifties, and laugh at her jokes. We went on set a couple of times while our Dad's were in interviews of opening concerts and she always obsessed over us. This time, she wasn't talking about any celebrity in particular, but just going through the news. She made a rude-- but hilarious-- joke about Taylor Swift's dating habits which made Tommy snort.

Suddenly, I heard 'Styles' and 'Tomlinson', making me avert my attention back to the telly.

"Recently out in public, Paparazzi captured a photo of Harry Styles' daughter Hazel Styles and Louis' son Tommy Tomlinson together," Ellen announced, eyes bright and wide. "It's been eighteen years since its release, yet it's still a better lovestory than Twilight." The crowd erupted in laughter, but ceased as soon as the photo of Tommy and I flashed up on the screen. Instead, a wave of 'awww's spread around the audience. "Looks like these two youngsters are the 'It Couple' of the year!" Ellen chuckled, then switching to commercial break.

I could see Tommy's glance fix on me as I refused to look away from the television. First, the fans are asking question about my Covergirl interview and representation, now they think Tommy and I are a couple?! 

"You guys are just an amazing couple!" a young, giddy girl with frizzy orange hair approached us, cheeks flushed bright pink. "Could we get a photo of you together?"

Immediately, I set my jaw, shoving my chair aside, "We're not a couple." I said firmly, storming off to the car.

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