Laiken Howley's life has changed. Since the day her dad was killed in a terrorist attack, Laiken made up her mind to join the army. A month before her departure date, she meets Niall. The two fall hard and fast, but when Laiken goes off to Afghanistan, things go extremely wrong. Their relationship is tested. Is the love they share Bulletproof?


1. London



            It’s nice to get a break sometimes.

            The small car raced along the road, much faster than it should. I let out a wild whoop, sticking my face out the window as far as possible. The wind twisted strands of my hair into rats.  It was my last summer to do whatever I wanted, so why not savor it while I could. My best friend, Zoe, and I were off to London to spend our last precious month together.

            “This is gonna be just like the old summers, isn’t it, Lake?” Zoe grinned. She was the only one to use my nickname, besides my father. But he was dead. Despite the giddiness in the air, you could sense the tension. Things were changing.

            When we arrived at our hotel and raced up three flights of stairs, we swung the door swung open, revealing a tiny room that Zoe and I would be sharing.

            “Well…” I said with a slight giggle, “This is nice.”

            Zoe elbowed my side, “Home, sweet home. “


            “Get her there safely,” I sighed, handing the cabbie a wad of money. Zoe and I had gone to a bar, and Zoe took full advantage of the drinking laws in the UK. I slammed the door, walking back inside. Zoe may be to drunk to function, but I still wanted to have a good time. I mentally slapped myself. I was being such a terrible friend, but Zoe would have done the same for me.

            I was internally battling with myself, when two large hands clamped on my sides.

            “You look a little lonely,” a drunken voice slurred.

            “Get your hands off,” I stated harshly, pulling them away from my waist. He relented, keeping a firm grip. I seemed like an easy target, I was thin and short, not strong looking. But I could hold my own. My dad taught me everything he could, before a bullet went through his forehead. I struggled for a second longer, giving him a chance to let go. The bastard held on.

            “Hey!” a voice called out, “Let her go.” A new par of strong hands wrestled me out of the grip. “Get away from her!”

            The drunkard sulked off, leaving me next to a blonde guy.

            Instead of thanking him, I frown, saying, “I could have handled that on my own…”

            “Oh, really?” He had a thick Irish accent. “You looked like you had that under control.”

            Arrogance was never attractive on a guy. In fact, I hated it.

            “Niall.” He stated, putting out his hand. I had not been expecting that.

            I put out my own, “Laiken.”

            “Well, Laiken, it's nice to meet you. Why don't you tell me about yourself, and I'll get you something at the bar?"

            He bought me a drink, and I told him everything. I just didn’t give a damn anymore. I told him how my father died, at Fort Hood, and how I knew from then on I wanted to join the Army.  Everything was running smoothly, my AIT was coming up. Soon after that I'd be off to wherever the hell they wanted me.

            “Wow.” Niall sighed, “You don’t seem like that type of girl.”

          "A lot of people say that."  I shook my head and laughed. “I’ll see you around. Thanks for listening.” I stood up.

            “Wait- Laiken. Here.” He scribbled his number down on a napkin. “Maybe I’ll see you again.”

"Don't count on it."


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