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Thursday 2065 The Future. A day on Earth will never be the same.. Yet we fight for the ones we love, So why is it when we save, We are saved? That question forces people off the edge, It causes severe pain and dis-respect. Loyal? This wasteland is something not worth fighting for!...


4. The Question Flare

"Let's look at the bright side, I made it out of that dump". Strange to hear me talking, the voice sounded like me. What the heck have I been smoking? "You were a fool to escape that, don't you see your life could of changed?" Those words made me re-think this disaster, what would of been left for me? So many questions had already filled my mind, as I was getting over flowed with voices in my head. As I had nodded with slight hesitation, my vision in my eyes some how returned. It felt like a miracle, yet I don't believe in miracles, I imagine the worst. Looking down back into the dust that I had called home, well it felt good to look down. Sure it was a terrible sight, yet I could not imagine me escaping a fire. I never had it in me...

"Your a joke, looking down into your fears, is that how you mum brought you here?" That voice again, what the fuck does it want now? Also.. Did it just mention mum? My mind was now being crippled, I could feel memories flying out of my head. Strange sensation of losing your mind huh? Well I guess this whole life is strange, not much to live for. "She looked at you deep down, some how she knew you were the one". This voice was seriously bringing me down, I felt power in me draining. Why talk about someone I love? Are you trying to tell me something? Maybe something I don't know? "Soon enough, it will all be clear". I sighed with a deep emotion inside of me, feeling lost. I even felt the need to put an end to what I survived.

"Why don't you take a look around, maybe your find something you lost". The voice was like a message, it was telling me something. That something could of been anything, so why do I feel lost still? My imagination must be stronger than I thought, some reason I can't even remember my name. "Questioning? Isn't that funny, I did the same when I was young". I'm sorry? Did you just say when were young? What did this voice want, as it said more about me, I only felt the need to keep it. Yeah it may of been strange, along with straining my mind. Even my memory was being pulled apart, ever so slightly. I don't even know why I am listening to this thing, it's not a real voice. It's an illusion in my mind, something I can't speak back to. I focused on my name more than anything, I guess you can call me cold, yet I want answers.

"Answers are in places, the last places you would ever look". The voice did remind me of someone, even though back it was something loveable, my mind must be slowly gaining more memories. Even names started to fill my mind, yet what if this voice was testing me? It has the power to control human minds, yet I would question if I were human. How could I of survived something drastic? I had never escaped fatal deaths, well I did. Just not the way I remember. So many questions yet hardly any answers. Reminds me of life, reminds me of a time when things were normal. I miss her so much, so much. "Looks like your mind is now full of memories, yet are these memories real?" Finally testing me huh? Well why don't you try. I had the need to question something that weren't real, it was a feeling I had never felt.


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