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Thursday 2065 The Future. A day on Earth will never be the same.. Yet we fight for the ones we love, So why is it when we save, We are saved? That question forces people off the edge, It causes severe pain and dis-respect. Loyal? This wasteland is something not worth fighting for!...


5. It's Finally Clear (Finale)

(Due to the competition Sci-Fi being only 3000 words Limit. I had to wrap up the story, Note: this don't count as words)

"So you miss her, huh?" Yeah.. I guess she was the one, my only true one. "True, ha, you have know idea what true stands for". The voice was certain, yet I was unsure. "Her hair, I bet that's what wrapped around your crazy mind". The voice was trying to manipulate her, my mind could not take insults. "She left you, I remem..", as the voice was going to speak, I rudely interrupted. "You don't know her! Hell, you have never seen her!" I shouted with rage, "I know who she was, do you know who she was?" Seems the voice was questioning me once more, it felt like this voice was using me. The use I was to the voice, is the use I weren't to the girl.

Finally, I had realized something, that something was nothing. "She never left you, you never left her".. What are you saying? "She was so foolish, I remember it like it was yesterday, her eyes just looked so strange". Shut up! You have no idea who she was, you don't know her. Your using me! Trying to make reveal who I am, you learn more as I give into your threats. "Threats, ha ha ha, no just words, words that ruin things for you". You admitted it? Now your agreeing with me? As I thought I had out smarted the voice, it seemed that the voice had out smarted me. "Your stupid mind, thinks it can out smart me? Your so foolish, no wonder she left you". My vision was slowly starting to fade, I had to say something. The only question was, what can I say to make this voice go away.

"Let's do this the easy way, focus on what's in front of you, obstacles". What? Wait, what do you mean by obstacles? "Well look what stands in your path, heck it stands in the way of your life". Yeah, I know, me and her. We made a vowel never to allow obstacles to destroy us. "Interesting, seems you know her better than I had thought". This voice was now agreeing with me? Maybe I had just said something that made it feel sorry for me. "You feel what she feels? Yet you don't seem to find what she wants". What does that mean? She wants me! I know she does, I want her too! "If that is the truth, then go ahead and find her". Now the voice was growing a backbone, seems it's developing new skills. Hmmmm...

Maybe I will find her, it's just I normally hear her calling, our hearts send out to each other. "Your heart, well what if I told you the truth?" Now the voice was trying to be-friend me? "Her heart is as black as tar under the dreams of your lost ones". That was pretty cold to say, I felt a horrible chill down my spine. Even voices echoed in my head, I feel them around me. I had to ask one last question. If her heart is black, what the heck is my heart then? "Your heart was pure, it was as pure as your mum's". How the hell do you know! What does my mum have to do with you! "Nothing, she was the one though". What? The one, no that's impossible. "Things that seem impossible surely can't sound like facts can they?" Interesting, even I learnt something from this voice. I guess we were feeding each other information, yet was I realizing this?

"Here is a choice, make your decision quietly though". That sounds dangerous, as my eyes faded, I had seen the light. A light revealing two hearts. One that was pure black, the other was pure with a soul around it.



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