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Thursday 2065 The Future. A day on Earth will never be the same.. Yet we fight for the ones we love, So why is it when we save, We are saved? That question forces people off the edge, It causes severe pain and dis-respect. Loyal? This wasteland is something not worth fighting for!...


2. Earth To Dust

I wish that all this madness would end, dark black smoke is now filling the room. I need to find some kind of exit, even if the door is jammed with debris from the outside. Slowly reaching for the handle of the iron door, I kind of thought that it would be simple. Yet not so great, the handle was burning my hand, problem was my hand was stuck around the handle. That burn was like fire, cooking with a fiery flare. Since my legs weren't tied, I managed to kick the handle, not knowing that if I did this..

One final kick should of done it, as I turn to face the smoke, even the stench made this difficult. My lungs, they felt like blood was gushing through some kind of leak in my body. "Ahhhh!" The pain, I screamed not knowing the floor was unstable. That kick should of done some kind of damage, my mind was filling with terror. Creaking from the floor boards, I heard some timber split under-neath me. 

Before I could even think about my hand being still stuck around the burning handle. Suddenly the floor breaks through, glass shatters from the remains of my down-stairs windows. Even though my hand may of been around the burning handle, along with me wanting to break free. I have to remember that this event I had done saved my life. Now I was dangling down from the burning handle, the burns were sure enough to tear my skin apart. 

Hot fire began to form around my shoes, stupid! I thought to myself, trying to once again break free from the handle. Underneath me was an impaling finish, looking down wasn't a problem, looking up would just result in me throwing up from the remains of burning corpses. Small slices of leather dropped onto the burning debris below me. Even the wall-paper was shredding in half all around me. Nothing left.. I had said to myself with hatred.

This was a desperate situation, Not even I could face up to this shit. An option or a choice, I seeked a solution as quick as I could in the amount of time I was given. Sweat was finally against me, dripping down onto my bloody clothes. Has this world gone mad? As much as I wouldn't put it past it, the burning flames just got worse. Slowly lifting my body weight to an un-easy level. So much pain, yet I feel no emotion from this crazy deranged wasteland. Something had to affect my mind as I was climbing. "You have nothing here..", okay it sounded like a voice, a voice I had never heard before. The thought of me going crazy was most likely going to happen, I sort of expected this to happen. 

As I turned around to face the direction the voice had echoed from. My mind lost it's focus on surviving, I attached my arms around the rims of the door. Dangerous, yet worth the risk. My life was in death's hands, if he had just played the right cards at the time. Maybe I would of been finished for good. That voice appeared again, it had just spoken to me along with invading my mind. "Why didn't you fall?", the voice violently bellowed  destruction was all around my room. At-least the voice was right about one thing, I have nothing here, well not any more..

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