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Thursday 2065 The Future. A day on Earth will never be the same.. Yet we fight for the ones we love, So why is it when we save, We are saved? That question forces people off the edge, It causes severe pain and dis-respect. Loyal? This wasteland is something not worth fighting for!...


3. Earth To Destruction

Although the voice may of been right about one thing, I was not going to let that get to me. Violent winds forcefully pushing against the walls, It was a wonder how I never lost my grip. Below me was a plunge to death drop, lucky I didn't fall.. "Still hanging on?, for your dear life?" The voice was certainly starting to effect me, I could feel it in my blood stream. The facts that this voice had spoken, I can't say I was too surprised. Just on every floor, there is something stopping you. It felt like a void, Just something that never ends. Eternity was a word I would describe this with.

Having to just now realize my life was at stake, I had to think. The choice between death or survival?, of course I knew the easy option. The meaning to the options, well that's a different story. Iron rims began to slide off the ceilings corners. "Fuck", at the time that word meant nothing to me. Even now I could use it, reminding me of pain and death. They say swearing helps fix wounds, not sure if it's too true. Never saved Earth?, so how can I trust words? Feels different to me. As I looked up while dangling above deadly debris. Sharp glass and pine wood sticking at angles. 

This strange event, well it felt like all of this was put below me on purpose. Some reason I felt like the voice was trying to save me. Then at times, I never listened to it, just mumbled to remove it from my mind. As soon as I managed to pull myself a little further up, most of the dark black smoke was filling my lungs. Too much smoke, less oxygen, I coughed loudly. Most of the flames were pretty much out, until things got worse with the building. My left hand may of been keeping me alive, it was hanging for it's life. Attached to someone like me, I felt like removing my hand. Letting the hand have a life, felt weird at the time, some reason it felt right.

More debris began to collapse into me, luckily most of the large pieces landed into the debris below me. Burnt pine wood beside me was horrible to look at. Closing my eyes, I felt that it was a way out. No death no pain, eyes closed to avoid disaster. My body weight was not holding me down too much, even though I felt like letting go. The thought of giving up was becoming harder to avoid, even the heat was sending me a message. The hot fumes just boiling my blood inside my dry sweaty skin. How the heck am I still hanging on, I questioned it. One final lift up, using my arms to climb one more brick. 

Finally, I had escaped the flames, even the dangling was now out of my mind. As soon as I had climbed up, my eye sight began to blur, even my nose felt a tickle or two. Anxiously waiting for my eyes to regain vision, that voice was right, I should of given up. The feeling of not doing so, well it felt good. Power, I actually felt like I was in power. No longer controlled by my concious, no more pain, Heaven perhaps? No.. That would be ridiculous, I never died. Having to crawl with bad eye sight made this a tougher challenge. Slowly grasping the ridges on the walls, gaining a little speed between each bit of movement. Then a few stops for some deeper breathing, "oh god, I can't do this..".

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