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Thursday 2065 The Future. A day on Earth will never be the same.. Yet we fight for the ones we love, So why is it when we save, We are saved? That question forces people off the edge, It causes severe pain and dis-respect. Loyal? This wasteland is something not worth fighting for!...


1. 2065 Earth's Death

Thursday 14th 2065, 

Lost in a tragic wasteland, souls moving around the open air. Trapped inside skin's they don't want to be in, no weather status for signal. Just a dangerous outcast of bloody violent people. 
Hardly a single decent life form in-sight. Broken essence all around me, no shame? Well I am truly ashamed of what to hear on this radio, been months since the last radio frequency connecting. "psssss", that sound could only of been another explosion about go off, "PSSSS" sounds louder than before, is it possible I am getting a proper frequency?

"PSSSS" The signal is rather dying, at-least the batteries recharge them-selves. "Hell..o?" A strange voice with bad sync was breaking through my radio, yes Hello?!, I screamed into the radio's voice detection box. "Hell..o? A..ny bo..dy", the signal was clearly low, Having to open my plasma window for the burning flames to bring heat into the room. It's sad but true, these flames lurk with ashes in them. Just burning bodies one after the next, I felt souls in my room. 

"Radio: Do you copy?!" That voice was enough to pierce through my ear drums. Another explosion erupted out-side. "Fuck!", I shouted, As rage was inside of me. There is no way out, Finally looking out-side to see the commotion, Just more screams and explosions. Helicopters flying ahead of my window, as the blades are slowly being torn apart from the flames heat. "Shit, We are going down!" Okay?! Where are you! I screamed into the radio, "in the.. PSSSS" no! no Nooo, Why does this always happen, Rescue me please! I can't live here any-more! 

Diving over to the plasma window, sweat was covering my angry face. Looking down from where the plasma window, more flames.. More screams.. Not a single person is safe in this wasteland. A loud sound of something falling and colliding with the walls could be heard. What the? I whispered as the powerful flames most likely burnt my words apart. It was a helicopter! Hey! Oh Shit! The helicopter was most certainly not flying correctly, the blade was circulating into the cracked walls. Violently tearing apart bricks, Most of the damage was severe. 

Before I could get a glimpse of the wreckage, flames started climbing up towards my window. No! I shouted as the helicopters blade finally spun off into my window, I once again had to dive under cover. Hiding behind my bloody messed up box.. Yeah, they call it a bed! The sound the blade made as it trespassed into my room, "fuck!" that was a close one. "Phew", I wiped my forehead with relief. More screams echoed into my room, as the flames had now stopped. The damage was hard to be seen behind this box, I managed to lift my-self up from the area.
Slowly leaning against the burnt wall, I managed to stand up a little.

As soon as I opened my eyes, to my surprise the damage was horrifying. Shocking even.. All this was done because of this terrible wasteland. I know this sounds bad, yet I feel this world is fucked. The walls that would of been my room's, just a pile of dust and mashed up bricks together. Even bones could be seen that had impaled into my floor. The sight of this was disgusting, not much to say about the helicopter's blade, must of crumbled into my wall or something. Loads of debris just laid around my room, with an eye burning stench of some sort..

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