Will You Hear My Heart?

Like music, I can sad and beautiful. Like rain, my love comes slowly, then all at once. But if my heart beats loudly and you don't hear it, then does it exist? coypright (C)


1. Winter Bells

I took my seat near the back of the auditorium so no one could see me. My usual seat welcomes me even with its rips and tears in it. Along with it is the open window trying to comfort me with the beauty of the outside. I can hear the sound of thousands of bells ringing brought from the sound of the tree branches covered in snow swaying with the snow. Looking around the room, it was empty save for me and a boy sitting on the other side of the room a few rows behind me. Calling himself L, his dark hair and narrow, brown eyes creates a very mysterious aura. Is this all the girls in my school think is attractive about him? As I turned around, I found him looking out the window. Turning back around my seat, I looked out the window by my side giving me the sensation that we were looking at the scenery together. Looking how the wind carried the snow, the memories came flooding in.

"Hey! I'm going to get you!" said a little girl. Her pigtales were becoming wet with all the snow being thrown around. Chasing each other all around the playground, the freshly laid snow was being disturbed from the feet of the two children.

"Haha, you're going to have to catch me first, Dawn!" yelled Mason, his hands red and cold from holding the snow without any mittens or gloves.

"Ok, I give up! You win! Now can you push me on the swing," said Dawn.

"Yay, I won! I am the champion! Everyone, bow down to me!" yelled Mason. "Ok, I'll push you. Here you go, Milady," said Mason dusting off the snow from the swing seat.

"Thank you very much. Even though you were the one who pelted me with snowballs. And don't call me 'milday'. I'd much rather be called a princess," said Dawn.

"Sure, as long as I'm not going to play the prince," he retorted.

"I'll find a way," she said laughing. "I'm going to become a princess and you're going to be the prince and you're going to fall in love with me."

"And that's only going to happen when I do become a prince. Here we go!" he said pushing her higher and higher into the sky.

Even though I'm sitting inside the auditorium, I feel as though I'm still at that playground. Closing my eyes, I feel myself swaying at the rythme of the swing, looking up at the sky, the snowflakes like tiny kisses upon my face. Opening my eyes, I find myself back in the room now filled with thirty or so people back from lunch and finally ready for class. 

"Are you done being in your little reverie?" said the person sitting beside me.

"Woah, it's just you, Hoya. Why were you late? You always come early with me to fourth period," I said. 

"I would've come earlier, but I saw the most interesting thing," he said with a little smirk on his face. "Well, aren't you going to ask what it is?"

"No, I think you would have told me whether I asked or not," I said.

"You know me too well, Dawn. Guess what? No, don't 'cuz I know you won't. Ok, so when I entered the room, I saw Mason staring at you. Before you say anything, let me finish. Maybe, just maybe, he likes you," he whispered as he finished saying the sentence.

"Yeah, as a friend, if he even had any feelings left for me. He's L, remember? He changed," I said. "Shh, class is going to start soon." Before Hoya could say another word, the drama teacher entered the auditorium.

"Good afternoon class," she said.

"Good afternoon, Ms. Knight," said the entire class in the same monotome voice.

"Still as lively as ever, I see. Ok, so tonight is the night of the big play! Aren't you excited?" said Ms. Knight. Everyone just whined. They didn't want to be here, even the teacher knew that. Sometimes I feel bad for her.  A little less than half of the students were here because they needed an art credit. Either they couldn't carry a tune or they couldn't blow air through an instrument. Sometimes both. The fact that we were doing a Disney theme for tonights performances made everyone go crazy. The band was playing a medley from Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast and The Jungle Book. The choir were going to sing "A Whole New World" from The Little Mermaid. so, respectfully, we were going to do a play version of Cinderella. "Ok, let's get ready and practice, practice, PRACTICE!"

An hour and twenty minutes of playing the role of Cinderella passed, which I snatched from Suzy Chance, practicing with my on-stage prince charming, Seth Waters. No matter how hard I tried, I could never find myself fully immersed into practicing. My eyes always had the tendency to look for Mason, the prince's best friend. Heading towards the girls changing room, I found myself followed by four other girls. I quickly changed into my regular clothes. Then, I waited until we were inside to ear what they had to say. When turned around, I wasn't surprised to find Vivianne standing right in front of me.

"Don't start getting cocky about getting the lead role from me," she said. Did she really use that as a threat? She'll have to try harder than that.

"I'm sorry for being able to emit emotions better than you. Does that make you feel better?" I said, tired from all of the fuss. But I knew that that was not what she really wanted to talk about.

"Seems like we have a sassy one over here," said one member of her groupie and her side-kick in crime, Jennifer.

"Look, if it's about Seth-" I said before Suzy could cut me off.

"You're right. It is about him. Don't think he'll fall for you after the two of you have that one kiss during the play. He's mine and you have to remember that," she growled.

"You really think he's your boyfriend? Does that mean that all the times he rejected eating with you during lunch was a sign of affection? Or how about the time in grade 8 when you were the first person out during gym when we were playing dodgeball and he was the one who threw the ball?" Stop it, I tried to tell myself. That's enough, you're better than this. But it just kept coming out.  "I think I know now. I must be the time when he himself told you he wasn't interested in you," I whispered loud enough so only she and I could hear.

"How do you know that?" she whispered back to me, her voice losing the confidence that was once there.

"I seems like this fly was on the wall just when he told you," I said with a grin.

"I don't get it," responded Suzy genuinely confused. Can she get any dumber?

"Let me get this through you thick, little skull and tell you slowly. He doesn't like you. He doesn't now and he never will. Get over it and stop throwing yourself to him," I growled. Leaving her and her followers speachless, I threw the costume on the ground and exited the change room. Feeling my whole body cooling down, I opened the auditorium doors to find Mason leaning against the wall opposite the doors. I could feel the heat coming back into my body.

"Don't get too close with Seth," was all he said. For a split second, I saw his eyes soften but turn tense once again.

"Because the both of you are part of Infinite, right? You don't want a girl like me ruin your image," I said, finally self-conscious of what I was wearing. My white t-shirt with a yellow smiley face and sky blue skinny jeans with red converse was nothing compared to Vivianne's light pink, sparkly blouse, black skinny jeans and nude-coloured high heels.

"That is not what I meant," said Mason softly with with a hint of exasperation. "Hoya's part of Infinite and he's your best friend. You still don't get it, do you?" he said coming closer towards me. I looked down towards the floor so he doesn't see my flaming red cheeks. Standing in front of me, He ruffles my hair. I could hear a little laugh come from his lips. Maybe he still thinks of me as a friend? I lift my head up to try to read his eyes to see if, maybe, we could be friends again. But when I finally do, he's already halfway down the hallway.


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