Will You Hear My Heart?

Like music, I can sad and beautiful. Like rain, my love comes slowly, then all at once. But if my heart beats loudly and you don't hear it, then does it exist? coypright (C)


6. Third Greetings

Dawn's P.O.V.

Entering the cafeteria, L.Joe and I scanned the room looking for Hoya. It wasn't hard to figure out where they were sitting. Although getting a glimpse of them through the girls crowding around the tables next to them was the hard part. Used to the cold looks from their fangirls, we walked towards their table to be welcomed by a smiling Infinite. Trying to catch Mason's eyes, I was blocked by Seth sitting right next to him.

"Hi, Dawn! Do you want to sit beside me? Unless you want to sit beside Hoya or, you know, that guy over their," said Seth motioning his head to L.Joe's direction. So maybe he hasn't forgotten the incident at the café?

"Um, yeah, about that. Guys, this is Joseph Lawson but he prefers to be called L.Joe. L.Joe, this is Infinite," I said introducing each other. I took the seat on the other side of Seth while he continued to stand. "And just to make things clear, he definitely is not my boyfriend."

"But at the café, he told us..." said William trailing off his sentence.

"Hahaha, I left my purse after I left. I just didn't want to go back in after that awkward moment so I asked him to help me out. He just made a stupid excuse and said that I was his girlfriend so he could get my bag back for me," I said feeling a bit embarrassed.

"Is that really all that happened?" asked Mason abruptly. I nodded my head and saw him relax for a little.

"So, is it okay if L.Joe sits with us?" I asked.

"As long as he doesn't pretend to be your boyfriend again," replied Sterling. Nodding his head, L.Joe took a seat beside Hoya.


Once the last bell rang signalling the end of the school day, I ran to my locker, dumped all my book inside, slipped on L.Joe's sweater and headed for the front gate. I looked at my watched. There was still fifteen minutes left till I had to meet my mom. Arriving outside, I saw Haley waiting outside for me.

"Are you ready to go?" she asked turning around to face me, her short, black hair spinning around the place.

"Yeah, let's go. Wait, where's Ricky?" I asked looking around the place. I whined. "Why is your brother always late?"

"He said that he was going to bring our cousin to the dinner," she replied.

"Why is he bringing your cousin? Did your dad let him?" I said. Reaching the bus stop, we went inside the shelter and waited for the bus to come.

"My dad said that it'd be nice for you to meet the rest of the family. Don't worry though. He's our only cousin," said Haley. I could hear the bus coming closer and closer. Now it was right in front of us. Going inside and paying for the fare, we took the seats at the back of the bus, prepared for the thirty minute ride to reach our destination.


"Woah, this place is so posh," whispered Haley as the usher guided us inside the restaurant. Grand chandeliers were hung all over the ceiling. All of the customers dressed to the tee. The violin softly played in the background. In the center of the room, I saw a woman wearing a red dress sitting beside a gentleman dressed in a fancy tuxedo. The both of us looked down at our outfits. Our t-shirts, sweater and jeans did not match the french theme of the restaurant. The closer we got to them, the more they resembled my mother and Josh Young. Four seats are placed around the circular table surrounding the two. I sat down beside my mother while Haley sat on the other side of her father.

"Hi mom. Hi Josh," I said. I would dread the day I would have to call him dad. Not that I don't like my mother's fiancé, it's just that Josh sounds more natural. "Mom, how could you possibly afford this?" I whispered to her.

"Don't worry Dawn. Tonight's dinner is on me," said Mr. Young smiling at me softly. I don't mean to sound rude but it was nice to have a doctor date my mother. "Haley, text your brother and see if they're almost here. Today we have a special anouncement."

"Dad, he said that they're almost here. They're just looking for a parking space," said Haley lookind down at her phone.

"Well, since Ricky and already know, I'll just tell you now," my mother told us, her and Josh now holding hands. "As you know, next month we are getting married and the five of us are going to be living together. Because of the death of Josh's sister and brother-in-law from the car accident a few weeks ago, his nephew is now an orphan." She took a deep breath and continued, now looking directly at me. "He just moved here a few days ago. The two of us have decided to let him live with us after the wedding."

"Wait, what? In other words, their's going to be another person in our family? It was hard enough to get used to Ricky," I whined. Turning to Haley's direction, I shot arrows at her from my eyes. "Did you know about this?" Nodding, she didn't look me in the eyes.

"Can't you at least try and be nice to him? I feel so bad after what happened to his parents. They were after all my family," said Josh with a sad smile. Feeling guilty, I nodded my head. "Oh, boys. You finally made it," he said.

"Yes! They came! Now we can finally eat!" I cheered. I quickly covered my mouth. Only the people who were sitting at the table knew how much I loved food. But that didn't mean I wanted people to know how much of a pig I was.

"Hello boys. Nice to see you again," said my mother. "Ricky, why don't you sit beside your sister. Joseph, you can take the seat beside my daughter." At the sound of his name, I tensed up. This wasn't possible, was it? I stood up, I hadn't seen his face yet. I prayed it wasn't him.

"Hi, I'm Joseph Lawson. I'm Ricky and Haley's cousin. You can call me L.Joe," he said. I looked up to see the familiar light pink and blond hair, an angelic smile spreading on his face.

"Hello L.Joe. I'm Dawn Lee. It's lovely to see you again," I said sticking out my hand. I tried to up on my most beautiful smile. I felt butterflies in my stomach. It was either because I was nervous being with L.Joe in front of my mother, nervous of having to live with him, or just because my stomach was hungry. He took his hand out and placed it in mine. Slowly he leaned in closer to me.

"Did I just hear your stomach growl?" he asked. I guess I was just hungry.

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