Will You Hear My Heart?

Like music, I can sad and beautiful. Like rain, my love comes slowly, then all at once. But if my heart beats loudly and you don't hear it, then does it exist? coypright (C)


2. Showtime

Dawn's P.O.V.

"I'm not going," I protested. "I'm not going and you can't make me."

"Yes you are. You're the lead! Do you know how lucky you are to get the part? Look at me. I'm such an awesome actor and I got the part of fairy godfather. Of all things! Is Ms. Knight kidding me?" said Hoya. I gave him an are-you-kidding-me face. "Ok, I may not be an awesome actor, but I'm good at it. What I'm trying to say is, where did all the confidence from when you were telling Suzy off go?"

"I don't know. I got it! Do you want to switch roles?" I whispered even though it was just the two of us in my room.

"No! You have to get over your fear of standing in front of people."

"I don't want everyone to see me," I said.

"Well, if no one sees you, how are they supposed to know who you are? If you don't get out there and let people know you, after we graduate and people look back at the yearbook and see your name, they're going to think, 'Did a Dawn Livic ever go to this school?'" he said. His words stung. He was right. So very right. But I wouldn't tell him that.

"Says you. You are Hoya Kinley. You're part of Infinite," I said to myself.

"Yah, that has nothing to do with anything."

"Yes, it does. The seven of you are the most popular boys in school. You're used to people looking at you."

"Look, that was a name given by our classmates. I think it's the stupidest thing ever. What is Infinite supposed to mean?"

"Then why are you part of them?" I retorted.

"They're guys that I think are really cool. The first day of high school, we all sat together and, I don't know, it just clicked," he said, looking back at the three years he's had with them. "I don't understand how you aren't friends with them when you're best friends with me. Wait, by any chance, is it because Mason is there? Have you been avoiding them because of him?"

"What? No. How is that?" I said, flustered. His stare broke me down. "Fine, it is," I confessed.

"That's it. I've had enough of this. After tonight, I'm introducing you to Infinite and you and Mason are going to be the best of friends again," he said pulling me out of my room, down the stairs and to the front door to go to the play.


"5 minutes to showtime!" yelled the stage director. We were the last act of the night. the band and choir had already played. Opening the curtain a take see the crowd, I was surprised to see a full house. Oh God, please don't let me throw up on stage. Just then, I felt someone tap me on my soulder.

"Who are you?" I said, my hands curled into fists in front of my face, my defences up.

"Whoa, it's just me," said Seth laughing.

"Sorry. Did I just make a fool out of myself?" I asked, my face red. Lucky backstage was dark.

"No, it's ok. I just had something to tell you. Can you come outside with me for a second? It's too loud in here." Walking out of the auditorium, he led me to the empty dressing room.

"What did you want to tell me?" I said taking note of the prince outfit he had on. He really looked like a prince.

"I just wanted to tell you that I'm looking forward to tonight's performance," he whispered into my ear with a smile. I was suddenly aware of the servant costume I had on. He took a step back and placed his hands on my arms. "Don't get nervous, ok? If you do, just look into my eyes."

The door opened to reveal Mason wearing his costume. Even though he played the prince's best friend, the part of prince suited him much better. "Oh, the two of you were here. Director's calling all the actors on stage now," he said.

"Ok, let's go, Dawn," he said, taking my by the hand.

Passing Mason standing by the door, he whispered,"Don't get too close."


"Once upon a time in a land far away lived a girl named Cinderella," That was my cue to go onstage. As the play progressed, I was suprised and proud of myself to have not thrown up. I mean, after 500 people looking at me, watching my every move, it was a miracle. After my evil stepmother, Suzy, and two stepsisters, Vivianne and Jennifer, went to the ball held by the prince and told me to stay home and do chores, I got to meet my fairy godfather, Hoya, who would doll me up to be ready to go to the ball. I tried my hardest to hold in my laughter.

"Is this the first time you ever heard of a fairy godfather, Cinderella?" he said, hitting me on the head with his wand. I could here laughter from the crowd. Finally, it was time for Scene 2. Wearing my too big, poofy, sparkling lavender dress, I entered the prince's palace. I did not look anything like the girl who wore the dress patched with rags with hair all over the place.

"Isn't that the most beautiful person you've ever seen?" said Seth to Mason in awe.

"Yes, she is. Why don't you go and dance with her?" said Mason in a monotone voice.

"Ok, I'm going for it," said Seth making his way to me. "Will I have this dance?"

"What an honour, your majesty," I said, bowing.

"Just call me Seth," he whispered into my ear. He took my right hand with his left and placed his other hand onto my waist. Standing so close to him sent shivers down my spine every time. I could feel butterflies in my stomach.

"And so, the prince and Cinderella danced-" said the narrator only to be cut of by Mason.

"May I have this dance, milady?" asked Mason. Not knowing what to do, I just stared at him.

"Yah, stick to the script!" Whispered Seth. Several seconds passed and the crowd got restless. "Why isn't she dancing with him?" "If I were her, I'd dance with him in a heartbeat!" "Just do it already!" the crowd whispered to each other.

 Not knowing what to do, I looked at the director sitting behind the curtain. "Just go along with it!" he mouthed.

"Um, ok," I said, taking Mason's hand. Dancing, all I could think about was the awkwardness of it all. What was he trying to do? I glanced at the clock and saw it was almost midnight. "I have to go," I said, a line from the script.

"What are you talking about? The night's just started," he said, his left hand carrying my right one and his right hand still on my waist. Pulling myself from him, I ran off of the stage purposely forgetting the shoe that slipped off with Mason following me. My face red, I looked back at the stage. Holding the shoe was Mason instead of Seth. Finally, Seth made a move and grabbed the glass slipper from his grasp.

"I didn't even get her name. All I have of her is this shoe. Guards, tomorrow we're going to look for the girl who wore this slipper," said Seth. Suddenly, he punched Mason in the face. The audience gasped.

"Dude, what was that for?" Mason yelled.

"You knew I had feelings for her. Why did you go after her?" Seth asked. This was not in the script.

"I have my own feelings too. Just because you're the prince doesn't mean you get everything you want," smirked Mason wiping the blood away from his lips. Why was he acting this way?

"Fine. Tomorrow, if we see her, she'll chose between the two of us who she likes better. Deal?" My head literally expoded with what just happened. I had to do what?

"Deal," said Mason confidently. The curtains finally closed. That was the end to Scene 3.





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