Why watch me fall? *Bully*

Sky is happy and free until she starts junior year at Southeast High. There as the new student she becomes prey for the most popular boys there Niall, Zayn, Liam, Louis and Harry. With a secret to hide she just might lose it. Will she fall for one or will she lose herself in her past?


1. Chapter 1

Sky's POV

"Keep up Sky." My twin brother Sam called from up the block. I dragged my feet. "Sky." Sam called again. 

Sam was always better at making friends at the new schools. He was more athletic and friendly. I caught up to Sam at the corner. "Happy?" 

"Cheer up Sky." He smiled. "This school will be different." 

"How do you know?" I sighed. 

"Trust me sis." He said leading me though the doors. "I'll have your back."

"Thanks Sam." I smile giving him a hug. "Let's go find the office."

"Let's go ask them." Sam said pointing to a group of five boys standing by some lockers. "Hey." Sam called walking over to them. "Im Sam and this is Sky can you tell us where the office is?"

"Sure." The blond guy said with a think accent. "Down the hall to the right i'll show you. I'm Niall by the way." 

"See you in homeroom." The guy with the quiff said leading the other three boys down the hall. "Come on." Sam said turning to Niall. "Take us to the office."

Niall turned leading us down another hall. He took a turn opening a door. "This is it." 

"Thanks." Sam said heading inside. I turned to face Niall. "See you around." 

"See ya." He said heading off in the direction his friends had took. 

"Sky." sam called poking his head out of the office. "They had our schedules." 

I hurried in. "Hello Miss. Saxson." The woman behind the desk said. "Here's your schedule." 

I took the piece of paper. "I got Mr. Thomas for homeroom." Sam said. "Same." I smile happy to have at least one class with my brother. 

As we walked to homeroom we compared schedules we had all the same classes but the last 2 blocks. 

"Can you manage them alone?" Sam asked as we reached Mr. Thomas's room. 

I took a deep breath. "Yea. I'll be fine."

How wrong I was.


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