The love that can't be hidden

JB or Justin bieber was on tour living the life meanwhile a 17 year old female named Nichole is an average teen who hates Justin bieber when every other girl loves what will happen when the two meet and fall deeply in love.



After school I was walking home I tripped on something and twisted my leg people saw me but didn't seem to give a crap.After 20 min. A boy in a hoodie stops and helps me. Are you ok? He asked. No I said trying not to let me help you the boy said kindly. Thank you.i said. He lifted me up and took me to his home. It was like a mansion. He layed me on the couch and takes off his hoodie. IT WAS JUSTIN BIEBER!!! Hey your Justin bieber I didn't know you were so sweet. I said. Thanks I didn't know you you were so beautiful . He said and I smiled and we both blushed. Lets check that knee he said. Well the good news is you didn't twist your leg it's just badly bruised. He left the room to get a bandage for my leg. In my head I'm thinking he's so sweet and nice but he's a superstar and I'm just a girl from Georgia. Justin comes back in the room with a bandage for me.Thank you I say your so kind. He looks at me and asked me would you like to go to Starbucks with me Friday  ill pay and drive.Ok I said. Ok then see you Friday beautiful .

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