Is there really such thing as "love at first sight" ??

Raegan and her friend, Ashley got front row seats to a One Direction concert and they're exitemed. Raegan has an eye for Zayne Malik, you just so happened had a bad break up with his ex-girlfriend. Zayn, haing caught her eye during the concert fell in love instantly. Is there really such thing as "love at first sight?"


2. Performance

Zayn's P.O.V.

"Positions everybody!" I hear backstage repeating again and again until the show was about to begin. The boys and I walked on stage. The crowd looked so big. The noise was indescribable. Let’s just say that I got an instant headache even with my earplugs. We started with our opening song WMYB, and I scanned the crowd, looking for someone... someone with caring eyes and looked beautiful inside and outside. Us guys can tell (most of the time) if a girl is beautiful on the inside and outside. What am I doing? Am I really that desperate? Those thought ran through my head repeatedly. Finally, I told myself I am that desperate. I need someone that will never abandon me. And I found her sitting in the front row, looking as if she was having the time of her life.  I was mesmerized of her beauty. My thoughts were on her for the rest of the show. Now, how was I going to get the guts to talk to her?


Raegan's P.O.V.

Ashley and I FREAKED OUT when the boys walked on stage. They never looked so gorgeous. I caught Ashley eying Liam a few times, hoping he'd see her and fall in love. Personally, i have a thing for Zayn. But I knew he'd never even think about a girl like me. I have dark wavy hair that barely went past my shoulder that's a pain in the ass the care for. I'm 5' 7", barely shorter than Zayn, and paler than Edward Cullen. The only thing I like about myself is my eyes. They're bright green framed by dark, thick eyelashes most girls would kill for. Some girls have even asked me if I had contacts and what mascara I used, although I use neither. But other than that, I'm an average girl. But why was Zayn staring at me almost the entire time??

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