Is there really such thing as "love at first sight" ??

Raegan and her friend, Ashley got front row seats to a One Direction concert and they're exitemed. Raegan has an eye for Zayne Malik, you just so happened had a bad break up with his ex-girlfriend. Zayn, haing caught her eye during the concert fell in love instantly. Is there really such thing as "love at first sight?"


1. Backstage- Before the Show


Zayn's P.O.V.

This is it. It's almost performance time. I turned to the full length mirror across from me making sure I looked good enough o go onstage. I messed with my hair a bit trying to get it into the perfect position. Niall comes into the dressing room without knocking, as usual, and says "You ready?" He, like the other boys, know that I haven't been my usual cheeky self since I broke up with my girlfriend a few days ago. "Hell yeah!" I shout, jumping up. He smiles, pats my back, and leaves the room. I follow him, knowing it's time for the usual vocal exercises.


Raegan's P.O.V.

“Ashley, come on!" I yell at my best friend. "The concert starts in less than thirty minutes and we aren't even in our seats yet!" Ashley hurried to catch up to me, but I rushed through the crowds, excitement rushing through my whole body. I finally got to the crowded entrance, so I slowed down and waited behind a group of 14 year old girls, panting. Ashley finally caught up and we hurried through the doors to our front row seats my dad bough for me for my 18th birthday, just before the concert began. The best day of my life was about to begin.

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