Let's Go.

Katy Edwards. She's not your average sixteen year old girl. Katy is brutal. Ruined. And most of all..She had a first love, a member of a certain gang. He was a little abusive, but she loved him. Now every things past, he left her, for one of her use-to-be best friends, Amy. She made a horrible choice when she ran into him and everything started up again...


1. You Still Know Me.

Katy's P.O.V.

Cindy my stepmomster called me down from the bottom of the stairs. I slid from the comfy duvets of my bed and sighed. I walked down toward her while putting my hair up in a bun. Suddenly he slipped into my mind yet once again.


"I love you..." He said with his deep british tone. My fingers brushed his uncovered torso as I looked up at him. "You won't let me go?" A deep chuckle emitted from his throat. "Never." I half smiled and went back to drawing random things on his torso. When I drew my name I saw him show off his perfect smile from the corner of my eye. Then he squeezed my bum. I froze still uncomfortable with it.

End of flashback:

Cindy snapped her fingers bring me out of my deep thoughts. This had been happening for a while now. I'd pictured out moments together over and over again but then I'd later realize they were all fake. That they meant nothing. Nothing to him.. but to me they were almost my everything. Except for those ones I didn't like... not that side of him.

Sighing I walked away from Cindy not caring what she wanted and into the living room. That's when I turned on the telly and began watching some random shows. One show caught my eye. My phone rang, I quickly grabbed it from my back pocket and looked. It was a video sent to me by and unknown number. But it.. it was of him... The sight of him made me shudder but made butterflies erupt in my stomach also. Tears brimmed in my eyes as he went on and on about his new girlfriend Amy, who he was so 'in love' with. I ran outside not caring that I didn't have any shoes on or even a jacket and that it was the middle of winter and the snow was still falling down. I just couldn't take it.

Everything we had flashed through my eyes, the pain the sorrow the great moments hurt and love. Everything. Now it was all gone. He was so 'in love' with Amy and I was broken. My eyes couldn't stand to hold in the tears anymore, they began rushing down my cheeks. The hot salt-water tickled my cheeks and neck as they fell.

Suddenly I heard laughter from behind me, very close behind me, then a gasp and I swear some dirt hit the back of my foot. "Katy..." It was him, he was here, he was right behind me. I scoffed and continued on quicker than before. Till a familiar strong grip caught hold of my right arm, I winced. "Stop." I heard an irish tone. My eyes quickly looked behind me once to see not just him but two others along with him. One with blonde hair and another with curly hair, I recognized them as Niall and Harry. Horan and Styles, two of the five most feared people in our whole providence in all of London.

My eyes shifted back to where I wasn't looking at any of them. Niall's new piercing made him look even tougher and Harry's arms were shown and the tattoos were being showed off like a dead deer in the hands of a weak young hunter, although, Harry wasn't weak. The grip tightened around my arm as I tried to get away from them, from him, I winced more. "Let me go.." He smiled halfway and spun me so he could pull me into his chest.

His warmth sent shocks through my entire body as he brushed some of my auburn/brown hair from my pale face. Our eye contact met, the brown in them piercing straight into the blue of mine. I gulped and tried to pull away. "Let me go." I repeated stronger than before. Niall grabbed his shoulder tightly and yanked him back. "Stop it, Zayn." He said harshly.

I took a step back and before I knew it my feet were rushing through the white snow and he was far away from my sight. I stopped for breath and stared blankly at my hands. They'd became a crisp white thanks to the bitter coldness of this 'winter wonderland'. Sighing my knees gave in, I crashed to the ground tears erupting from my eyes as the wind rustles the trees and bushes.

Nothing was right as of now. Everything was a mixed up mess and my head was spinning around wildly. Nothing made sense to me. Why.. Why did I ever have to meet Zayn?! Why did he ever have to play me?!


"You can't keep running from me, Katy." He kissed down my neck leaving small love bite on it. Which was painful. He bit down on the light skin of my neck grabbing hold of my waist firmly pulling me into his body heat. He left sloppy kisses over it as he went back to whispering in my ear. "You know you want me, Katy." Zayn's tone was seductive as his hands began to wonder over my body. I winced running from his grip toward the mirror. Shoving my hair off toward the side I looked at the pinkish purple bruise on my neck. I winced again. Zayn grabbed me tightly pulling me back to him. "Isn't it lovely." He whispered brushing over it with his thumb.

End of flashback:

I pulled myself off the ground and turned toward the way back to my small house. I stumbled a few times as I began to walk on my sore freezing feet. A few times I almost tripped as more flashbacks came into my mind, I shoved them to the back of my mind. Why did I miss Zayn so much? He got me into more trouble and near death experiences then it was worth! I scoffed.

Footsteps came from behind me and I knew exactly who it was when his slightly gently touch wrapped around my waist. It was Liam. "Morning beautiful." He said and I saw him smile. "Liam..." Was all I said not daring to move in his grip, he could be worse to Zayn when it came to what he wanted although he could also be the sweetest but for now, that was Niall since he was the only one who was against Zayn and abusing me and he had no tattoos.

"Let her go." It was Zayn. I gulped as Liam kissed my cheek removing his arm slowly. He brushed some of my hair off to my right side before shoving his hands in his pockets with a smile and stepping away slightly. Zayn grabbed my arm tightly and began to walk quickly. I was stepping in too much snow my toes were freezing. "Zayn... stop.." I pleaded. He growled and stopped. "What?!" He snapped at me. I winced and took a step back. "Just go away. I can get home by myself!" I brushed past him staying away from the snow as much as possible.

Zayn was reluctant to listen though. He grabbed me from behind tightly by the back of my waist and forced me to face him. "Don't be such a bitch Kat." He smiled seductively and soon enough his lips were hovering above mine. "Miss me?" I didn't answer, I just stood there, stunned and frightened. This was the old Zayn... the one I was afraid of... the one that I didn't miss... His smile grew. "I love it when you're scared." He whispered in my ear before nibbling at my earlobe. I knew what he wanted.. me to show how much I missed his everything. But I wasn't giving in. He groaned and pulled away. My arm waist felt better without his grip now. I sighed relief and took a few steps away. Before bumping into someone..

I turned to see Niall standing there. He gave me a half smile then looked at Zayn with a half disgusted look half just go look. Zayn walked away slowly after saying something I couldn't understand. Niall slipped off his shoes quickly and forced them onto my feet. "What?" I asked shocked. He shrugged. "Zayn doesn't show it, but he really does care about you, might as well make sure you don't lose your feet." I didn't say anything except a muffled thanks than I began to walk away. "You know you still know him! He obviously still knows you!" Niall shouted to me and smiled. I rolled my eyes approaching my doorway and walking in.

Niall's shoes (when they came off my feet; I think I left them on for like two hours just to warm my feet up a bit) were put underneath my bed by me. After tomorrow, which was Sunday, when I went back to school I'd give them to him.

Somethings I was dreading from today was what I was thinking about at dinner. The fact that Niall said Zayn cared had me just picking lightly at my food, memories still came flooding back about Zayn and I, Liam and his crap with me, everything had me thinking. At least I hadn't seen Louis today, he was one of the worst things that have ever happened to me. I shuddered at the memory.


I winced as I was shoved back into the wall only in my shorts and bra. Louis smiled kissing down my jawline and neck. Then down my chest. He unclasped my bra but before he could remove it I smacked him. His eyes showed that only angered him more right now. He was doing this out of pure hatred toward his ex Melinda who had just left him. He deserved it, he cheated on her! He grabbed my wrists in one of his hands and held them up over my head. I winced at his grip which made him smile and continue kissing my almost bare body. When he wanted more he forced me into his room and threw me on his bed. He clamped atop of my and kicked off his pants. Louis raised his lips to my ear. "We're gonna have some fun.." He whispered. "Just while the boys are all gone and it's just us two.." That made me shudder. He took off his shirt and started kissing down me again before sliding off my shorts and his boxers. Tears started down my cheeks. "L-Louis.. p-please... don't.." He raised his hand over my mouth. "Shh." He instructed before thrusting into me, hard and fast. I closed my eyes tightly as he continued getting faster each time. He moved his hand and kissed me all over. Tears continued rolling down my cheeks. He forcefully kissed my lips before thrusting into me again. I winced at how much it hurt.. yeah, it wasn't my first time, but usually I got to adjust before this. He kissed down my neck thrusting a few more times before pulling out of me and sliding back on his boxers. I cried silently before he made me look at him. "This stays between us, Katy. Only us. Maybe we'll do it again." He pecked my lips again before leaving me in his room alone, and violated.

End of flashback:

I stopped eating after that memory. It made me want to puke. I stood up from the table. "I'm not hungry." My dad looked at me weirdly. "Is something wrong Katy?" I shook my head holding myself up by putting my hands on the table. "No, just the fact that nothing really matters in life because all I ever had was being abused and half loved at the same time." I ran upstairs and slammed my door, locked it, then climbed out my window. One of my friends, Marilynn, was having a party tonight, she promised me it would be a small party mainly because she wanted me to be there. I was gonna go just to get all this shit off my mind.

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