Let's Go.

Katy Edwards. She's not your average sixteen year old girl. Katy is brutal. Ruined. And most of all..She had a first love, a member of a certain gang. He was a little abusive, but she loved him. Now every things past, he left her, for one of her use-to-be best friends, Amy. She made a horrible choice when she ran into him and everything started up again...


3. The Next Day.

My eyes fluttered open and I tried to wiggle from the grip of someone.. oh my God.. I didn't. I hit myself in the face with a pillow then fell back into the bare chested guy. Wait.. who was he? I spun around slowly. The guys grip tightening around me as I turned... oh. my. God... it was... it was Harry!

I freaked mentally killing him and myself. I pulled myself from his grip which he just groaned and turned over in the bed with. My head started to pound and my heart began to race as I threw back on my clothes from last night. I really hoped no one would remember seeing us together last night... especially him. After all, I didn't have a clue who he was until I saw him.

As I reached the door I noticed a few people past out on the floor just as I was buttoning my pants someone attacked my neck with a few sloppy kisses. When they bit down hard I knew who it was... Zayn. "Did you have fun?" He whispered in my ear before nibbling at the bottom of it. "I asked Harry to do that.. and rough. He said he'd always wanted to. That's why I kept him sober last night." His hands trailed down to my jeans and he unbuttoned them again. "Maybe we can continue from where he left off."

Tears brimmed in my eyes. I ran from Zayn's grip and hurriedly put on my shoes while I ran out the door. Zayn was following me, I heard his chuckle from behind me as I continued down the sidewalk. He was walking as I jogged. A few times I looked back and he was smiling at me.

"You know you won't run forever." I turned back at his words, I could try and I would try.

My breath hitched when I looked around. It was perfect the building to my right. I ran inside and climbed the stairs to the top Zayn would expect me to just hide on the third floor like I'd done before and before that and maybe a few times more.

The massive hangover was kicking in as I neared the top of the large building. I groaned but continued up the steps. When pain in my feet became unbearable I slid off my shoes and managed to finish climbing the damn steep steps.

When I stepped onto the roof on the building cars and birds and so much more noise could be heard from below me. The air hit me and sent shivers down my spine as I sat down at the edge of the building dangling my feet over the edge and letting tears fall down my cheeks giving me the only warmth for hours on end. My hair blew in the wind and I placed my hands on the cold silver bars in front of me resting my head on them.

I sniffled and closed my eyes continuously letting the wind blow my hair with it. Someone made a noise from behind me. My eyes snapped open and I quickly turned my head toward them. It was Zayn, with Harry, and Louis. Louis licked his lips and took a few steps closer to me. Harry and Zayn started talking amongst themselves. I just turned away, I knew what was going to happen, he wanted Louis to seduce me..

Louis sat down behind me and wrapped his arms around my middle. His legs ran straight beside mine. Louis placed his head onto my shoulder and kissed my neck. "Morning love." He whispered to me. I gulped staring straight ahead of me. Louis chuckled lightly. "How was Harry? Most girls compliment him after the first night wanting seconds, he said he'd give you seconds." Louis kept kissing my neck trying to force a moan out of me by cupping my breasts in his hands. I closed my eyes letting tears fall. "Remember all that fun we had, Katy? Wouldn't it be fun for more?" He licked my neck lightly before kissing my cheek.

"Maybe some other time Louis." It was Harry talking now. I opened my eyes to see him a few feet away from my right side he grabbed Louis's arm and pulled him up throwing him toward Zayn and glaring. Zayn came toward me and kissed my cheek. "See you later, Kat." He kissed me forcefully and walked away with Louis.

Harry and I just stayed there in silence. "Go away..." I whisper shouted, yes that's possible!, to him. He chuckled and sat beside me. I scooted over. "You know those are Niall's shoes." He pointed at them and wiggled his eyebrows at me. "Get the hell away from me." I spat at him this time standing up slowly making sure I could get my balance. "You know you don't want me to." He said cockily. "I'd rather be raped again." I said and turned for the door to the stairs again.

When I got to the door, Harry grabbed my arm and turned me. "What do you mean rape?" He asked. I yanked my arm from his grip. "That's none of your God damn business!" With that I rushed into the door and down some of the steps. I hid outside out of the sight of basically everyone. When Harry came out what he was saying into his new phone was unpredictable to me.

"No. I'm positive she said rape Zayn. I think it was Louis or Liam." What the hell? "No! I do not know when!" Like anyone of those assholes really gave a fuck. I sighed and slunk back in my spot. "Maybe... but one problem.. I have no idea where she went!" He looked around a little and I hid myself in my spot the best I could. "Yeah, yeah, I'll wait here. Ten minutes. Bye." He hung up and slipped his phone into his pocket.

Then took some steps in my direction. He grabbed my arm and yanked me up. "You should be on your knees thanking me that I lied to Zayn. He's extremely pissed off about you being raped. C'mon." Harry lightly shoved me in the direction of his black range rover. Which I reluctantly got in to. Harry got in and began to drive almost as fast as I thought the car would go. But when I looked he was barely above the speed limit, it was just my imagination I guess.

Sighing I slumped into my feather feeling leather seat that was awkwardly large. Harry looked at me when we got to a red light. He pulled into a parking lot at a gym and rushed out of his door to mine. He opened it and I stepped out and walked past him brushing his shoulder. Harry grabbed my arm and pulled me back into him. "Careful love, Zayn's inside." He warned me. I gulped. Nodded, and stepped from his grip.

When I walked inside there was a bunch of wooing and cheering for two guys in the ring. Both shirtless. One was quite tan with think dark black hair the other was some blonde dude no abs, unlike the tan dude... then it hit me. It was Zayn fighting some dude. "Zayn!" I screamed over everyone. He'd kill the dude.

As he heard me scream he stopped and turned around. Only getting a punch to the back from the blonde. I gasped and covered my mouth. "Stop!" I yelled. Everyone became quiet. Zayn grabbed his back still looking through the crowd for me. The blonde guy stood still now sweat trickling down his face.

I shoved through the crowd and into the ring. Before I even touched Zayn I punched the blonde guy in the face. I continued to do that a lot ever since I met Zayn, so it was pretty funny seeing him stumble back and almost fall over. A smirk crossed Zayn's face as I turned to him shaking my knuckles a little. People stared at me. "What?!" I snapped at them. Zayn grabbed my arm and pulled me into his chest. "Come on babe." He pulled me out of the ring and back into the back of the gym.

Zayn went towards the showers, I just sat there and looked around the back. I'd only ever came back here once and that was another time by force. Everything looked so different now like something actually changed. Or maybe it was just that there was less blood in this place right now.

As Zayn came back out my attention snapped to him. He was wet and drying his hair with a towel, another one was wrapped around his middle. He licked his lips when he saw me and came closer. I froze if I moved whatever was going to happen would be worse.

He got to me and immediately pushed his lips into mine. When I rejected to kiss back he groaned onto my lips and came closer to me. "Katy, don't make this hard." He said blankly. I gulped. This time he sighed and kissed my cheek before walking away. What? Was Zayn actually getting softer?

I sighed and jumped from my spot where I was and tried walking out. Zayn grabbed my arm and pulled me back spinning me around to face him. "What?" I asked as calm as I could. Zayn grabbed both my wrists in one of his hands and started going through my pockets. Until he found my phone, he started typing something or so. Till his phone went off in his pocket. He'd texted himself?! Oh seriously Zayn, I got a new phone so you wouldn't have my number. I sighed as he slipped it back in my pocket and kissed my cheek. "What about-" "Amy?" He cut me off, all I did was nod. "She was a little fun, but not as fun as you.." He bit my neck playfully and I knew a purple bruise would appear soon. "Bye Katy.." He whispered before leaving me alone. I gulped and slumped down the wall letting tears fall.

Every time I tried to get rid of Zayn Malik he found a way right back into my life, along with his four friends.

The tears burned in my eyes as I gulped back more. Everything was getting so hard right now, I couldn't take it, it sucked so much, it hurt so much. Suddenly, my phone vibrated. I sighed and pulled it out... it was Amy, when in hell did she get my number?

From Amy: Why does Zayn have your number is his phone bitch? It's his girlfriend, Amy. Remember me?

Oh, this was so what I needed right now. All I did was delete the message and slip my phone back in my pocket. I wiped away my tears and stood up brushing off the back of my pants and looking around. Taking in a breath I walked out from the back and ran smack into someone. "Sorry.." I mumbled and looked up. He had light brown hair up in a small quiff and his blue eyes matched perfectly. He smiled and he had perfectly white teeth. "Sorry, I should watch where I'm going. But.. if you don't mind me asking why were you in the back?" I was seriously falling for his british accent. "Oh um I... I was with a guy." He nodded slowly. "So I'm guessing you have a boyfriend?" I shrugged. "Well.. I'm Mason." Oh my God, I love his name! "I'm Katy Clemons." Holy shit why did I say my last name?! He didn't! Ugh. "Nice to meet you Katy Clemons." He smiled again. "Nice to meet you too, Mason.." "Grebeck." "Mason Greback." I nodded, he chuckled. "Well, I have to go." He nodded and said bye as I walked away.

Someone bumped into me. Oh my God, not again, I thought and looked up. It was Harry with a not-so-pleased look. "You shouldn't be around Mason, Zayn won't like that." I shrugged and started to walk past him. I turned back. "I don't give a shit what Zayn does and doesn't like anymore. Hurt Mason and I'll hate you eternally." With that I left. If they really did care, they wouldn't hurt Mason.

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