Let's Go.

Katy Edwards. She's not your average sixteen year old girl. Katy is brutal. Ruined. And most of all..She had a first love, a member of a certain gang. He was a little abusive, but she loved him. Now every things past, he left her, for one of her use-to-be best friends, Amy. She made a horrible choice when she ran into him and everything started up again...


6. Regrets and Promises.

I stared blankly at my ceiling and blinked a few times. My blankets neatly folded by my side. The pillows all on the floor. I was ditching school the past few days. My step momster and dad never bothered to call me, or thank God the school so I really didn't have a problem with them. But Mason and the guys were another story.

Every hour almost one of the boys were calling me, except Zayn, and Mason left recent enough texts nice ones unlike the boys' phone calls. Mainly the phone calls were telling me to either 'open up your god damn door' or 'get your ass down here, we need to talk immediately.' Mason'a texts were mostly about 'hey can't wait for the date xx' and stuff like that or 'where r u? i'm getting worried'. I never replied to anyone..

Bins(containers) of ice cream, that was already eaten by me of course, were around my bed, on the floor, or on the nightstand. I was really just confused about Zayn.. and about Mason and everything really. Types of things like this brought out my easily confused/scared/pitiful side. Which, by the way, I hated about myself.

There was a knock at the door. Which caught my attention. Someone made a small noise from downstairs, and from behind the door. I ignored it of course. Then my phone went off. Not a text, a call, not from the boys or Mason, a blocked number. I sighed and figured it would be my step momster or dad, so I answered it. "Ey." Was all I said. "Open your door dammit." It was Zayn! The hell?! "No!" I replied bitterly.

A deep chuckle could be heard from the other side of the phone. "C'mon. You know you want to." The picture of Zayn licking his lips popped into my head and I shook my head furiously. "No. No, I don't. I thought you did change Zayn, but I was really fucking wrong." I hung the phone up before he could say anything and through it across the room hoping it would break.

Seconds later there was a knock at my bedroom door. I knew exactly who it was. Zayn. "What the-" He opened the door before I could finish and trotted over toward the bed. Zayn's hair was a mess of black with a light blonde streak going through it, I could see it was fading fast. "How did you get-" Zayn shrugged and shushed me by kissing me.

After a few minutes of making out. I shook my head and pushed him off me. "No!" I yelled as much as I could although I knew my entire body, inside and out, was calling, craving for every inch, every part, of him. Zayn gave me a confused look hovering over me making sure not to weigh me down with his body weight. "No." I said again shoving him. "I'm not falling back into your damn trap, Zayn Malik. You lie to me all the time and now you just run in hear and kiss me?! I do not think so! Especially when you're dating Amy and I'm going on a date with Mason!" I shoved him once more and this time he complied.

Zayn stood there. Hair slightly even more messier because of me. And his perfect skin tone almost shining in the sunlight that lit up the very small portions of my room. "I dumped her." I arched an eyebrow. "I left Amy. She was a bitch. Another one I couldn't control." That reminded me of the letter. "But.. she wasn't you." Zayn took a step toward me.

I cowered back and ran smack into the wall. He just continued on like I didn't move or anything. "I can't change, Katy. That's what I keep on trying to explain to you. But you won't listen. I love you, I am in love you, I probably always be, but.. but.. for now.. I-I just can't change." Zayn sounded like he was choking to get the words out.

Looking into his eyes I hugged him surprisingly. He hesitated before he hugged me back. Right now, I was really regretting excepting the invitation to go on a date with Mason, and ever letting Zayn breakup with me. He smelt great, he smelt like too much cologne. I chuckled. Zayn pulled away slightly. "What?" He asked I could hear that he was confused.

Shaking my head I stared down. "I really truly do love you..." Zayn said making me face him. In an instant he kissed me. I kissed back and for even the slightest moment it felt like we were the only two people in the world. Till Zayn pulled away like and asshole. "Promise me something." He said. I arched an eyebrow, but nodded. "You don't have to tell me that you love me... but... just, just promise you'll never love anyone if you love me and you won't go with Mason." He nibbled at his bottom lip which looked adorable. I hesitated but nodded. "I... I promise, Zayn."

A smile crossed his lips and he hugged me tightly into his chest. Cuddling me almost.

Zayn played with my hair as I just rested there in his arms. My eyes were closed. He hadn't let me go since I told him I promise. Wow, maybe he really seriously was changed, or at least changing. He rolled over slightly and was on top of me by the time I opened my eyes. Another smile crossed his perfect lips. "How 'bout this.. you're my girl again?" That caught me off guard. A lot off guard.

This time I was nibbling at my own bottom lip and just staring off into space. Till Zayn knocked me out of that trance. He reached under my head, under my pillow and dug around a little bit. "When you have an answer for me, get what I put under there." He stood up leaving me cold in my own bed. "Don't look until then, ok?" I nodded slightly. "I love you.." He kissed my cheek, then left.

My heart skipped a beat the next time my phone went off. I rushed toward the other side of my room, where I'd thrown it and picked it up. There was a small scratch on the back of it but I could deal with that later. I answered without even looking at the screen. "You got Katy." I said in a rush.

The voice I heard wasn't the one I wanted to hear. "Katy!" It was Mason. "What happened? Are you o.k.? What's going on?" He sounded confused, yet also serious. "Umm... Mason, we should talk." There was a long pause after that. "I'm coming over." Then there was a beep. Shit! I didn't want him to come over I just needed to tell him I couldn't go on that date. Because maybe... even in the slightest way.. just maybe I was in love with Zayn.

Nibbling at my bottom lip I sent a text to Mason, and a text to Zayn.

To Mason: Mason, don't come over. I won't be here.. I'm going out. Possibly never coming back. We can't be... together, which means no date. I like you, but as a friend. Please don't hate me for saying this in a text and not face to face. I just didn't want to have to hurt you like this.. bye.

To Zayn: Mason's coming over... I need help. I regret saying I'd go out with him and I regret ruining us. I love you Zayn..

Now I just wanted to see what was under my pillow. It had been two hours since Zayn left, and I'd just confessed my love for him. This was my chance. But... before I could... someone ran through my door. Mason... I froze he just looked at me with eyes of disgust, and a crooked smile. "He told you didn't he? That I was the Grebeck?" All I did was stay frozen. "Katy... I wouldn't ever hurt you. Not anymore. Now I actually know who you are, and I'm actually falling for you... really. But.. now I know you don't feel the same about me.. have a great life, Katy." He left in a rush when I heard a car pull up. It had to be Zayn.

There was a loud bang from outside. I jumped up and ran to my window. Opening it and looking outside. My eyes got caught on Zayn, his back to me and a gun raised at Mason, who also had a gun raised. Louis was at the falling Liam. Oh my God, Liam! "Liam!" I screamed. Zayn turned to me. I saw Mason about to pull the trigger. "Zayn! Watch out!" He turned swiftly just as the trigger was pulled and dodged it. Mason ran off.

I ran outside. Harry jumped out of the car and rushed over to Louis and Liam same as I. "He needs a hospital." I said almost out of breath as I crouched down beside him. He was shot near his rib cage and the bullet was still visible. "No. We can't." I looked at the one who spoke, Niall. But Niall was his best mate! "Why not?" I spat. Zayn grabbed my shoulder. "You've done this before.." He mumered to me. And he was right. "I'll do it." I said. They nodded. "Get him on the couch."

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