Let's Go.

Katy Edwards. She's not your average sixteen year old girl. Katy is brutal. Ruined. And most of all..She had a first love, a member of a certain gang. He was a little abusive, but she loved him. Now every things past, he left her, for one of her use-to-be best friends, Amy. She made a horrible choice when she ran into him and everything started up again...


2. Party Time. F.U.N.

I jumped down from on the roof of my house and started jogging toward Marilynn's house. It wasn't too far from mine but also it wasn't that close either. Hey, at least I'd bothered to grab a jacket and Niall's shoes, that's right Niall's they were comfy and warm. Don't judge me!

I walked into her house just when the music blasted. A bunch of sweaty bodies were all around me red cups in their hands and some girls and guys grinding in the main dancing room, the living room. This was a small party my ass. Almost everyone I fucking knew was here! And thanks to the five jackasses I knew almost everyone in London, that wasn't a goody goody.

Marilynn was luckily in the kitchen filling up her cup when I walked into there. "Mar!" I yelled over the music once I was behind her. She smiled at me, I could smell the beer on her breath, she was obviously drunk. I scrunched my nose, she laughed. "Just have fun! Isn't that why you came?!" She yelled back to me even more of her disgusting breath coming into my nose. I nodded...

That was why I came here. To have fun. To get everything off my mind. Nodding I grabbed a cup a mixed a bunch of booze in it, something I'd learned to do thanks to Harold. Sighing I took a large drink. The alcohol trickling down my throat giving me some sensational kick. I half smiled and walked into the living room.

A few boys and I grinded through the night. I could barely tell what their names were or even what they looked like thanks to the drinks. Almost every three minutes I was getting a refill. And it was helping me a lot. I could barely remember anything about anyone, even myself.

Someone grabbed me by the waist and pulled me into them. Within seconds we were grinding with each other. "I'm dlgks." I couldn't hear what he said mostly because of the music. I looked up at him face. He looked a little familiar but I couldn't tell. "I don't care!" I yelled back. He smiled pulling me ever closer. "We should get out of here." The look in his eyes made me know what he meant. I nodded placing my cup on a stand after another drink. "Let's go!" I replied.

The boy grabbed my hand and we ran up Marilynn's stairs. "Hey!" I heard someone yell to me. I turned. There was Marilynn. "What?!" I yelled back stopping the boy and I from traveling further. "What are you doing?!" The boy answered her. "Having some fun!" She looked like she was glaring at him but I couldn't really tell. "Do you know-" I cut her off. "I don't care!" With that, the boy and I continued up the stairs again.

We reached the room and I immediately started taking my clothes off. He seemed in a rush too. He shoved me onto the bed and climbed on top of me. We started making out and only broke once so he could take his shirt off. I kicked my jeans off and he did the same. He started placing sloppy kisses down my upper body. He slid down my underwear and looked up at me before sliding off his boxers.

I nodded. He slipped them off and within seconds he thrusted into me. I moaned lacing my fingers into his hair. The guy came up as he continued to thrust and kissed me roughly, I kissed back dispute how normal this felt. He thrusted in hard and moaned onto his lips causing him to smile. My hands went from his hair to his bare back and I let my nails leave small red scratched on him as he continued.

He warned me before anything happened. "I'm gonna cum.." He managed to get out in between my moans of pleasure. He collapsed by my side both of us panting although he did most of the work. I managed to cuddle into some strangers side which I was blaming the alcohol for it. My eyes closed for a few moments before I snapped myself into reality. But... he was asleep. I took a breath and just closed my eyes again widening the space between us. I'd find out who it was in the morning. For now, I was too tired.

This time when I let my eyes close I felt an arm wrap around me and I was pulled into the guys bare chest. He was warm, very warm actually.. how come this whole time I never spelt alcohol on his breath? I tried to get from him but he just kept pulling me right back into his body. Which if you ask me it was kinda awkward, I mean we just had random meaningless party sex, nothing special. It's not like we were together.

Sighing I closed my eyes one last time and rested up against his chest and the duvets along with the pillows. His body heat made it to where I could feel slow hot sweat dripping down my forehead and onto the duvets. I spun around and quickly slipped on my underwear and bra.

I laid back in the bad and covered my self. But my dream... it wasn't what I wanted to dream about...


I stirred in the bed my eyes not closing. Sighing, I sat up wrapping some of the duvets in my hands and squeezing it tightly. Nothing seemed to be helping what had happened yesterday.. what I'd had to witness. Why could that be Zayn? Why did he have to do that? I gulped and fell back into the bed trying to close my eyes, they stayed open. Then there was a small noise, from my window. My head shot up in its direction. I slowly stood up and moved over toward the window. When I looked out Zayn was down there, the new bruises over his chest and arms, one on his cheek, glistening in the moonlit night. I sighed and pulled the window up. "What?!" I snapped at him not wanting to ever be around him. "You know I had to." He replied causally. "Killing a guy half to death?! You didn't have to do that Zayn!" I snapped back getting ready to close the window. "I'm coming up!" He shouted and started toward the door of the house. I panicked and ran toward the bathroom, I ran in hearing the footsteps from down the hall that echoed throughout the empty house. I was the only one here... besides him... my stepmomster and dad went on a vacation for a few weeks. Someone grabbed the doorknob and began to turn it.. Zayn stepped in just as I was pulling myself off the floor. He smiled. "Scared? Again? It's a sexy look on you." He wrapped his arms around me and began to kiss my neck.

End of flashback:

My head started pounding and I shot up, well... I tried to. Whoever the guy was had a firm grip on me and was continuously pulling me into to him. Luckily while he was asleep he must've put back on his boxers seeming as I had put back on my underwear and bra. My heart began to pound as I laid limp in his arms... what Zayn did was an unbearable sight...


Liam's arms flew around me as Zayn's fist collided with the young guys face once more. I whimpered grabbing hold of his shirt and turning my head around. A few gasps of pain could be heard from the brawling duo as the fighting progressed. Only one of them I recognized as Zayn.. that poor guy, I thought to myself, but he almost raped you! That doesn't me Zayn can- I shut myself up and mentally slapped myself. Someone grabbed my arm and yanked me from Liam's grasp. "Let's. Go." It was Zayn his bitter drunken breath hitting my nose and sending shivers all through me. Zayn pulled me back into the club, I could feel warm blood hitting the nape of my neck as he was walking behind me in a hurry. I gulped back cries for help. We walked back outside in the front where I got defensive. "What did you do?!" I snapped at him turning around to see his fists a bloody red and some blood smeared here and there all over the skin of his arms, some on his cheek. Bruises appeared all over him. I gasped. "Let's. Go." He repeated grabbing my arm again. "No!" I backed away from him and ran..

End of flashback:

The hairs on the nape of my neck stood up. That wasn't the first time Zayn had been like that. That wasn't even the worst he could do. I knew he could be incredibly worse. No matter what I'd tried to do, he just wouldn't change. Sighing I closed my eyes. The guy pulled me closer and kissed my neck. "Go to bed, it's late love." I let myself fall asleep slightly...

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