Let's Go.

Katy Edwards. She's not your average sixteen year old girl. Katy is brutal. Ruined. And most of all..She had a first love, a member of a certain gang. He was a little abusive, but she loved him. Now every things past, he left her, for one of her use-to-be best friends, Amy. She made a horrible choice when she ran into him and everything started up again...


4. How Much?

Someone shook my shoulder. I groaned letting my eyes open slowly and adapting to the sunlight shining in through my now open window. I whined before blinking a few times and looking at my dad who was hovering above me. "It's Monday." He assured me and lightly pinched my cheek before digging in his pockets for something.

I fell back in my bed covering my face with a feathery pillow and whining into it. I was sore, mad, confused, ashamed. Then it hit me. Mason! I'd bumped into him again yesterday night at the park.


I chuckled as he continued to poke my cheek. He smiled at me and stopped. "You're so weird, Mason." I cooed and he just shrugged. "I love being weird." He replied making a face. I chuckled again making a face in return. He looked down at his phone and sighed. "I have to go, my mum always wants me home for dinner." He made a puppy face that caused me to smile. Before he could get up to go I took his phone. "Hey!" Mason whined as I typed into it. My phone went off seconds later. "Just making sure I have an excuse to see you again." He smirked and waved before walking off. I smiled.

End of flashback:

I have his number! Oh my fucking God I have Mason Grebeck's number! The pillow was taken from my face as I smiled. But then I whined as the sunlight hit my eyes once more. My dad waved a paper in my face. "What?" I groaned and made a face one like how Mason had last night. "Zayn said to give this to you." He set the paper on my desk and left my room.

Casually I stood up, closed the blinds and walked over toward my closet. I had to get ready for school before some lame ass note had to be read. Sighing I grabbed one of my basic outfits. It was a light blue skinny jeans with a neon green/blue crop top. A normal white tank top underneath. Once again I found myself wearing Niall's shoes. I can't help it they were damn comfy!

But that note came into my mind again... I sighed walking over to my desk and grabbing it. Tears brimmed in my eyes and fell down my cheeks. I covered my mouth reading the note... Zayn really was getting soft....

Zayn's P.O.V.

I rubbed the back of my neck handing her dad the note. "Why won't you give it to her at school?" He asked, I could hear the curiosity in voice, after all he never knew how I really was with her. It made me feel like an asshole, but as the same time.. it... it's complicated. I shrugged. "Just... it's complicated Mr. Clemons." He nodded slightly. "Well, hope to see you soon Zayn. You two always made a nice couple." I smiled slightly and nodded before walking down the steps toward my bike again. I really hope she'd forgive me... for everything.

Hearing that she'd gotten raped, and possibly by one of my best mates just killed me inside. I felt horrible like I should have been there to protect her. And then... I made Harry sleep with her... I'm going soft..But I couldn't go soft, I just couldn't.

The note was simple, a bunch of stuff mashed into it. I made sure not to mention anything that was that bad just in case her parents, or well anyone that shouldn't read it. Getting on my bike I left in a hurry probably over the speed limit. I had to let her, had to let Katy, go...

Katy's P.O.V.

The tears had stopped but the moment I heard my step momster mention him I broke down and cried. The note was in my pocket and folded tightly. Zayn Malik wasn't as tough as I thought he was, he was actually kinda soft. Sniffling I wiped away any leftover tears. "I... I have to get to school.." I whispered and grabbed my bag from the kitchen table then walked out.

Surprisingly Harry was parked outside my house tapping on the steering wheel with the windows down, with Liam and Louis in the back of his black range rover. I gulped and walked up to the window. "What are you doing here?" I asked. "Why have you been crying?" He asked back. I sighed and got in knowing that's what he wanted. "There is no more Zayn and I why in hell are you all here now?" Harry shrugged. "You still love us babe." Louis stated with a sassy smirk.

I scoffed and rolled my eyes staring out the window. "Zayn told us to be." Liam said truthfully. "Where's Niall?" I asked looking at him as Harry began to drive. "With Zayn, they went somewhere." He shrugged. "Won't be at school today or tomorrow." That made my heart sink, I wanted, I needed to talk to Zayn..

Just as Harry pulled into the parking lot he smiled. "What?" Louis asked obviously curious. "I told you she had a pair of Niall's shoes." He answered. Louis and Liam looked over my shoulders at Niall's shoes which I was wearing they smiled. "He gave them to me when I was freezing my feet off outside in the fucking snow." I said harshly getting out of the car.

They stayed in the car. So I turned around. "Where are you three going off to?" I asked. They all exchanged glances before Louis answered me. "We won't be at school either, we're just suppose to make sure you get to school and back home safely." I scoffed and turned away from them.

He caught my eye. Mason! He was standing by the doors of the school with two guys who looked older than him. All three of them were laughing. A girl walked up and snaked under one of the other dudes arms and smiled at Mason, he replied with a wave. "Mason!" I yelled. He turned and smiled as I came into his view.

While I was trying to walk over toward him, Liam popped in front of me with Harry. Mason glared at them. "Um..." Was all that came out of my mouth at the time. Mason took a few steps toward us and shoved Liam from his way. "Hey Katy." He said with another smile. I smiled back. "Ey Mason." He chuckled. Till Harry got in front of me. "Back off." He growled at Mason. "What is she your property?" Mason growled back. "No. She's not property but she's with us." Louis said walking up behind me and grabbing my arm. "Doesn't seem so." Mason said turning to Louis now. Louis scoffed in reply. "See you around Katy." He smiled at me before walking back over to the guys and leaning against the wall. I looked at them weirdly before Harry escorted me into the school.

"What did I tell you about Mason?!" He said when we were near my locker. I shrugged beginning to put my combination in. Harry sighed grabbing my bag and going through it. I tried to get it back but he kept it out of my reach. Till he found my phone. "Mason is in your fucking contacts!" He growled at me. I shrugged again finally taking my bag, and phone, from him. "It's none of any of your businesses Harold." "It's Harry." He spat back at me. I rolled my eyes. "Liam is picking you up after school. He's just driving you home." I sighed slamming my locker shut after I had the books I needed, then turned to Harry. "Why the sudden protectiveness?" I asked curiously. He just walked away. "Harold!" I yelled. "It's Harry!" He yelled back walking out the doors. I sighed and headed to my first class.

Math was a bore. I almost fell asleep two times. But then I got to lunch. Amy pulled me to her table, also where her and the rest of her druggy friends sit. I might not like the boys, but at least they sat with the 'cool kids' instead of the druggies. "What?" I asked as my tray slammed down onto the red table top almost knocking my pizza from it. She chuckled. "You're so funny acting like you don't have a clue that we're best friends!" The only reason she was best friends with me in the first place was so she could have Zayn... hm... I smiled. "Did he dump you already?" My hands grabbed my tray and I stood up. "Well, I'm not even friends with him and the boys.. so... I won't be help if you want him back that badly." I scoffed and walked toward my normal table with the 'cool kids'... that's right I sat with the boys, well not right now, they weren't here right now. But they sat at the other edge of the table. I sat in between Devin and Jerris.

After lunch the rest of my classes past quickly. Now I was going home... but, the sad part of that is, Liam is taking me home. Which I am really hating right now. I sat down on the steps of the school and propped my head up on my hand which was rested with my elbow on my knee.

Someone tapped my shoulder and I looked up slightly. It was Mason... ok, now is the time. Listen to Harry and tell him to leave you alone, or get lost in how hot and harmless he is and ignore Harry's warning. I choose... option B. "Hey!" I said happily. Mason sat down to my left and smiled. "What's up buttercup?" I chuckled he just smiled again. I shrugged. "Things are just complicated. Everything is complicated." Mason gave me a strange look. "Well... if things are really just that complicated, focus on what you want and try and make it come true." I sighed leaning on Mason. Woah, ok go fast why don't you?, I snapped at myself in my mind. "It's not that easy." He kissed my forehead guiding me upward. "It'll all be fine. Just go for it." He pecked my lips before skidding off somewhere. What just happened?

Liam pulled up minutes later. Zayn on his bike following. I glanced at him. He quickly turned away, but seriously... why'd he look.. hurt? I sighed and started down the street. Some footsteps padded behind me till someone grabbed my arm. I looked down. It wasn't Liam's hand, or Zayn's. I looked up... "C'mon." It was Mason. "Katy! Don't!" Liam yelled stepping out of his car. I smiled at him and waved. "Let's go." I said. Mason nodded and we began to run.

Adrenaline rushed through my body as we stopped in a alley for breath. We'd been running for fifteen minutes maybe, Liam was following us. But Mason said he was sure we lost him. I'd nodded in response unable to speak. "That was by far my longest run." He chuckled slightly before it turned into a cough. "Are you ok, Mason?" I asked grabbing his arm and lightly squeezing. He just nodded. "Y-Yeah.. Just pitchy." I chuckled. "You mean perfect?" He nodded smiling half way at me. "So..." I began.

Mason stood up fully and I finally saw exactly how much taller he was than me. "I know I wouldn't be able to ask you with them hanging around but... Katy, I seriously like you... and I really, really want this." He gestured between us. "Would you please go on a date with me?" Woah, did I just get asked about by him? Mason? Someone none of the boys seemed to like. I nodded with a smile. "Definitely." He smiled back and pulled me closer leaning in and kissing me lightly. This, wasn't forced, like how most of Zayn and I was.

He pulled away after a little while and kissed my forehead. "Can you find your way back?" He asked. I nodded simply giving him a weird look. "Sorry babe. I have to go." He pecked me on the lips again. Then Mason started to jog away slightly. He looked back and smiled with a wink. "Can't wait for that date, babe!" Then he disappeared. I smiled to myself walking out slowly of the alley.

A car pulled up and an angry Liam jumped out. Louis was in the passenger side, the rest of the boys in the back. By this time I'd reached my house. Zayn got out. "What the hell are you doing?!" Liam snapped at me as I began digging in my pockets for my keys. Another little vacation for my 'parents'. I shrugged. "Planning my date with Mason." I said simply.

When I turned to go inside. Someone grabbed my arm. Then spun me. It was Zayn. "You're not going out with him." He slightly growled, slightly gently. I saw Liam got back in the car and started it up. "Don't." Zayn said slightly gentler. "It's my choice Malik. He's a nice guy." Zayn chuckled. "He's Grebeck. The Grebeck." Wait.. that Grebeck?


Zayn twirled my hair in my fingers as we laid on the bed staring at each other. "You need to stop that." He said not matching my eye contact. "Stop what?" He rolled his eyes now still twirling my hair. "Stop that. Getting into trouble. You're suppose to be my goody-goody girlfriend. One that I have complete control over." He glared at me slightly. I shrugged. "Just stay away from Grebeck." It was more of a question but it sparked excitement in me. "Why? Because he stabbed you. Zayn, you won't even tell me his first name." He sighed sitting up. "But he almost killed you. Twice." I shrugged. "But I'm alive. Besides, when did you give a damn?" I arched an eyebrow looking up at him. "You're right." He smirked. "How do you think Angie would be this evening?" He pulled out his phone to call the damn hooker. I snapped it from his hands and through it to the edge of the bed. He laughed. "I knew it." I spat at him sitting up. He pulled me into his arms and kissed my neck. "Yeah... but you know you love me."

End of flashback:

My heart hammered against my chest. He was the Grebeck? The one that shot me near the heart once?! The one that nearly raped me?! The one that almost ran me over with his car?! The one that stabbed Zayn?! I shook my head. "You're a god damn fucking liar! That's not Mason!" I spat opening the door after getting from his grip.

Zayn grabbed me again and looked down at me. He licked his lips. "How much do you really know about Mason Grebeck? Hmm..? How much?" I... I didn't know.... anything really. All I knew was a hot guy with a british accent. But I barely knew anything about Grebeck either. "Exactly." He smirked before letting me go and walking over toward Liam's car and getting in. They drove off.

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