The Justin Bieber Slave Auction

My name is Peyton and i go to Northeast High School. This is my first year here so I'm a freshman. Apparently they have an annual 'Slave Auction' where the seniors bid on the freshmans and make them do whatever they want for a whole week. I don't really want to do it but my bestie Liz is making me. But the thing about this auction is there's a reputation where the guys hook up with hirls for that week then never see each other again. Well, i just hope i don't get bid on by bad boy, Justin Bieber. He's becoming famous and also becoming a real jerk. Well ta ta for now!


1. Today's The Day

"CMON!!!" my bestfriend Liz yells while pulling my arm over to the bulletein board where there hangs a sign up sheet for the 'Slave Auction'. I stare at it in disgust while she signs her name and gives them a picture of herself. She turns to me and gives me a look like "are you gonna do it?" so i reply, "this is sexist. i dont think we should do this."
She rolls her eyes and takes the pen again to sign me up now and she digs through my backpack to find my picture while i just sit there looking like i want to puke. "this will be fun!" she exclaims as we walk to the cafeteria. "is the definition of fun being a slave of some random senior?" I ask. but she just ignores me and gets her mirror out of her bag to see if her hair looks good. "maybe harry will bid on you" she says winking. and i try not to throw up hearing his name.
Harry Styles, we've known each other since I was in 1st grade and he was in 4th and he has been a perv ever since. we were forced to hang out together because our dads worked together at their high up buisness job and our moms would bake cookies and knit blankets for the homeless shelter. We are both very rich because of our fathers but i dont like to dhow it off unlike Harry. he drives an Audi R8 and wears expensive clothes every wear. while on the other hand i drive a beat up truck and wear normal priced clothes. we barely talk to eack other that much anymore though ever since Harry got his second "girlfriend". they're not really girlfriends though they are more like someone to have sex with.
"Peyyy are you in thereee????" Liz says snapping me out of my train of thought. I noticed i was staring at Harry so i quickly look away. "sorry i was um daydreaming." the head cheerleader comes uo to you and sits beside me. She been wanting to besties with me since the 3rd grade, when she found out that my brother was, Louis Tomlinson, who is also the quaterback of the football team.
"Hey Pey Pey!" she says and scoots closer. "Hi Sara" i say scooting further away. "i heard youre doing the slave auction! maybe sexy justin will bid on you." she says winking and i want to throw up so all i do is nod my head so she leaves assuming she made an impression... she didnt. I get up to throw my trash away and Liz follows. Before i could turn around i feel hands on my hips slowly creeping up. I turn around and slap whoever it is, it's a freshman named Tom. I dont rewally know him though but hes had the biggest crush on me since 6th grade. he grabs his cheek after i slapped him and i hust smile and walk away.
"why did you slap him?" Liz asks. "i dont like to be touched" i say sharply.

"i said hey la its really really nice to meet ya if its okay i think ill stayyy cuz i just wanna have sime funnnn top down just chillin on the west side hands up ya ready for a good time hey la its really really nice
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