One Way Or Another: Volume 1

One girl named Chloe has no intensions of finding love. But, when her dad is looking for a job he ends up working for One Direction! Chloe is stunned but, as soon as Liam and Harry get to know her they create a bond between Chloe but, as they both fall deeply on love with Chloe she does, too. But, she can only chose one. Which one will she choose! It's One Way Or Another, Read to find out!!!��


1. Surpise

Chloe`s POV:                                                                                                                                                                 "Chloe, come down stairs I have surprise for you"! my dad said. I hurry quickly down stairs with my hair all done with my dark brown silky curls,white shorty-shorts and red Hollister shirt. "Coming"! I say and rush downstairs. And what I saw was completely unexpected. I saw One Direction sitting on my couch!!! I emediatly freak out in my head and greet myself to the most hottest boys in the world. ``Hi, I`m Chloe`` I said. Harry and Liam come rushing towards me like they were the lion and I was the gezzel. ``Hello love!`` the both said in sync holding out there hands for a shake wich made me giggle a little.

I shake Liam`s hand first and then the most strangest thing happened, Louis, Niall, and Zayn both come rushing towards me, witch made me giggle even more.Once I got myself together I shook everyones hand.Then my dad says ``So I will be working as there/1D`s manneger so you have to keep your calm and don`t fangirl to to much`` ``Ok!`` I say with a excited tone in my voice. Then Harry comes over to me and whispers in my ear and says ``Would you like to get some tea later`` then I giggle and say ``Sure!``with another excited tone in my voice.

Liam then comes to me asking to go to the movies.I am like freaking right now."Sure, right after Jarry and I go somewhere ok?" "Sure" Liam says sounding a bit disappointed ``Well then`` *speaking to the rest and the boys and my dad* ``Later!!``and Harry and I rush out the door.


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