One Way Or Another: Volume 1

One girl named Chloe has no intensions of finding love. But, when her dad is looking for a job he ends up working for One Direction! Chloe is stunned but, as soon as Liam and Harry get to know her they create a bond between Chloe but, as they both fall deeply on love with Chloe she does, too. But, she can only chose one. Which one will she choose! It's One Way Or Another, Read to find out!!!��


4. Liam and the Movie


Chloe's POV:

I woke up the next day and Harry and made some tea and bacon. He got dressed. And we went back to my house.I change into a nice dress with flates. "Why so fancy"Harry said "Date" "With who!" "Liam were going to Starbucks"Harry goes upstairs while I just watch T.V. and wait for Liam. 

Harry's POV:

"Why are you asking her out dude she's mine"I said very angry "What makes u so sure" "She slept on my shoulder last night" "But YOUU didn't kiss her what if we kiss"now I'm enraged"Why you little-""Liam are you ready?""You are so lucky Payne"

Liam's POV:

She looked so beautiful like a Dasiy.I am going to kiss her and show Harry that I belong with Chloe not him.Me and Chloe got into the car and drove to Starbucks.We both got vanilla capachino. "Hey you want to see a movie my treat""Sure" "You get to pick Liam""Umm how about horror?"

She was hiding underneath me.I put my arms around her and the movie said "Let's live forever"she then made a comment"Trust me i want to but well have to kick the bucket some day"she said and then she hides under me again."One more goodbye kiss befor I leave and die" the movie said.Everyone in the theater was kissing.I asked her should we kiss.She leand forward and gave me a gentle kiss on the cheek .I smiled and kissed her back on the cheek .We both smiled and went to the car.She puts on I Want from our/One Direction Up All Night Album."Chloe I don't want anything but one thing".what is that she said."YOU". She then kisses my gently.

"I had a really fun time today Liam" She leaned on my lips gently again.I smiled and blushed a little."Catch you later"she said with a wink she then gets out of the car and walks to her flat.I then sigh with happiness and slouch in the car seat.I say to myself "I had a fun time too".


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