One Way Or Another: Volume 1

One girl named Chloe has no intensions of finding love. But, when her dad is looking for a job he ends up working for One Direction! Chloe is stunned but, as soon as Liam and Harry get to know her they create a bond between Chloe but, as they both fall deeply on love with Chloe she does, too. But, she can only chose one. Which one will she choose! It's One Way Or Another, Read to find out!!!��


3. Harry and the Tea

Harry's POV:

Her beautiful eyes glazed at me while I was talking to her. I think she couldn't move. "Come Chloe let's go to my house" I said"Ill chatch you later liam".we go into my car."Hey can I put some music on if u don't mind"she said."sure its no problem"she put her iPod  in and played one of our/OneDirection Albums.Little Things came on and I was so happy."I love this song "I said"Me too"Chloe replied.While I was driving I was thinking about what she was talking about with Liam I was so furious.GURR!! I screamed."What, you hate yourself" she said jokingly about the song looking surprised."Sorry I been through tough times "Its alright I understand "she said sweatily with a smile.How could I tell her that I liked her to me it was love at first sight.Crazy right?


We got to the house and watched T.V."Chloe can u help me make some sandwiches?". "Sure thing" she winked at me.


" Its getting kind of late Harry?" she asked sounding worried."I just texted your dad he said you can stay as long as we sleep in different rooms.""Really"But there's a problem""What"she said concerned "I don't have another bedroom so you can sleep in my room" "Where will you sleep?" she asked"Well on the couch of course" I grabbed a blanket and a pillow and put it on the couch she giggled "Well see you in the morning mate.""Goodnight Harry"she smiled .I felt a shiver though my back.


Chloe's POV:

All I could dream of was Harry and Liam."Harry,Liam" I said I'm my sleep. I couldn't go to sleep.So I went down stairs to get some milk.I turned on the light and I saw someone under the blanket I pulled it away and I screamed "HARRY HELP!!!"

"Chloe it's just me Harry""Sorry, Why are you awake anyway I thought you were asleep" i said." I couldn't sleep" "Really me to" I went back to Harry's room and made a tent inside I invited Harry and talked about why we couldn't sleep.

"I couldn't sleep because I was dreaming about you and Liam and the boys."I said a little embarrassed "I couldn't sleep because I was thinking about you and the way your eyes sparkle in the light" he muttered. I blushed. "Your all I ever wanted Chloe even from the second I saw you" I was shocked.Then he said "Remember I wanted to have tea with you well I'm kinda in that mood wanna get some""Sure"I said.So we drank some tea and went into the indoor tent.I fell asleep on Harry's shoulder .Then he whispered in my ear"Now that I'm here with you I can fall asleep."

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