One Way Or Another: Volume 1

One girl named Chloe has no intensions of finding love. But, when her dad is looking for a job he ends up working for One Direction! Chloe is stunned but, as soon as Liam and Harry get to know her they create a bond between Chloe but, as they both fall deeply on love with Chloe she does, too. But, she can only chose one. Which one will she choose! It's One Way Or Another, Read to find out!!!��


2. *From the Author`s*

 So Hey, this is Chloe and Nisha the authors of this book. I`m hopping you guys are enjoying it. Nisha and I were wondering if you can write your comments down in the Comments section. We hope to here your thoughts. And should we keep writing or not? You tell us. Oh and this book is based on a dream I had about One Direction and Nisha and I added some things so yea!!!    

Love You xxx~Nisha and Chloe 

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