With a war ahead, Clove must abandon her family although facing that everyone is after her. You would think by her name she would be lucky and win in the end, but it dosent end that way


1. Bolt

I ran at sunset. The chill ran up and down my spine uncontrollably. The night robot guards surrounded every part of Shutterson. They were wearing nothing but night vision goggles which looked idiotic - they were robots. My mind was racing They're surrounding you. Get out of here, Clove. Don't let them take the Bolt.

The bolt was a nasty little device that could blow up the whole world, not that it has anything to blow up other than a load of tecy useless stuff they make but if the world has stayed for millions of years, surely something special is going to happen. Soon. Not now. Not with a man-made device or robot-made.

My blonde hair passed behind me with a fast wip of the wind. The moon was coming up now with a blinding light. It's practically the only thing non-artificial.

The guards were cornering me at the end of the road. My fingers fiddled around with the sharp object making me cut a large slit in my hand. Blood was oozing out like squeezing an orange. It was the first thing I've ever seen human. Although the bolt was small it was still deadly. Small. Inside you. Bolt. I had no other choice. I fumbled the bolt into my mouth to swallow. It was the only way - I think. It was too late. The moon was getting blurry then Blackout.

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