Hi im Shannon Smith and im 19yrs old and i have really curly hair. No i mean REALLY curly hair. I have dark brown eyes and im quite tall.


4. The.Boys

Shannons Pov:


Im nearly at the house. I suddenly realised what im doing. Am i really gonna go meat the band i hate?!?! Well the awnser to tht question is yes. I came face to face of the house. I rised my hand up to knock on the door. Knock,Knock,Knock. Louis awnserd and eyed me up (not in that way! Jheez dirty people).  I looked at him. Omg we were wearing the same thing.. I chuckled quietly. "Come in Ma"Lady" He said all posh like. I giggled even more. I stepped into the house, it looked small on the outside but in the inside my god its huge! "Boys this is Shannon" He said. They all did there introductions but they were staring at me the whole time.


Louis Pov:


She was wearing the same thing as me! Omg weird right? The boys kept on staring at me and then her. Im guessing they didnt know why she was here and why we were wearing the exact same thing. Well idk actully..

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