Hi im Shannon Smith and im 19yrs old and i have really curly hair. No i mean REALLY curly hair. I have dark brown eyes and im quite tall.


1. Shannon Smith

Shannons Pov:


Hey I am Shannon Smith and im 19years old, I have dark brown curly hair. Not curly curly i mean CURLY!!!!! I have deep brown eyes which can hypnotise you.... Im kidding.Well back to me. I absaloutly HATE ONE DIRECTION. Why you ask a) there players b) they think to much of themselves c) there selfish. I bet some of you are like OMG how dare you. But there absaloutly horrid it disgusts me to here the name "One direction". Well im gonna tell u a tichy bit more info about me lol well i love wearing stripes and suspenders/Braces whatever u wanna call em and red,blue or black jeans and stuff . Well anyway back to the story now you know about me..



This is just like a short little a/n just making it clear i LOVE 1D i just needed a plot to the story guys so no hate!

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